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Unread 01-27-2013, 04:33 PM   #76
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I have a couple, two for me one for my husband.

His was funny to me, not so funny to him. At the time he was my boyfriend. This was AX 08, and our first time cosplaying Inuyasha and Kagome together. A fan boy ran up to him and started talking about how much he "Loooooved, Inuyasha" and "I would do bad things to him in real life." Then he started getting graphic and clingy. He stalked us for the rest of the day. The next day, the dude didn't recognize us because we skipped cosplaying that day.

My first story was at another AX. 2010, I think. The issue was I was in an all white Navi cosplay and the unthinkable happened. Stupid female biology kicked in and I ruined my costume. I cried all the way back to the hotel. To this day, I am afraid to wear all white cosplays.

My second story happened at Anime L.A. I was five months pregnant and I slipped going down the hill outside the lobby. The hotel people freaked out and wouldn't let me get up. My foot was in pain because all my weight was on it. Still "Don't move, the paramedics are coming" So I waited, in pain. Then the fire truck and paramedics came. cosplayers and con goers walked passed, gawking at me. In the end, I was fine. They let me stand up and I just moved on with the rest of the day. I was more embarrassed than hurt, and the baby is fine.
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My husband and I went to Anime Mid Atlantic in 2008 and we went to the hotel's pool and got into our swimsuits. There was a guy hanging around the pool who was overly friendly with us. He asked to take our picture (in our bathing suits, yes). I was quite naive at the time, so I said ok. Then he said something that still chills me to this day....

he said.....

"I like couples".

We got creeped out and started to head back to our hotel room and the guy started following us. We walked faster and beat him to the elevator.
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My sister, her friend and I went as Hetalia characters a couple years back. Sister was England, I was Iceland and Friend was Russia. We arrive to the Hetalia photoshoot and I was the only Iceland cosplayer. One cosplayer wanted to take a picture with me, I say sure why not. I love memories. Without me knowing, that person striked a yaoi pose. I do not like being strangely touched by people I don't know. This person made me feel extremely uncomfortable and scared since that person's hand were close to my chest (ya know. Female=boobs).

Before that person was able to do anything else, I push that person away saying that I feel like I lost something in my purse so I excuse myself by running from the Hetalia photoshoot. I find my sister with her friend and tell them I would be hanging out at the Final Fantasy photoshoot since I did not like the environment in the Hetalia photoshoot. I stayed there until the Hetalia photoshoot was over so I could meet up with my group, hiding behind a vent so the creep wouldn't know I was still in the area.

I never found out who that person was nor do I want to know. Since that day, I have never cosplayed as a character from Hetalia since. The leader of the Hetalia group has received numerous reports on being harassed many ways during the photoshoot, making strict rules for future events.
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Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
They lectured you? I'd friggin report them. They're not there to lecture and act like a parent they're there to help and offer help. A phone is an object, sometimes they get lost, he should be fired for being a dick.
I thought I deserved it. I should have been more attentive, and I knew she had the best intentions in mind. And she certainly wasn't being offensive about it, though it may not sound that way. I took no offense to it. Then again, even if she had been a total bitch about it, I wouldn't have cared anyways because I got my phone back - and in the end, that's all that matters.
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((Please note that I am now more experienced with conventions and gatherings (I work the renaissance faire), and am older, wiser, but will still bounce around at something squee-worthy. The following experience happened years ago when I was younger and way more naive thanks to growing up in a small town in the hills.))

My first year attending an anime convention EVER, I was so blown away by the amazing work, the costumes, the dealers hall and artists gallery, the events, and the games, that I --yes-- went full on fan girl with excitement. I was a kid at Disneyland. I was overwhelmed, and very shutter happy to capture the awesomeness of my first convention. I'd put the photos up on a website that's now gone (Thank you, Geocities. >.< --and sadly, a year later, that computer with all the pics was jacked. *sniffle*). I told the people I took pictures of where they could go if they wanted to see them. Everyone was gracious, saying something to the effect of "Great! I'll check it out!" and we all moved on.

What I'm ashamed of is the way one cosplayer looked at me when I gave him the info. It was a look that easily read 'you're creepy, what the hell is wrong with you?'

I felt like I wanted to curl up in a corner as a crying ball and rock back and forth from the feeling that look gave me. All I'd said was "I really love your costume. It looks great. What's your character so I can tag the photo so you can find it? My site is (blah blah)." And then came the look. If the short banter was any more vanilla, it would have been made of cardboard. I kept a respectable personal space distance (more than three feet away), smiled to keep things lighthearted, and was as polite as possible.

I'm a Cancer, and thus a very emotional, sensitive flower on the inside. My communication skills are also lacking, so I stuttered a little, tripping over words. I hate seeing people upset, and always feel like it's something I did wrong. Invading their space, let alone talking to strangers takes a ton of courage on the inside that people don't know about on the outside .

After I walked away, the heavy lead ball of "you crossed a line, you screwed up again. What the hell is wrong with you?" weighed me down for the rest of the day. I couldn't talk to anyone beyond "Thank you" and "how much for the (insert purchase item here)?"

I know that's not a real horror story, but the way I felt ruined that day for me. I still look back on that moment with shame, and can't figure out what I did wrong to get that cringe-worthy look.
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Not so much a horror story was witnessing one. Decided to accompany a friend to the rave at AnimeNext 2012, and watched him get like grinded on by like 5 girls, he's very socially awkward so he was very uncomofrtable but I thought it was funny.
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This isn't exactly me but I witnessed one. Accompanied a friend to the raven dance at AnimeNEXT 2012, he was grinded on by like 6 girls that liked his Cloud cosplay. He's socially awkward so he was very uncomfortable. Thought it was pretty funny on my end.
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Unread 01-31-2013, 10:54 AM   #83
Baron Malleus
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I was working security at Midsouth con in Memphis, TN a couple of years back. I was watching the food service area, which also serves beer to those who have paid for the privilege. My wife was bartending at the time. A guy getsa beer and sits down, then gets up and leaves his beer at the table, ten minutes later he comes back in and tries to get another beer while the other one is still full on the table. He is seriously trashed and when we cut him off due to being so drunk he forgot he already had a beer, he got vocal and physical. After yelling at my wife and pushing me, one of the head of the security staff tackled him and he went off to sit in a jail cell for the night. It was a pretty intense situation for a few minutes.
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Unread 01-31-2013, 12:11 PM   #84
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I was in my hotel room with the rest of the people I was going to the con with, getting all dressed up. I binding my chest for one of my male cosplays. I was putting the ace bandage over the top of a t-shirt, so I didn't feel the need to go into the bathroom. I just stood by the closet mirror.

Then one of the guys in the room just stares at me and goes "That's hot."

Needless to say, he did not share a hotel with us again.
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mines a little one and its one of the reason im so independent when it comes to cons now, if i find a group to go with and share a room awesome but i have no problem going alone i have a ton of cosplay friends i can meet up with and i love meeting new people

anyways it was my first year at AB, my friend being a 2 year veteran had convinced me to volunteer as security, telling me how it was a free room and ticket and i would have time to enjoy the con, he also told me he would show me the ropes and we would work together so i could be with someone i knew.

well things started smoothly we got our room, got our badges and where in the city earlier than everyone else, time passed and i met the rest of the volunteer and learned who the rest of the people in our room where..actually ended up being people from home i also sorta knew but my friend had been rooming with since he went.

thats when things started going down hill and once we made it to the room, i was told i had to sleep on the floor no pillows no blankets because i was the newbie, my friend pretty much saying the same thing they because of Seniority i was the freshman of the group and pretty much not allowed to do anything...well time passed and we had to get out schedules for the weekend well thinking my friend would keep his word, i trusted him, he got his times and pretty much bolted with the others to get booze with my money i lent him to get food,

by this point i was super pissed, and my con was already to a rough start, i was pretty much ditched because i was the new guy, and i ended up being lied to, not having time to see or do things i wanted, i was lucky i had other friends attend who offered me a bed, and some great other people at the con...i only roomed with my security guard friend one other time for one night, but besides that when it comes to AB i stay far away from his group
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Originally Posted by epicserendipity View Post
and can't figure out what I did wrong to get that cringe-worthy look.
You never will because you didn't do anything wrong. That guy was a jerk. I know how it is to relive painful memories like that, but know that you didn't do anything wrong. Maybe they were upset that you didn't recognize their cosplay, but to act to immaturely is their wrong doing not yours :]

Sorry to butt in like that, but that last line really got me.

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Touya no miko
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Gather 'round ye lad an' lasses, an' I'll tell ye a little tale of Fanime 2012.

In our hotel the room right next to us was throwing a party, with con attendees and Fanime staff all hanging out inside. My roomies and I were invited to come, but when some of us went it was PACKED. In addition the room smelled strongly of booze, everyone's body heat was mixed together making it feel like their was a sauna in the room(you could feel the heat from the outside too D: ), and there was some *ahem* flogging going on.

And while I was not around to witness this one horror story, my best friend wasn't so lucky. She went out of our room to get some fresh air...only to run into two guys giving each other a blow job right outside our door D:. Needless to say she was horrified. One of the guys was even decked out in a Tuxedo Mask cosplay, now she can't look at the character without being reminded of that incident.
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Unread 02-01-2013, 01:36 PM   #88
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Originally Posted by SA2R View Post
That is insanely scary ;; I am sorry that happened to you.
I find that rather unacceptable that the hotel would let that happen.

Hmmm as for me~

Probably the worst I can think of:
Some fat guy was spitting on people. He was at the very top floor of the connecting mall to the convention center. Not only was he spitting~ he was throwing garbage, and just being~ well something I don't even want to say. We were right under him when we noticed what he was doing. We went to the elevator, and as bad luck would have it~ he was in the same elevator car. He told us he was trying to hurt people, and thought some people deserved to be hurt...I can't even explain the sinking feeling I got. I wanted to just punch this guy in the gut!

The second was @ ALW. My little sister was dressed as Pluto in our Kuroshitsuji group. A bunch of fan girls fanned over her, took her by the leash that her gf put around her neck~ and the fan girls jumped on the elevator. Leash in hand, and my sister on the other side of the doors.
As the doors began to close I ran up cursing my brains out, and shoving the doors open, and grabbing the leash from them.
All the said was: "Why are you being so mean...?"
I said...screamed actually:
Maybe I shouldn't have yelled at them, but come on~ I was really scared. It remains in my mind a dreadfully sad and scary memory. Some fan girls are just so brainless...
Omg. That's is scary actually. She could have been hurt. And I agree, some fangirls are just so brainless. Like, calm down! I most liekly would have yelled at them too. Tell them how stupid and dangerous they were being.
My one semi-bad experience was when I was checking out the glomp circle with friends at Sakura-con 2009 (we were outside the circle), this girl pulled me into the circle and yelled some stuff and a bunch of people came running up to hug me O.o the front line was mainly guys too. So I'm like...uhhhhhhhhhh. Good thing I was crossplaying as Suzaku Kururgi so it wasn't THAT bad but it was really...too sudden x.x

Man, some of these stories are so scary :X I've never had a bad experience yet.

I attend cons with my brother, cousins and super close friends. I usually never go alone so if something strange ever happened, they'd be there for me. I think I'd be too scared to attend an unfamilar con alone.

@TenTigerLillies: Oh god, I don't like it when people pick me up. Well this wasn't like yours. But someone gave me and hug and they PICKEd me up and spun me around. I'm just like >o<; Hugs are fine. But don't pick me up.

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One year at AFO, I was sitting along the wall next to some furry cosplayer when suddenly a whole group passes by and someone shouts "Furry Pile!" People started flinging themselves on top of each other and me. I was pretty much stuck under a stack of people and a friend of mine actually had to pull me out by the arms. I was super young at the time and the event pretty much traumatized me for life. I just try not to stand to close to one now.

At Janicon Jacksonville or Ancient City con, I don't remember which, I ended up sharing a hotel with some old friend and some friends of hers I didn't really know. We were suppose to split the bill evenly but some how I ended up footing the entire trip: food and hotel. They pretty much showed up with no money. People were suppose to pay me back and it never happened. Not to mention they invited a complete stranger into the hotel room, my hotel room as far as I was concerned, without even asking. I ended up sleeping on the floor of a hotel room I PAYED FOR. Also, that guy ended up stealing a bunch of people's ipods. Nothing of mine though. I never roomed with them again.

At Katsucon, I was the oldest in the group and in charge of a friend of mine who was still a minor. It was her first time at a convention and I had been entrusted by her mother to take care of her. I set strict rules that she needed to try to stay with at least one other person in the group and if there was something she wanted to go do on her own she needed to keep her phone on her and check in through text every hour or so. Also that she needed to be back in the hotel room by midnight. That said, she completely did not follow these rules and didn't come back to the hotel until 2-3AM. I got so mad at her when she finally showed up and said that I was in charge of another human being and that she had been completely irresponsible. She then blamed me and the rest of her group for her behavior. Shes apologies since but shes never really admitted that what she did was wrong. I have never had her in my con group since. The same kind of thing also happened at AFO where my younger brother ignored his cell phone and stayed at some girl's hotel without telling anyone. I refuse to be in charge of someone or be responsible for anyone else at a con ever again.
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Originally Posted by Reily96 View Post
I thought I deserved it. I should have been more attentive, and I knew she had the best intentions in mind. And she certainly wasn't being offensive about it, though it may not sound that way. I took no offense to it. Then again, even if she had been a total bitch about it, I wouldn't have cared anyways because I got my phone back - and in the end, that's all that matters.
In my mind the only person who should lecture you over lost items are your parents. Shit happens and people lose things, it's not like you chucked it on the floor and walked away from it. My point is no one should make you feel even shittier when they're helping you.
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