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for hallcosplay you do not need color contact lenses. people rarely notice them in natural colours. if the eye colour is the only special thing about your character and the reason you are choosing to cosplay them in the first place over other characters is because you want attention from having cool/freaky looking eyes, you need to pick a new character rather than risk your vision.

Like everyone says, photoshop your pics if you really need them to be perfect and leave it at that. Always obey your doctors. They're the professionals, not anyone here.
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Personally, I wear them because I'm all about accuracy and all (Plus I can't see so I definitely need contacts even out of cosplay!). But sometimes, if I don't have enough money to buy a pair of contacts for a cosplay, then I just go out without them :3

Accuracy is important, but so are your eyes! You only have a pair of eyes so take care of them. Contacts aren't as important in the cosplay world compared to wigs or the costume itself so it's nothing to fret about~

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Contacts for cosplay is more like "Want but dont need" of the hobby. Its not for everyone. and if your optometrist says you cant wear them, LISTEN TO THEM!!! they are trained and educated to keep your eyes healthy and safe!
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In my opinion, that's very not important. It depends of the effect you want to get and the accuracy of your cosplay, but that won't make a difference because people aren't looking at your eyes first...
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Although I do think contacts are a nice touch and would like to get them myself (though my mom thinks they'll ruin my eyes or something x_x;; ), I wouldn't think any less of the cosplay if there aren't contacts. I pay much more attention to people's costumes and wigs when walking around at conventions and never really notice contacts unless I'm looking at closeup cosplay photos. xD
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waht is this
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I wear contacts with my cosplays but I honestly don't notice colored contacts on other people. I think they're more "needed" if the character has an eye color that is important to the character as a whole (ex. Ciel Phantomhive, his eye color is one of his most prominent features)
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It wouldn't matter to me either way. I'm just glad I can cosplay.
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