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Unread 11-01-2012, 03:04 PM   #1
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I wanna look more pale!

I am naturally olive skin with brown eyes and brown hair, gets tanned very easily etc etc. A lot of my cosplays I would like to do are the nordic beauty types (blond, pale, blue eyes, etc).

Is there any way to make myself look naturally a skin tone lighter?

Are there also any other tips you have for someone who wants to cosplay a character of a different skin tone?

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You can use makeup to make your skintone paler, but if you go too light or use too much it ends up looking really fake. A good rule is to not go more than two shades paler than your normal skintone. If you do this, make sure that you cover thoroughly (don't forget your ears, neck, etc.) and blend everything really well.

One thing that can help with blonde characters is to pick a shade of blonde that works well with your skintone. I've got olive skin with yellow undertones, so certain shades of blonde make me look jaundiced. If I'm cosplaying a character whose hair is that shade, I'll try to go for something close to that color, but that works better with my skin. It wouldn't be exact to a reference picture, but the end result is a LOT more natural-looking.
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Thanks! And what do you do i.e. abotu the rest of the body? Does that blend or do you also apply make on hands/legs (if not clothed).
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Unread 11-15-2012, 05:47 PM   #4
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My friend has to go to signapore to visit family. She has a naturally olive skintone as well however the "mulan" look is considered very popular. What she uses is whitening lotion and it works very well. You can find it on amazon.com
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the only tip I could give is stay out 'a the sun o-o
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What me and my cosplay group typically use to make any given person paler is tattoo concealer mixed with just a little bit of white makeup. Tattoo concealer is REALLY thick and covers really well, because, well, it's made to cover up tattoos. We use the Hard Candy brand, and it's like $6, combined with the white makeup, as I mentioned, which is like...$1. The only issue, as some have already mentioned, is that you have to be careful with it, because you don't want to end up looking really "painted." We usually use about 2 layers of it, letting it dry MATTE in-between.
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Yes you will have to cover your body as well that is exposed if your going lighter. At this pint you can't go local with your foundation and you want something that will last longer on the skin.

You also don't want to go with cream for the body as it's easily smudged off at a convention with the amount of people bumping into you or you into them during the day.

You want to go with water activated cake makeup. and Use a makeups sealing spray to set them for the day. (all these brands make one of the sealers as well.)

The best work I've seen in turning yourself another skin tone (outside of Cloud Atlas) is DistyoHunters Witch look.

hes take you through building color layers which is hard to do but necessary when creating a "new skin" for yourself human skin is not flat which is why foundation can look so wrong when changing your skin tone.

For me I gave up the thinking of I have to go darker because I'm so pale all foundation look Fake 1 or 4 shades darker on me. My skin is a blank cansave and any subtle nuances I have in my skin are lost and I look really Orange/yellow/or pink with darker foundation on.

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wow amazing! thanks a bunch!
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I asked my sister this before because she is a makeup artist. She said to use foundation lighter than what you are want, and then on top of that, use the foundation colour you wanted to use which should be a bit darker. Do not mix them!
I never tried so myself though. Good luck!
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Besides makeup and foundation like everyone has mentioned, I also tan REALLY easily and so if you are not in an extremely heated country you could learn to mostly wear jeans or long pants for your legs because that is the hardest place to cover up skin tone. You can also buy bars of soaps that are made of papaya, it's a natural way to lighten skin, but it will not give an extremely drastic affect after a few uses; you would have to use it on the regular basis. Also you can use lemon juice that is a natural lightener that will not harm you, because it takes off the layer of dead skin cells that cause your skin to look darker. If you squeeze a lemon and put the juice on a rag or cotton swab you can scrub your skin in the shower or wash your face with it. However, be careful of the eye area, some people with sensitive skin do not like it, and it will also not give a fast affect. You can also look into getting lightening creams; it is very risky to just get any kind of cream so look at the chemicals that are in it and research them to make sure that it will not harm you. And don't forget sunscreen to help maintain the skin tone.
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