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Tron: attaching the disc

Hi so, my sister and I will be cosplaying Paige and Quorra from Tron legacy/uprising :3
I've pretty much got everything figured out/made except for one thing.
attaching the discs to our backs in a manner in which they are easily removed but also will not fall off on their own.
We have purchased the frisbee like toys disney made of the discs, so thats settled, it's just attaching them. I've seen magnets, harness devices, voodoo magic, the works.

What I want though is something that does not require modifying the disc, breaking the 'glow' around the rim, and is comfortable/simple.

I have an idea, I just don't know what its called.
What I'm picturing are two 'hooks' that go on the inside circle of the disc and hold it in place, and that then can be pinched together so that the disc can be removed/put on.
I've seen such things on CD holders.
but don't know what they're called or if it's even a good idea.

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I've seen the system you're talking about, works sort of like a reverse-clamp: the two hooks want to spread apart, so you squeeze them together so you can put them thru the disc, before releasing them so that their tension will hold the disc in place. The downside to that is reaching it on your back in order to take the disc off or put the disc on.

I would suggest industrial-strength velcro (Note, "velcro" is just a brand name for hook/loop fasteners). That stuff is as simple as you're going to get, but it holds like nobody's business. A few small pieces is all you'll need to hold the toy onto your suit. Just be sure to attach the velcro to each piece (suit and the actual disc) securely, by gluing the velcro to the disc and by sewing the other side of velcro to the suit.

Now, the downside to that is yes, the velcro lays on the outside of the suit. Odds are, you'll be able to find the velcro in black, so it should blend in ok. For an invisible look, I'd suggest rare earth or neodymium magnets. Take the disc apart (I assume it's two halves held together by screws), glue a few magnets inside, and put the disc back together. Then, on the inside of your suit, take some fabric and sew little pockets to place other magnets inside. Like the industrial grade velcro, they will have a very strong hold.
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Does anyone have a decent screencap or other reference image of the mounting unit on the back with the disk detatched? All the pictures I can find are with the disk mounted.

From what I can see, depending on the physical properties of the disk, it looks like you could make something with a nice grippy rubberized surface that would allow the disk to stay firmly in place with little more than a friction fit. Something like a solid block of EVA foam coated in something like polyurethane rubber....

Not that it helps, but I seem to recall in the original Tron, the disks were held in place by hugging onto the the outside rim of the disk. I think they still relied on movie-magic anyhow. You never get to clearly see them attach or detach thing things. Even as a kid, this bothered me.
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I think a good solution here would be magnets! You could install a couple rare earth magnetic into the back of your costume. You could probably find some very thin ones that wouldn't show. Then you could paint the disc with a magnetic paint, just a small area in the center. You might be able to find a clear coat that wouldn't change the look f the disc at all. This would allow for a secure lock, you would just have to reach behind you and get the magnets near each other and it would snap right together. Just don't get your fingers caught in between them. Just an idea.
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Ok, well i feel like a fool. Since i cant find a way to edit my previous post i will try to redeem myself here. The whole time i was writing that replay i was thinking of the original Tron Discs, not the new ones with the holes in the middle. I have other ideas, but they would require taking the discs apart, and you said you didn't want to do that.

Oh and verdatum, here is the info on the original Tron Discs, hopefully puts your kid self at east a bit:

There were three different versions of the discs for the film:

1. The first version were soft foam Whamo frisbees. These were painted in white by hand, and had either paper, or vinyl center rings glued to cover the Whamo logo. Some of the paper center rings covered the entire top of the disc, while some were only just enough to cover the logo. These had 3 velcro strips glued to the rear for attachement to the actors unitard. This disk used black ribbon tape for the outer ring of the disc.

2. Version Two were hard plastic frisbee's which were also Whamo. They were used for throwing. These were painted in the same fashion, but had not paper, nor vinyl centers. All rings were painted.

3. Version three was a carved piece of foam that had solid backs with multiple pieces of velcro attached. It is believed that these types were used only by principle actors and for close-ups when the back of the character was shown. These discs all had vinyl center rings, and were hand painted like all other versions. The outter rings were also created using black ribbon tape.
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