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Unread 01-31-2013, 11:37 PM   #106
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Oh my gosh, this was an epic coincidence; one time while my friends and I were cosplaying Jade, John, and Dave from Homestuck at the mall, we walked into Hot Topic and you'll never guess who we ran into at the back of the store.... A ROSE COSPLAYER! We all screeched and started at each other like, "O_O" before running over and fangirling like mad.
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I've seen quite a few surprisingly!

First time, Suzaku cosplayer, Naruto and another one, it was like 3 people. Saw them at a mall on Halloween (totally understandable).

Another time, saw a group of 2-3 kingdom hearts cosplayers at the mall (same mall). But this was no special occassion. Just random.

Saw a Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) cosplay at Wal-mart. I was turning into the parking lot and I saw them walking to the store. I walked in and I go to the crafts isle, and bam, I see Sebastian. I gathered up my courage and was like, "You're Sebastian!" And she's like "yeah, I am!" and i asked her why she was dressed up, I was like, is it for Aki-con? (It was like a Thurs? and Aki-con was Fri-Sun). And then we end up talking and her friend walks in (she went to the bathroom) and turns out, her friend went to my high school and she knew my face lol. She lived in WA, but moved down to OR. So I made some new friends ^^

Let's see...this was also a Halloween. It's not an anime or game character but does anyone know Sax man? WELL, someone at my uni was cosplaying as him and he even had a sax and was playing the song. It was awesome. It's funny cause my class was doing a lab outside. My buildings were around all the science buildings and in the quartyard, there's a big fountain and thats where he was playing. The music stopped for a bit but were were still doing our lab. When class was let out again, we could hear the music playing haha XD

I think that's all that I've seen o.o (that were memorable I guess!)

But I guess they weren't that random since it was Halloween OR like, almost con time.

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Last summer I saw two cosplaying near my home (they were hanging out near the elementary school that was close by, I was outside running). They were both cosplaying characters from Bleach. I want to say there were cosplaying Hitsugaya Toshiro and Kyourau Shunsui (can't really remember ^^"). They also had other kid who had a camera, so I'm guessing they were doing a photo shoot. I wanted to go up to them and tell them I loved their cosplay but I didn't want to be creepy. D:
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Originally Posted by violetlights View Post
Oh my gosh, this was an epic coincidence; one time while my friends and I were cosplaying Jade, John, and Dave from Homestuck at the mall, we walked into Hot Topic and you'll never guess who we ran into at the back of the store.... A ROSE COSPLAYER! We all screeched and started at each other like, "O_O" before running over and fangirling like mad.
That's crazy awesome.

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So when I lived in Seattle, I was part of the local Homestuck meetup group, which met crazy frequently over the summer (if any Wastucks are reading this: I miss you guys). If you've ever lived in or tried to make plans in Seattle, you realize how magical this is.
Anyways, there were a good two dozen of us walking around, and I made a joke about running into a Hetalia meetup group and having a rumble with them. Later on, we go to an arcade, where we see.... a Hetalia meetup group.
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My most random encounters would have to be at the mall I work at.

One day I was working a fitting room shift and two people came wanting to try on footie pajamas. They might have looked semi-normal to other people but they couldn't fool me -- they were cosplaying Prussia and England from Hetalia. They were casual versions but as a Hetalia cosplayer myself at the time I could still tell totally what they were up to. Sadly I never worked up the courage to say anything to them.

Another time I spotted a Rin Kagamine cosplayer in line at the registers.

More recently, I was aimlessly wandering the mall before my shift and I spot a Dave Strider cosplayer walking with a Terezi cosplayer. I'm not a fan of the series at all but it made me pretty excited to see. My way of approaching them was weird, but I didn't have much time to think. We passed while walking opposite ways so I just said "Hey I like your Homestuck cosplays." and kept walking like a weirdo. They followed me though and we ended up chatting for a good 15 minutes! Turned out they actually remembered me from one of my cosplays from Anime Boston, yikes!
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Walmart. I was working in Electronics, and a girl cosplaying as Sakura Haruno came through the checkout buying a PS3 and one of the Naruto games. It was pretty awesome. She was cute too.
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I've only see a few out and about, though only one comes to mind. It was at the Ren Fair a state over a few years ago. A person wearing an Itachi (or some Atkasuki member) was standing outside, near the parking lot.

I've been the random cosplayer more often than I've seen other people. Latest was with three other coustumers/cosplayers at a Mc.Donalds and a Wal-Mart a a month or so ago. The two were attached so we sat down to eat then wandered around the store a bit. We had an America and a Steampunk and I was Grell. I had someone recognize me as Madame Red...

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I go to a pretty weird high school (it's geared towards theater and art kids) and the first week of school there were casual Homestuck cosplays all over the frickin' place. On Halloween, a lot of people cosplayed rather than wearing traditional costumes. There were people in full HS troll makeup, even!!
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It wasn't me, but my friend said he saw a random guy in a Pikachu costume one day. Lol.
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I actually just ran into a random Tamaki (OHSHC) and Kirito (SAO) in FYE at my local mall last Wednesday haha - they let me take a picture with them, it kind of made me feel like I was at a mini-anime con haha : D
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I often dress as Winry in a white tanktop, black pleated skirt and chunky boots and wear it out doing normal things like grocery shopping (I have the hairstyle naturally). Noone has noticed yet or been brave enought to come up to me.
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Haha, oh I have a great one...

The most random one one I've seen was when I was just about ready to go into work. I looked across the street and saw a guy dressed up as Luigi. Not only was he dressed up, but he was also running down the sidewalk animatedly and jumping over bushes! I watched him until I could no longer see him from where I was. He never stopped what he was doing once. this is also in a town that is not very big and there isn't a very big community of cosplayers, so it's extremely rare to see one outside of a convention. It was so amazingly awesome and completely made my day. I do really wish I knew who he was and that I could've gotten to take a picture of him as proof, however it's still a really great story to tell.
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Had a huge coincidence at a friend's birthday party.
We had gone to the mall for a scavenger hunt for her birthday, and with the majority of them being Homestuck fans, a few of them cosplayed Homestuck and some others just wore stuff resembling a character. I, however, was just getting over being sick..I was going to at least wear my Gumi wig but ended up not to avoid a massive migraine. The two official cosplayers we had was a Dave (my friend using my Alois wig) and a Karkat.
Now when we walked in, I totally expected the two really annoying twelve year olds that came and fangirled over our male Karkat, so when they left, I wasn't paying attention...
Until we heard someone say "Dave!" again. Turn around...two totally decked out cosplayers. Ciel and Alois no less. I FREAKED OUT. I'm ashamed of how I reacted at first now. I might've scared them. xD But our area has NO cosplayers and they were just there hanging out. I was reeling at the huge coincidence.
Long story short, we did the scavenger hunt then met up with them again, we had an awesome conversation and realized one of them is basically my twin, and I was mainly the one to go outside while they chilled and hang out with them. It was very saddening to leave, but now we've kept in touch and they're actually really local! (My twin is moving to our school next year, even.) So it was one of the best coincidences in the entire flipping universe.
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One time I was on a bike track exercising and about 2.5 miles in there was a whole group of cosplayers standing by one of the resting areas taking photos. I didn't get the courage to ask who they were cosplaying and get a shot of them, but I admired them through the trees on my ride back. It's a lot less creepier that it sounds, I swear.
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