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Smile Fionna’s Crystal Sword (Adventure Time) Tutorial

Note: This is my first time making props. I’m sure there’s a better way of doing this, but I thought I’d share how I made my sword. Thanks. : )

Hey guys, I had trouble finding a simple and really lazy way of making Fionnas sword. So I thought I would make my lazy and easy way.

Stuff I used:
• Foamdcore, a3 (or cardboard depending on if you want to paper-mache it or not)
• PVA craft glue
• Sticky tape
• Stanley knife & a metal ruler. (not necessary but does help)
• News paper
• Paint

First I drew out my design on the foamcore, it looked like this: *each sword "Side" is 3.5cm wide. (The sketches are a little off, you want the points to curve in more)

Then I carefully cut out the pieces, I use the metal ruler to keep the blade straight.

Then I set them as at an angle (where there two points of the foamcore meet), and tape the inside, I also added a bit of glue on the inside to help stabilise. I do this for each “face” of the sword. * the two “long” parts of the sword should point outward. Then I join the faces together by taping them (I needed another pair of hands to help with this part)

I did the same for the triangle at the top, and stickytaped/ glued it onto the top (all the triangles should face inwards to give a “point”).

Next I made the ‘diamond’ part where the sword meets the handle. Basically I made a large diamond shape and cut out the shape of the bottom of the sword base (this is so the sword can slide into the diamond shape). *I didn’t add a bottom part to the diamond, because I later did that in paper-mache, but I guess you could do it now.

I also add the smaller two triangles that come off the bottom of the large diamond (This covers the part where the sword and the handle meet)
I then cut the handle out and taped it together. (it should be a square) make sure it can fit inside the sword base.

I cut out and make another diamond for the bottom of the handle. I just tape the faces of the diamond to the handle. (I used glue and tape to stabilise the diamond in place).

If you’re neat enough/ like the way it looks at this stage I guess you can stop here. But I wasn’t 100% happy with the way it looked so I went on to paper-mache the sword.

To do this I used 3 tbs of craft pva glue and 3 tbs of warm water.
(50/50 glue/water mix)
I shredded the paper, dipped it in the glue and squeezed the excess glue off in-between my fingers.
It’s important to try to not have the paper soaking wet, as it can make lumps and not sit properly. I just smoothed out any of the paper that wasn’t sitting right and pushed it into the indents the foamcore had created.

For the smaller/more detailed sections I used smaller pieces of paper and layered them on top of one another so to keep all the small details. For the big diamond (where the sword meets handle) I had large pieces of paper I laid across the gap the two triangles made, and joined it with the sword handle. Once this was dry I did another layer and then I did the sword handle (so to cover up/ smooth out the pieces left from the two diamond shapes.)

From here I’d recommend sanding it with really soft grain sandpaper. (I didn’t but it would probably look better with fewer lines created by the paper)

Then all you need to do is paint it. I used a light pink and then added the ‘outlines’ of the sword with a darker red over the layers. I also added some gold paint and washed that over. (A little of gold paint mixed with a lot of water. Too much gold will make the sword colour look ‘muddy’)

After everything was dry, I added two layers of the PVA water/glue mix. This is what adds the sheen/gloss to the sword.

I guess that’s all there is. I’ll post some more photos later, thanks for reading.
Feel free to ask me any questions. : )

Sword tutorials i found helpful:
Cardboard sword tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE7Gl_F1AEk
Fionna sword tutorial(not by me) http://mishacosplay.deviantart.com/a...rt-1-311130672
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This is absolutely beautiful. When I made the first version of mine, I had to use flat cardboard because I was doing it with little kids and they couldn't be trusted with anything they could possibly whack each other with! :]
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