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Unread 12-18-2012, 06:47 PM   #1
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DON'T order from FX Warehouse.

DON'T order from FX Warehouse!

I only had one bad experience ordering from here, and it was sufficiently frustrating enough that I will not be ordering anything else from FX Warehouse.

I bought a 2 oz. bottle of pros-aide, and a 2 oz. bottle of remover, for $15 a couple of weeks ago. The least expensive shipping price available was $13, which seemed high to me for the most basic, slow shipping there is, although the website did have a map that showed zones that showed how many days your order should arrvie within; I am in Mississippi, which meant that I should have received my order within four days.

On the fifth day, I tried my tracking number from my email, which, according to the UPS site, did not exist. I sent FX Warehouse an email, which still has not been replied to.

A full week and a few days after I was supposed to have received my order, I called them. The woman who answered the phone acted very unprofessional when I said that I was disappointed, because I paid for $15 in shipping and having to wait an extra week with a tracking number that did not work, and she promptly told me that I "didn't need to get an attitude."

Even after I told her a second time that my tracking number did not work, and it was unacceptable that I paid so much for shipping and still hadn't received my order; especially because I'd planned to use it on the sixth day, and obviously, could not, because I hadn't received it. She even went as far as to inform me that "that isn't her problem, it's mine", and she was incredibly rude on the whole.

I still haven't received my order, and I am supposed to be getting a refund, which I still have not gotten either. I'm now out almost $30 and I have nothing. SO disappointing.

EDIT: I finally received my order (after 3 WEEKS) and after requesting a refund.
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Complaint about our service

No, I never said those things to you. When we get an email with a problem in shipping we take care of it immediately. If you didn't get a reply then we never got your email.

UPS costs more than sending it with the post office at times. I would be happy to look up your order and if there's a refund due you I would be glad to do that. 4 days.. that does not include weekends. And sometimes it doesn't go out the same day. I'm sure this was a misunderstanding.

You can email me at thea@fxwarehouse.info if you'd like to discuss this . Posting something like this on a major forum is really not cool, until you've gone thru all the channels. We always take care of our customers. We ship out over 300 orders a week.. sometimes things don't always go the way we wish.

FX Warehouse INc.
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Thumbs down Same Issues

I recently order from FX Warehouse. I bought 2 Ben Nye creme makeup that cost $12 and the shipping was $13. FX Warehouse is in Philly and I'm in the NYC area. I thought that the cost was steep but ordered anyway as I need the items and this was the fastest way. I wrote to them and asked them about the shipping cost. The kept talking about a "handling fee" which is a little outrageous as the cost to ship UPS ground from philly to my area is about $6-$8. Where's the other $5-$7 come from? After a back and forth I received this email:

"Next time just buy your shit somewhere else.We ship hundreds of orders a week for the past 28 years and I've never had anyone be so anal about me breaking down the cost of shipping.
Have a good day."

I did some research and it looks like FX warehouse was in FL for some time and had complaints against them filed down there. The FX warehouse in FL (Same website same issues assuming same company) had an F rating with the BBB.

Not a good company to use.

I should mention that I did call to try and reason with them and was met with resistance.
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FX Warehouse
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Searching online for a place to bash us is not the way to deal with situations.

We charge $4 handling fee. We have a shipper who we pay $20/hour. We buy new boxes, which cost from .50 to $1.50 each, packing material, rent, heat for the shop, taxes, and a whole bunch of other things.

Most companies charge a handling fee.

I spent day emailing and on the phone trying to explain this to you. It got very frustrating for me.

We ship to over 300 customers a week, every week of the year. Out of them we get a couple who aren't happy.

UPS charged more than what you found online. I don't remember the exact amount but if you take your shipping and take off $4 you'll see what they charged us.

If we don't have a handling fee to try to pay for all the extras that a working shop has then we'd be out of business in very short time.

Again, posting on a public forum, where you never go, is not really good form. I spoke with your coworker, who also ordered some product for your Shrek production in your theatre. He apologized for all that you put us thru. . and we still do business with him. You were an actor who bought makeup and didn't realize that it costs to ship, handling fee is right there when you checkout so it's no surprise what you'd be paying.

Thank you everyone here at Cosplay for putting up with this thread.

Any concerns, please contact me at thea@fxwarehouse.into
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