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Wink How's it goin'? c:

Well, I have actually no idea how I could possible really introduce myself here but… let’s give it a try, shall we?

If you just want a quick summary, then here:
18 years old german, obsessed with Supernatural, addicted to oranges and Minecraft, I love sleeping, driving around and dying my hair. I started cosplaying in 2009. I also own two cats, a fucking awesome computer and I'm married to my Canon EOS 60D. Oh and...

But if you're actually interested in more, then just continue reading. ~

Right now I'm at the wonderful age of 18 and my home is in good ol' germany.
Like everyone here I'm a human being with lots of hobbies but some of them are pretty weird, kinda. That would include Cosplay, photography (I always molest my friends with that because I need models!), writing, drawing (at least trying to create something that doesn't look like a chicken scratch), sewing plushies, styling wigs, cooking (oh lord I'm a sucker for cooking! I love making food for my friends and spoiling them~), reading, watching movies (preferable horror movies and something with zombies!), sleeping (yes that's a hobby!) and I just love action in my life. Or better said I love to travel rather than being at the same place for a long time. Just getting in the car, packing a good friend of mine, some food and money before we go on a road trip!
But let's talk about obsessions and fandoms... Which is kinda the same for me, heh. Here we go! Fandoms I'm really and madly in love with would be Supernatural (can't... live... without... it...), Sherlock BBC, Merlin BBC, The Avengers, Assassins Creed (all of them) and The Legend of Zelda (once again ALL of them). They are my babies! ;v;
Then there'd be my games... But let me tell you, I play a lot of games! Let's see... COD MW3, The Legend of Zelda series, Minecraft (nothing bad 'bout killing some Creepers in the morning!), Assassins Creed series, Alice Madness Returns, Portal series, Animal Crossing series, Super Smash Bros series, Crysis 2, Spore and a lot of other games but I'm too lazy to write all the names down right now.
Last but not least my taste in music... It varies, I love a lot of different bands and singers. Usually I pay more attention to the message of a song than the tune. Anyway, there we go... Simon Curtis, Nickelback (judge me as much as you want), Sick Puppies, Poets Of The Fall, Theory of a Dead Man, Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters And Men, Royal Republic, Foster The People, Daughtry, Kansas, Queen and Unheilig. Only a few examples, though.
Now I could tell you about all the movies and books that I like but... just ask me because there are so many and there is so little space and time to write all of them down. Instead I'll tell you that I have two cute cats (Sammy and Flo) who sometimes annoy me to death but otherwise I just love them. Just as much as I love my computer and my camera. Both are kinda holy to me.
I'm also a huge computer nerd, write my own programs and at the moment I study IT and graphic designer. My mom, who has a photography studio and is a legimate photography taught me all the stuff I have to know about photogrpahy. But I still suck at sewing, heh.
I also love snow, like, a lot!

No to the part where Cosplay came into my life... I started with in it 2009 because I wanted to look something about Naruto up and then there were these dressed up guys. Soon I tried to make the clothes of my favourite character (Neji at that point) and let my hair grow like that. This was my first Cosplay but at that point I didn't even know that this was Cosplay! I talked about it to a few friends, discovered the german site called 'Animexx'. Thus I understood what these people were doing. So I started working on my second Cosplay for a meeting that was soon to be held in my city. It was Deidara from Naruto and lord... Now that I look back it was actually kind of acceptable. But well, I didn't like it because I had to use my real hair seen as I was too young back then to buy stuff from the internet and my dad wouldn't. After Deidara there came two other projects. My best friend introduced me to Death Note and shortly after that there was a Mail Jeevas Cosplay along with a L one and Sasori from Naruto. These are the first cosplays I have photos of. One I still wear is Matt (aka Mail Jeevas) but the rest are abadoned. After Death Note I cosplayed My Alice (Alice Madness Returns), Leonardo da Vinci (Assassins Creed), Popuri (Harvest Moon) and Castiel (Supernatural). Apart from that I have a couple of cosplays in making. These are Zelda (Skyward Sword), a girl from Animal Crossing, Dean & Sam & Anna (Supernatural) and a genderbent version of Castiel.
More Cosplay plans are on my deviantART page, right here.

All in all I met some really awesome people through Cosplay who helped me a lot and I wouldn't want to imagine my life without them. Being a character and having fun with your friends (either in character or ooc) is just hilarious and I always enjoy myself a lot at those occasions. Cosplay also helped me a lot with my self image... I used to hate myself but Cosplay gave me a better view of myself. Showed me that I could do things if I just want to.

Guess that's all you should know about me. If there's anything you want to know, just ask me! AND! I really want to get to know some fellow Supernatural and Assassins Creed fans on here C:

Oh and... my name is Lena, just btw. xD
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Welcome to cosplay.com!
I adore Sherlock and the Avengers too <3 One of my friends has been urging me to get into Supernatural but I dunno if I have enough time right now to watch it all ;__;
Nice Popuri cosplay, gives me the urge to play Harvest Moon again xD
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If you're going to start watching Supernatural then I'm sure you'll love it! And call me crazy but I watched season 1 - 8 all in 3 weeks. @-@ It's addicting.
Oh and thank you >v< I really should play 'Back to Nature' again c:
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