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Originally Posted by IamAriel View Post
Ok, what about my position. I'm 5'8" - 5'9" and weigh less than 140 lbs. As far as everything tells me, that is a normal weight. My arms are not chubby at all and my legs...well I think they're ok, hard to tell because everybody has some fat in their legs. Anyway, I have the beginnings of a pot belly. Seriously, when I wear a tight shirt, I just look like I'm in the beginnings of pregnancy; my stomach is the only thing poochy. So, I need to lose weight EVERYWHERE to fix my stomach? What the heck? XD
I have the exact problem. I am kinda thin everywhere else, but like, I started having a pot belly too. I don't have fat anywhere else, and if I lose weight everywhere else, I will kinda look anorexic...But if you find a solution, I want it ! :3
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As has already been said quite a few times, you can't spot-train fat loss unfortunately. It depends on a few factors:

1) Your body type. Some people put fat on their hips, some on their tummy, some wherever. All depends on you.

2) Bloating CAN increase the size your stomach area looks. Decreasing carbs and sugars for a few days can help decrease bloat weight.

3) Muscle definition overall will help decrease extra weight carried in spots you don't really like it. You'll have to develop muscle across the entire body though. Best place to start is the legs. Largest muscle group in the body, so they'll really help for fat loss.
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. . .

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sit ups definitely!! but check out bodyrock.tv and bodybuilding.com for some inspiration. i'm kinda a fitness freak, and those are my favorite go too sites
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Yep as said above you can't pick where you want to lose weight, your body does that for you. If you want to lose more weight and are worried about looking anerexic it really is a simple answer. Lift weights. But at the same time keep in mind how large just 1 pound of fat is. About the size of both your fists, or maybe a bit less depending on your hands.

#1 excuse I have heard from girls about lifting weights: I don't want big muscles / bulk up
Girls don't PERIOD! All that will happen is you will lose fat and not look like a skeleton. Not to mention the mile long list of benefits of working out.
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Some small tips I just recently offered a friend:
Trunk twists: take a broomhandle and place it across your shoulders. With back and neck straight, facing forward, twist from the waist to one side then the other. You can do hundreds of these before feeling really tired. They work the oblique muscles that run along either side of your waist, helping to tighten them and create a trimmer appearance.

Stomach vacuums: tense the muscles of your abdomen and then suck your stomach in as much as you can while still breathing normally. This is a trick commonly used by professional bodybuilders to help emphasize their torso and make their waists appear slimmer-works just a well for cosplay photos. Hold for as long as you can, release, and repeat. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps tighten the waist a bit.

Above all else, maintain proper posture at all times-the only way to prevent the stomach from becoming distended is to keep your back straight and avoid slouching.
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Best tip I can offer is keep busy. You'd be amazed to see how much food people can pile away when they're bored (me included).
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I need a bit of help trying to lose the fat around my tummy. You can see what I mean on my Misty pictures on my profile. Of course I want to lose it partly for cosplay but also to help get my high blood pressure and diabetes under control. My legs and arms I can deal with but my stomach I hate. I am starting to drink only cold ice water and cut out sweets and fast food. Eating white meat chicken and more salads aswell. Before I kept weighing between 242-246lbs but now I'm at 238-241lbs. I walk a lot more when I go to stores just to exercise while I'm out but now that it's getting colder my knee is acting up so walking is becoming hard to do a bit. I can't do a full sit-up but if I keep at it would that help? Also what other exercise is mainly for the tummy area that can be done at home?

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Most of the time it is diet... sometimes its a little bit of posture.

To fix your diet problems, keep your calories at the same level but get rid of sugar and cut your carbs by half. If that doesn't work, cut them farther. My long term advice would be only to get carbs from veggies and some fruit but no more than once every other day on the fruit and in the morning.

For posture, I really don't like to recommend sit-ups. Try the PLANK (Youtube Video) several times a day. At first I would start with doing it for 3 - 5 minutes of total time throughout the day. Adding in some other resistance and free weight exercises would probably be very helpful.

If you goal is to loose the tummy without loosing much weight, cardio is not your answer.

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Thanks Gabriel! Will try that advice.

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My weight is very well proportioned out. Im a pear shape i weigh about 170lbs. Even though in pictures and video i look a bit bigger because i have something called forward head carriage (my neck is curved forward more than it should be). Planning on going to a chiropractor in the new year year along with going to Planet Fitness and working with a trainer. Sometimes local gyms like Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness and the like will have free trainers at certain times of the day to help you on your way. i wanna lose about 20 lbs in 6 months i know it sounds impossible to do, but i changed the way i ate last year and lost 20 lbs in 6 months and thats without excercising. So yes last year i weighed around 190lbs and was a 16/18 in dress size im now down to a 14 hoping to be 10/12 or possible a 8/10 by the time the con im going to rolls around. Good luck everyone and NEVER GIVE UP.
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This my not apply to you, but it applied to me and might apply to others. Before I had children I was 5'3" and 135 lbs, (doctors were never concerned about my weight, so I'm assuming this is a pretty healthy weight for my height) even at my lightest 120 lbs, I still had a pooch and people were always asking me if I was pregnant. The reason I had this little belly was because I was a heavy drinker. It didn't matter how much I worked out or how healthy I ate, I had a pooch. Resonantly I stopped drinking for 4 months and lost 10 lbs, so if this is you I suggest you put down that beer and pick up a glass of water instead.
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If you are worried about losing weight, get up and move. A fun way I have found to do that is get your heaviest cosplay boots out, and put on Just Dance (whichever version you prefer) and dance. I didn't realize how out of shape I was until I started dancing in four inch platforms. I am working to get rid of my belly roll by March. It is late January, so I am in full rush.
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Unread 04-29-2013, 03:09 PM   #119
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How To Get A Flatter Tummy In A Month?

I am well aware that losing an extraordinary amount of weight in less than a month is nearly impossible and if possible unhealthy, but I'm just curious to know if there's a way to just make your tummy flatter? Any special exercises?

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Situps, pushups, crunches.

Spot-reducing is a myth. You can't exercise a part of the body in order to get fat to burn off that part of the body. Your body is genetically coded to store fat where it stores it and burn fat where it burns it.


When you exercise your stomach muscles you're toning them up, and you won't have as much sag due to your internal organs leaning against them. So your tummy will look flatter if you tone the muscles there. You won't have lost much fat, if any, but you will lose some centimetres.

I think this is WHY people think spot-reducing works. They do sit-ups, their tummies get flatter, they think they've burned the tummy fat by doing tummy exercises. But what they've actually done is just strengthen the walls that hold the contents inside.
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