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First time wearing or buying contacts

Okay hi guys so I have NEVER worn contacts before in my life, nor have I bought them. But, for my next cosplay, Hikaru from MKR (reference here) I will need red contacts. I wouldn't normally wear contacts for a cosplay, but this wil be my first serious cosplay and i want to to be the best it can be.
I'm planning on buying these contacts because they seem to have the best reviews for bright red circle lenses, but I don't know exactly HOW I should buy lenses, if that makes sense.
I talked to my mom about it, since I am still kinda young and need permission for this kind of stuff. She said buying contacts from online isn't a good idea, not necessarily because they're bad quality and will blind you, but because everyone's eyes are different sizes and shapes, so if you don't buy contacts specially made for your eyes, it might be uncomfortable and/or damage your cornea.
Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?
Should I buy these contacts or buy them from an eye doctor? I know that buying them from an eye doctor can be like $50-$100 more, but I suppose it's worth it if it means you won't be damaging your eyesight.

NOTE: I will only be wearing these for 3 days at Otakon, probably not all day since they'd get uncomfortable after a few hours.

Also, any tips about buying/wearing contacts? Anything essential I should know? Any sellers I should stay away from? Etc.?
Thanks for any tips or advice in advance!
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Your mom is exactly right. Props to her for not simply freaking out about getting stuff online. She HAS a valid point.

Just go get your eyes checked out by a doctor. Telling you right now.
Your eye is a sensitive and unique thing. You need to know what you can and can't stick in it. You need to know at least your base curve and diameter, and that's if your vision is already perfect with no astigmatism. Your doctor will also show you and make sure you can put them in AND take them out.
Then you can take that prescription and order contacts online.
After that, there are places like PinkyParadise and HoneyColor. Most of their contacts are from 20 to 30 dollars for a pair and they last a year.
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as others have said, you do not have to buy your lenses from an optometrist but every first time wearer must go to one to have their eyes sized and to be instructed on how to safely take them in and out and how to care for them properly so you do not get an eye infection or damage your vision.

ask your optometrist for a free trial pair of lenses. they always have free samples laying around, especially in the colour change brands. make sure they know you are looking for lenses that will change your eye colour. you won't get red this way but possibly another colour that could be useful to you in future and you'll definitely need a starter pair ot get your eyes used to wearing contacts.

explain to your dr that you need red ones for a costume and how long you will actually be wearing them for. they may surprise you and be able to order circle lenses for you but it's more likely they'll only be able to order theatrical quality contact lenses from US sellers. marietta vision is my favorite brand, you can get info on their website and have your dr call them to order.

theatrical lenses are not higher or lower quality than circle lenses (most circle lens sites sell cheaper knock off brands of them too), they are simply more opaque and cover your eye colour more completely and are made of a thicker material that will let very little oxygen through to your eye so the recommended wear times are shorter, generally six hours as opposed to eight with softer circle lenses. they are also usually far more expensive but it may be a worthwhile compromies to be able to order FDA approved ones through your optometrist.

also, always soak your new contacts in solution for a day or so before you first try them, especially if they're circle lenses to make sure none of the dye is leaking off (those would be duds and dangerous to use) and in case the solution they came in irritates your eyes.

also on the note of circle lenses, i have the dolly plus ones in red, they are bright red, but the center hole is much larger than i'd like, it shows a lot of my natural eye colour. I prefer my vassen ruby reds (ifairy) lenses, even though they have darker patterning they just look a little more natural because of the colour fade. I also use theatrical red lenses for more demon type characters when i don't care about them looking at all natural or human ^^

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Also, a lot a lot of people have troubles when it comes to first wearing contacts. Naturally, you're not supposted to stick things on your eye, so your body naturally tries to stop you.

A lot of doctors (for a fee) will help you put in your first pair of contacts, and then teach you how to do it yourself. It took me almost a full week to get used to putting in contacts, and it takes others even longer. You don't want to try to put in coloured contacts right off the bat, especially if you've never worn them before. You'll probably end up not even being able to get them in, losing them, or even damaging them because you're trying to put them in wrong.
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when i needed to buy circle lenses for the first time, i talked to my eye doctor before i bought anything, and asked him if it would be a good idea to buy them (my red ones are the dolly+ red lenses) and then bring them in for a fitting, so that he could make sure they were safe.

before you buy contacts make sure you have a prescription for them !!! important stuff. contact lens prescriptions include more than glasses prescriptions do, including the base curve that relates to the shape of your eyeball itself. most colored contacts/circle lenses that i know of are base curve 8.6, but normal contacts have a range of base curves.
what i've heard is that +/- 0.2 in base curve is still safe, but you still have to ask your eye doctor about it first!!

so yeah. long story short i asked my eye doctor about the contacts and gave him the basic specifications (base curve etc, according to the website) and then brought them in for a fitting (which cost $25, idk if all places are like that but that's the price area i had for a fitting) so that i could have a professional make sure they're ok and won't hurt my eyes.

as for reliable websites, honeycolor and pinkyparadise are both really great and reliable, i've ordered from both! from what i've seen, honeycolor is a tiny bit cheaper, but not by much.

**edit: i just noticed the contacts you were looking at are the same as mine, and i highly recommend them !!! in this case the website i got them from (honeycolor) is quite a bit cheaper so if you end up ordering online you might wanna look there. uwu*
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