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Unread 12-25-2011, 05:07 PM   #61
the Pyro Kitty
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If this thread is alive...X3

I guess I consider myself Japanese punk? I've been lazy this semester in college with early classes so its usually t-shirt, jeans and a sweater but after doing my research paper on Japan's street fashion, I started loving my clothes again ^^

My favorite outfit right now is this but it'll probably change once I get more clothes and finally get my hands on some SEXPOT ReVeNGe. Sorry about the picture to those in the UK...
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Unread 02-29-2012, 07:16 PM   #62
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Usually my fashion is pretty much however i feel on that day, but overall i'm inspired by Asian fashion. Though recently i started experimenting with the gyaru style and have been really getting into that.
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Unread 02-29-2012, 08:21 PM   #63
The Greatest Jelly
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i guess i would say casual/jrock/starting to lean towards cyber goth. lol. its a variety?
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Unread 03-27-2012, 04:02 AM   #64
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I like punk that doesn't stand out too much... However I don't use it as my everyday fashion... On some occasions only )
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Unread 03-29-2012, 06:52 AM   #65
Hello I'm Dr Cheeks
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I'm a pretty fashionable guy I just wear whatever I want. Slim jeans, converse shoes, army boots, obscure band shirts or print tees from Camden Market London.

I've a pretty modern sense of style but I'm more than happy to wear retro and vintage clothes as well, I got an amazing sheepskin winter jacket for only £10 once! I get quite a lot of my clothes from army surplus stores too, jackets, boots, hats and the like.

I also love wearing suits, I've got about 3-4 suits from H&M and vintage stores, it's nice to look nice.

What I wear each day really depends on how I feel. Sometime I'll be boring and it'll just be jeans and t-shirt and then a leather or plaid jacket. Sometimes I feel like dressing like John Lenon in the 50s and I'll stick on a harrington jacket and some brouges. Another day I want to be really millitary/grungy. Or I'll stick on a suit and straw hat and stand around in the sunshine smoking pretending I'm in Milan.

I guess I'm pretty vain for a guy, like I don't really know anyone who puts as much effort into their looks as me. Well... any men at least.

You could say I'm a hipster and I wouldn't disagree. But I don't dress to impress others, I don't wear things to be ironic, I'm not pre occupied with what people think of me. I wear what I think looks cool to me, I have a beard, thick glasses, shaved mohawk, feathers in my ears and a v neck transformers tshirt. Problem?
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Someone supply with a new descriptive label for Fullbleed. Hipster doesn't even cut it any more.

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Unread 03-29-2012, 11:44 AM   #66
Otaku Gunso
half elf flame haze
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Originally Posted by SweeneyTodd View Post
You guys all seem to have very interesting fashions you like to wear in normal life. lol I think I am probably the least interesting person on here. My style doesn't really fit into a category. Like many people, the way I dress changes depending on how lazy I feel. Usually in the morning, all I can be bothered with is some simple pants and a t-shirt of some sort (my shirts usually have blood, are related to Sweeney, Depp, or anime, and some are just kinda stylized). I wear a lot of black.. most of my wardrobe is black, and I also sometimes enjoy dressing kinda like Mrs. Lovett and I use parts of my ST cosplay in daily life. But yea, it really varies I guess. I don't have a set style of dressing. I'm kinda all over the place

If someone searched through my closet they would probably find a lot of items that could be used for various costumes. My clothing ranges from goth-ish to very normal clothing, I also have some suits (that I use for when I go to dog shows). It's all very random

One thing that I can never bring myself to do though is to wear leggings as pants (as in a t-shirt and just leggings. That just seems so odd to me, so I don't think I would ever be able to do that. lol
Well your pretty much like me then, I got alot 'a black clothing particularly and some anime tshirts or video game t shirts. I also wear my cyber locks from time to time wit my hair either curly or straight(can't really do that wit braids though).

I also use some 'a my cosplay stuff in wit my regular clothing from time to time as well, like wearing one 'a my duel academy jackets or my jounouchi t shirt is technically a normal shirt as well.

I guess this is pretty much an example of how I dress

old picture is old though -.- I need to take more recent pics

here's an example of me wearing my osiris red jacket along wit my regular clothes and cyber locks.


Thats just a portrait of sorts though -.-

I like to wear flu masks and chains too, like in this picture.


Despite throwing some cosplay stuff into what I wear I haven't brought myself to actually wear a dress or skirt out. I don't even own a skirt or dress outside of cosplay, but since they're all clothes to me I probably should wear them some time xD

then there's other times when my style can be more plain then others.

I just don't put forth the effort of putting on make up everyday /heh
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Unread 04-07-2012, 06:04 AM   #67
dumb nerd
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To be honest, I have no idea.

I like pleated miniskirts, but I always wear tights or leggings underneath. My favourite items of clothing that aren't hoodies or hats are my blouse and pinafore dress, which is red~!

After seeing Igiko, I started wearing my hair in the same style and I have a jumper-vest-browny-thingy that I like.

And hoodies.


I have two, but they are both awesome~! One's bright pink with bight green sleeves and a purple hood lining, and the other is plain grey... With about 25 badges on.

I also have two cute hats~ One is a cap white with blue dye splattered all over it, and the otheris basically a knitted panda (With nose~) with pompom string things to rival my bunches.
helpless aromantic

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Unread 05-29-2012, 01:12 AM   #68
Lady Ashe
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Mine is a mix of several european and asian subculture styles. I dress really different everyday but I almost always wear my Nana Pole Climber boots everday and I own tons of corsets and dresses.
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Unread 10-14-2012, 10:47 AM   #69
Phuriously Khorrupt Lily
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Gyaru/visual kei here, though I usually don't go "full on visual kei" because well, I'm a sixteen year old highschooler, and that's frowned upon. But I do go full gyaru; circle lenses, false lashes, and curls every day. (However, I do miss my VK hair very much!)
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Unread 10-16-2012, 02:22 AM   #70
Snake Master
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I love gothic and victorian style
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Unread 10-18-2012, 11:07 AM   #71
Silver Ash
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Adding on the the eclectically fashionable people! I'm full on old school visual kei whenever I have the chance, but since that isn't very often and tends to scare a lot of people off, I'll do my own takes on oshare kei, decora, and fairy kei too (oftentimes a mix of everything). The pinks and pastels really help keep people from being scared ^^; I definitely have some gyaru influences when I dress up for the latter, but who doesn't nowadays?
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Unread 12-18-2012, 10:25 PM   #72
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you would definitly classify me as a punk if you saw me
i take great pride in making myself appear this way as well.
to say diy is to underexaggerate things. i make my hoodies
jeans shirts and shoes modified and prepared specially for each
outfit. right now my favorite outfit is actually more of the rockabilly look
i used to sport a couple years ago. its quite simple
straight leg blue jeans, a pair of dingy blue chucks, a white tee and a leather jacket,
and when i feel like it my leather jacket.
but mostly im studs and chains and patches. definitly punk
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Unread 12-20-2012, 01:14 AM   #73
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I would say mostly girly girl. I love tights, leggings, skinny jeans, ALL KINDS OF SHORTS, skirts, FLORAL AND PLAID OH MY GOODNESS. I have three dresses right now, but I consider my wardrobe a bit bare at the moment lol. I would also say.. a bit classy I guess. I'm not sure what else to call it but I love blazers. And cardigans lol. I also like vintage, but the "just made yesterday" vintage and not legit made 30 years ago. (Well, the stuff I do like is mega old, like from 1910 haha)

My favorite store is Forever 21 but I go to basically every other store anyway. Never know what you will find (:
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Unread 01-28-2013, 02:19 PM   #74
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boo hoo

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