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Wig the wrong shade--Suggestions?

Hello! I am sure many questions like this have been asked and answered before, but I would like to post specific to my situation, if possible.

I recently purchased what was supposed to be a "apple red" wig. It was advertised as a nicely bright red wig. Viewing it on multiple screens showed the same vibrant wig color, but the wig I received was more of a darker pink, which leads me to believe I received the wrong color. Unfortunately I have been busy and didn't get a chance to look at the wig until past the return limit of 5 days.
I have sent the company an e-mail about this, but I have already tried the wig on, too, to see if maybe it looked better once I was wearing it (...needless to say it only made it MORE obvious the color was wrong). So as it is, I doubt I will be able to return the wig--though I'm still waiting for a response.

I'm a bit tight on money, so would hate to have to order a new one for their mistake!
I guess I was wondering if it was possible to dye a pink wig to a bright red? 8(
(For reference, I ordered from Arda wigs, and the color appears to be more similar to their Hot Pink than Apple Red, which is what I want.)

What do you guys think?? Would dying be possible or am I doomed to buying a new one?
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If you post some photos of the wig and what character this is for, maybe we can give you a better idea of whether it is something you can work with.

If all else fails, you can always just list the wig for sale here on the forums.
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I have one of Arda's color rings and an apple red wig. Arda's "apple red" is extremely similar to their "cherry red", but they're different hues that veer towards opposite ends of the "red" range. Apple red is a "cool" magenta red. Cherry red is a "hot" orange red. Their hot pink is definitely lighter in tone than apple red and is unmistakably pink.

What does the label on the bag say? Their wig bags usually have a sticker in the corner that labels the wig style and the color number. Without seeing a photo of what you got, it's impossible to say if you really got a pink or not or what you could do with it.

If you DO have apple red, you could probably warm the color up by tinting it with yellow. On the other hand, if you did get a -pink- wig, you might be able to affect it with a red wash but it won't likely be as bold and "red" as if you just started with a red wig.
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