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Body Paint help?

So I was planning on doing an Adventure Time princess (gijinka?) and most of them have uncommon skin colors. Most of the other thread suggest brand name body paints and stuff that don't have actual store that you could drive to and I'm not very comfortable with buying stuff online. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells good/passable body paint or any homemade recipes?
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My only recommendation is a creme base, such as NYX jumbo eye shadow pencil and powder eye shadow on top. It will need to be sealed, with either translucent powder or setting spray.
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Find out if there are any costume shops in your area. Most of them will be small places, not chains, so it might be hard to get suggestions. But if you do have a costume shop around you, they might even be able to order in body paint for you if they don't sell it normally.
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I recommend Snazaroo body paint. You can find them in pretty much any local craft store, definitely A.C. Moore and Micheals. They have pretty simple colors but overall it's probably one of the best kinds of face paints. It's waterbased and if you don't use too much water to apply it then it doesn't feel gross either, which is certainly a plus. They aren't too expensive either, usually about $15 for a pack of six.
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I'm also doing an unnatural skintone cosplay, and what I'm using, for my face, is the Ben Nye magicake makeup (which is powder), over a base of that cheap white cream makeup (it makes the colour a little less suggestive of natural skin colour.) I used two layers of the powder, each with a layer of the white in between. Since the makeup is powder albeit it comes out a little bit sticky, I use the Ben Nye Final Seal spray to keep it from rubbing.

As for my arms, I tried PAX, and it's a NIGHTMARE. My solution is just glue + water + paint (about 3 parts glue to 1 1/2 parts water) and however much paint you need to make it pigmented enough. Apply it like regular body paint, dry in between layers (with a blow dryer), and once you're happy with the opaqueness, you're good; it doesn't require powder.
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If you don't want to shop with one of us on line body paint and FX makeup shops, your best bet is to seek out as mentioned a costume shop. Not the national party stores but a real costume rental shop that sells theatrical makeup.

Some Micheals do stock Snazaroo but Snaz does not make skintones only colorful FX colors. And Snaz is the least pigmented, has the highest glycerin base than any of the widely used and sold face and body painting makeups. Meaning colors fade and smudge and rub off more easily that other formulations.

If you want skin tones look to Mehron, Kryolan, Graftobian or Ben Nye, or Wolfe (mostly found online). Fix any of these with a fixing spray (not setting powder) if you need more durability.

I have to say in looking at this character you may simply be able to achieve the color you want by using a drug store brand foundation like OLoreal or such. Worth a trip to see the color range available to you at your local drug and makeup stores.
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^most of the adventure time characters are colors.... not skin tones but lean towards mehron or wolfe or krylon, with snaz or ben nye as almost last choices (ben nye is good but the others are higher quality)
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If you dont mind shaving the area previously, liquid latex is an option. You can actual buy the "flesh latex" that's sold in any costume/party shop (though it's lower quality than what you get online) and mix it 50:50 with normal home-improvement-store latex paint. Keep in mind that some of the pigments may not be 110% approved for use on skin though, do some research and dont use them often and you should be ok...
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