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Unread 09-22-2012, 09:11 PM   #1
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Morrigan - Dragon Age - Necklace

Hello all!

I am currently working on a Morrigan Cosplay, from Dragon Age. I am working on her necklace at the moment and have made the main part of it, but I'm a little stumped on how to continue. Below you can see two reference pictures of the character, as well as a comparison of what I've made, to a screenshot of her necklace. The part I'm stuck on is the upper part of the necklace. It looks like a glorified watchband, but I'm not sure what route to actually take here. My first instinct is to just make a frame of the necklace with wire, then cut out, seal and paint several pieces of craft foam with a gold spray paint, then glue them on, but I'm not entirely sure. My second predicament is how to attach the lower necklace (beads, brooche, etc) to the upper part. Again, I'm thinking since it will all be shaped with wiring, I will just loop the wire into a hook and attach it that way, but I'm not solidly set on any of these ideas yet. Thoughts and suggestions are muchly appreciated.



Screenshot with necklace:

Current progress comparison:
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You don't have to buy beads at a craft store, but I'd go look at them just for reference. There are beads that have holes top & bottom (they have a special name that escapes me at the moment) it is quite comfortable to wear a choker like necklace made from that type because it retains it's flexibility like a chain. Yes, incorporating all the dangly bits into one piece to put on/take off will make wearing it that much easier.

fire mountain gems & beads (.com) is awesome and should be a big help.
This company is reliable, affordable, and has some nice advice on their site. Have fun with it!
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Unread 01-12-2013, 12:27 AM   #3
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HI! I'm so glad someone else is cosplaying Morrigan! This is cool.
So I don't know if you're like me but I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to details.
I first made the necklace out of oven clay and I had to make it twice and it cracked and was an irritation with me. I made a new one recently out of air-dry clay which will break if you're too forceful with it but is very good if you're busy and can't sculpt things in one day(it's a little heavy as well but nothing too bad). I did the general shapes of the necklace then carved the fine details after it dried and painted it with a metallic enamel paint (gold and the blues). I also modpodged after I was finished. I'm sure that you can find like beads at stores such as micheals and walmart or other craft/bead stores near you.
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I would almost suggest starting with a leather base and adding things to it.
You can sew stuff to leather (thinner leather is easier obviously to sew through with your fingers and beads) but it's not too heavy and it won't break when you wear it.
Edit: I just remembered this lovely lady is AMAZING with leather and might give some inspiration on how to make this

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Hello! I am working on Morrigan too and I must say I love the work you've done on that part of her necklace. I used craft foam on a mannequin and heat formed it to sit around the neck area. I used a strip of craft foam to bond that bigger piece to the neck part. I just made sure to seal the crap out of the foam so it was sturdy. The only thing bugging me is the slim band parts I cheaped it and used cardboard lol. Wish I used foam strips (3mm). Theres a pic in my gallery, now that Im not rushed I might remake it. It is very sturdy though, E6000 is usually my go to craft foam glue but it was not cooperating well so I bought a high heat glue gun...so far so good.

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