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Free Photographer Available for Katsucon 2013

So yea I(OhHeyItsSK) will be attending Katsucon weekend & will be 90% taking photos/willing to do public(& private photoshoots), 5% cosplaying & the rest some unholy percentage I can't even comprehend. But anyways back to the subject at hand...Photoshoots at Katuscon.

I'm currently to all private/public photoshoot requests for Thursday evening/late night(AHAHA who needs sleep?) to Sunday. Thursday evening I should be arriving around 10-11pm ish & will end up leaving Sunday afternoon at around 4-5pm.

"...So how do I request a session to take some photos & stuff?" Good question! You can send a message through these fine places:

- ohheyitssk@gmail.com
- Reply on the thread or PM
- http://www.facebook.com/ohheyitssk
- http://oheyitssk.tumblr.com/ask
- http://ohheyitssk.deviantart.com/

& when you do send a message please use the following subject(or find someway to fit the subject), "Katsucon Photoshoot Request" & as the body:

-Name(nickname or whatever you prefer me to call you)
-Time(s) & day(s) you wish to request
-Cosplay(s) you wish to have photographed
-Series from said cosplay(helps me to get the full info beforehand to get a good theme & ideas for session).
-Contact info(either facebook, tumblr, deviantart, & as well as phone number but will be needed later on when the time draws nearer & everything is 3/4th confirmed).

Seems pretty easy right? So once I have this info, I'll put you on this list. Once the time draws nearer(like in a week or 2 beforehand) I'll send you my contact info as well as confirmation reminder. I'll also get in contact with you two hours before the appointed time(which should be enough hopefully), to confirm your availability.

"Hmm, seems reasonable...but how long am I gonna have to hold this pose?" I like to think I'll be taking a good 120-150(this is a VERY rough estimate & it could be more than that)+ photos for each session so I would estimate a minimum of half an hour to maximum an hour & a half(2 hours would probably be pushing it but I wouldn't mind if you requested it if I have room).Naturally if I have a free spot open or if someone cancelled out, I can fill you in for another cosplay photoshoot request you have. "So what do I get for this free session?"

DREAMS. No but seriously...

Low res collection of the entire set as jpegs in a winzip/rar file(yes even the derp, who loves the derp?) without watermark & with little to no editing.

Minimum 5 to maxinum 15 best of the best shots(small watermak will be put on areas that are nonintrusive to the photo & will be doing most of the editing/correction with these if nessessiary). put up on the FB Page, dA, Tumblr Photoset & Flickr set as well as credit to your Fb, Tumblr, dA, whatever you're using(this will also be sent in said winzip/rar file mentioned above).

If you would like to request glossy sets of prints to show off as a portfolio or whatnot after the whole session. Hopefully we could could work within the price rance for getting a few printed for you.

"When am I gonna get my photos before I scream bloody murder?" Guys...I'm a workaholic. I like to do alot of stuff. I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna be a WHILE before I sort through/edit every single photoshoot session as well as random shots during the weekend. I'd like to think that the processing time will depend on how free I am after work(I work 2 jobs & do an internship, WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF). I should be done with Public/private photoshoots within a good few weeks/month(s) & then onto random/hallway shots. Who knows...I'll probably overexaust myself to get it done beforehand(the faster the better for you).

"So why are you doing this for free?" As much as I'd like to make money off of taking pretty photos(because who doesn't love money), I am but a budding photographer trying to get my name out & continuing to develop my skills. There are SOOO many photographers out there that I look up to & have SO much skills & experience & even they do it for free & for the fun or meeting people. Who am I to charge you? Maybe one day I'll get up to that level & charge a small fee to take photos, but for now it's all for free.

So that's all I have to say about that...hope to see you all(and more) at Katsu!

& here are some previews of my previous works:
Reward Is Even More Cheese.Death For A Mau5!!!

Photography/Graphic Design Blog
Also on FB: OhHeyItsSK

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Schedule so far...Updated 1/9/2013
Open for late night photoshoots around 12:30am-3am



10am. Jeanne Killjoy.
11am. K.O. Cosplay. S.I.N. Viper from Street Fighter.

Noon - 5pm:
12pm. Cosplay.com: TortureBunni. Princess Garnet til Alexandros XVII from Final Fantasy IX.
1pm. Dafna +2. Taokaka from BlazBlue and +2 as Torakaka and Taokitty.
2pm. Lucida(Tori). Sandplay: Singing of the Dragon!Luka.
3pm. Kyosha. Dirk Strider from Homestuck
4pm. Murder Nurse(Danni). Ayumi from Corpse Party.
5pm. dA: Serenity-Sama.

6:00pm - 9:30pm:
6pm. Margaret Lee. Phantom Lady from Freedom Fighters(DC Comics).
7pm. Andrea
8pm. Dafna. Homestuck Ancestor Group.

10:00pm-11:00pm Photographer's Meetup

11:00pm-Late: 11pm. Doughnut Lovins+2. Rin, Akira and Shiki from Togainu no Chi.
During the Formal Ball. CheekerCosplay. Panty from PSG.
12am. kashiitan. Sakura from Sakura Wars.


9am. Andrea & Kyosha. Godtiers.
10am. Cheeker Cosplay.
11am. Margaret Lee. Fem!Dragonborn from Skyrim

Noon - 5pm:
12pm. Monica. Eruka Frog from Soul Eater.
1pm. Aubrey. Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame
2pm. Jeanne Killjoy.
3pm. Avery. Neku Sakuraba from TWEWY.
4pm. kashiitan. Morrigan from Darkstalkers.
5pm. Merry Wu. Keimi from One Piece.

6:00pm - 10:00pm:
6pm. dA: RenzokukenXIV (Tori).
8pm. Studio Eingana(Liz). Rave Gear Photoshoot.
10pm. Lucida(Tori). Tokkentakker from Carnevil
Vee. Giratina Gijinka from Pokemon.

11:00pm-late Partytime(but could probably fit 1 or 2 photoshoots).
11pm. Aoi. Akemi Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

11am. Aoi. Eighty-eight Flowery Battle of Kagamine!Rin +1 Len.
12pm. Merry Wu. Komari from Little Busters.
Sometime between 1pm. & 3pm. Amy.
Reward Is Even More Cheese.Death For A Mau5!!!

Photography/Graphic Design Blog
Also on FB: OhHeyItsSK

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So after giving much thought to it & filling 2 more spots into my busy Katsucon photoshoot schedule, I will unfortunately be closing any available spots NOW. As much as I'd like to make myself extra busy, I think it's fair that I actually have some time to myself to breathe & relax at the convention.

For everyone that has already sent me a response & I have you set for a slot but haven't heard what series/character you're cosplaying or if you aren't 100% sure you'll make it, you'll still have until the 18th of January to confirm everything else...

After that point I'll double check with everyone I've had contact with & update the schedule. Most of you who've contacted me are pretty much good to go & I know there's a few of you that haven't decided on a cosplay to have done or scheduling problems. If you happen to have something else planned to do or cannot make the shoot, please let me know before the 18th. If you have yet to figure out your schedule or which cosplay you wish to have done, please find some way to get it figured out beforehand(& I really hope it does get figured out for some of you). If I still have any empty spots due to last minute cancellations or whatever, I can squeeze you in for a session. So again, JANUARY 18 GUYS!!!

Looking forward to seeing & shooting you all at Katsu! <3
Reward Is Even More Cheese.Death For A Mau5!!!

Photography/Graphic Design Blog
Also on FB: OhHeyItsSK

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Are ya still fill was curious I am super late on this I know.
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