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Kirito's ALO Avatar tut.

Hey there. Here's a little tutorial..
It should look something like this:
**This is taken in a mirror so the pocket is actually on the left not the right..

For the coat, I just made a basic coat pattern..It's easy, just make a shirt pattern, and make the sleeves longer and cut about an inch or 2 rectangle out of the front center (the coat shouldn't be able to close up in front)

Then on to the hard part..
cut out a rectangle that's the length from your pants waistband to about mid-lower thy. then angle the ends where the top it a shorter distance then the bottom:

Then fold it in half and cut like so:

With bias tape go over the cut edges and glue it on with fabric glue. I used Unique Stitch, but yea..Btw, you will need like 5 packs or so of bias tape..And get the 3yrd polyester kind..Not the ribbon kind..

Then make a piece like this:
http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k1...psfbc04449.png and put bias tape around the entire outline. When cutting this, don't do all the way around you're body..Leave at least 4in of room in the front.

Then add an invisable zipper to the back of the first piece you cut the designs out of.
Then make this:
Cut it in hald and glur or sew (whichever) to that first piece. It will look like this:
I put some in red, cut most of that off..You won't be able to see it anyway, but yea..Get rid of the excess. You may need to use a longer zipper then you need, just hand sew through the teeth in the area you want it to shourten too..This creats a new bottom stopper..

Now that the skirt is all done move back to the coat..If you want a real pocket I can tell you how to do that, just let me know, it's what I did..But do the same with the bias tape..in these areas:
Do that on both sides..And yes, that's 2 long lines and an arrow in the middle..
Then make the same thing like you did for the side of the first part, but don't cut it in half..Make it big/small/long/short enough for the bottom hem of the coat, and for the collar. don't put the tape on yet. Sew it all on then glue the tape on. Be sure to put the hem and collar on AFTER you do the tape on the coat to it hides to top and bottoms of the tape..

Now, after that it's the sleeves and pocket time..
Pocket looks like this:
Again, if you wanna know how to make a real pocket let me know, it's easy..But make it BEFORE attaching the flap..You can glue this right down on the coat it stays fine..Mine does..lol

Then, you need to make the arrows on his sleeves..These are tricky..I found the center mark of the sleeves (around, not long) and glued them on..They will look like this:

After that the only thing left is the arm band..Cut a rectangle the length you need to fit around the sleeve, glue the tape on, then sew it together, and sew it, seem to seem to make life better, on the sleeve about 2cm away from where the sleeve attaches to the coat and you're done.

I haven't finished my armor but I used paper clay..You can use your friend as a model and shape it to their shoulder to make things easier..

For the top of his boots, you will notice, he has bands that are like the arm one, but leg ones..Do the same thing you did on the arm one..Just, bigger lol

For the shirt armor, he has something by his neck..It looks metal lol so a assume it's armor..You can use a free shipping box (dvd box from the post office) and cut out 2 shapes that match, use wood glue to hold them together (put something heavy on them to keep them flat) then paper mache. After that use either a couple coats of gesso, or a ton of coats of white glue, then paint and attach however you want..I'm gonna use velcro..

Hope this helps..
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