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Unread 02-14-2013, 04:40 PM   #1
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Curvy Calves and Boots with Zippers, help!

Hi all!
need some input on a little dilema i'm having. so i bought THESE boots for an upcoming con and they just arrived. i go to try them on and they fit fantasticaly....until i get about halfway up to my calf and can't zipper anymore


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i've always had trouble with my calves and boots but i measured before ordering them and still they came up smaller than anticipated :/
is there ANYway i can get my calves into these boots?? is there a way that material can be added? is there a shape wear that will slim them down? or should i just re-sell them (im not returning them, shipping was expensive)
suggestions/ideas are much appreciated!!
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You could try making stylized boot covers, to make it look like they're designed that way.
Someone was selling wide calf boots on the marketplace here, may be a backup option.
Good luck!
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You can try adding an elastic gore in to stretch them out a bit; I don't have any photos of an example, but essentially you'd cut a slit from the top of the boot down a couple inches (or possibly further- always best to not cut enough at first than too much and ruin it) and sew in a piece of elastic on the inside side to allow the boots to stretch out without losing their shape.
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I have very large calves and what I've done in the past is removed half of the zipper where it's too large and added a gusset (triangle shaped piece of fabric) there large enough so that the boots fit. Just stitch it to the one half of the zipper and put the other side into the boot where you ripped the zipper from.
Here's an example.
The fabric doesn't match exactly because I just used a black stretch that I had on hand and it's a little worn from time, but it does the trick and there's no squeezing your calves into something that clearly doesn't fit. It doesn't look like you'll need that large of a gusset, so it shouldn't be too noticeable, especially if you match your fabric well. You could also substitute elastic for the fabric if you wanted, it's all up to you and what you think will work best.
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I have this problem too! double jointed at the knees makes for extra large calves :0

Before you start cutting them up, try to relax the muscle by pointing your toes while you zip it up, that might give you enough room to zip it the rest of the way.. wearing them will stretch them.

you can also stretch them if you have something you can stuff into it.. balls? wooden / metal rings? newspaper?

you an also stretch shoes by filling them with water [in bags of course] and putting them in the freezer, the water will expand as it freezes. might not work as well for boots, but if you're from a cold place you might be able to try that by sticking them outside.
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Unread 02-15-2013, 10:28 PM   #6
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thanks for all the suggestions so far!
i actually like the idea of trying to stretch it because i only need a liiiittle bit more slack in that mid section area in order for it to close up completely. i think i'll try stetching first and if that doesnt work i'll take a sewing needle to them........and just out of curiousity does anyone know if there is any kind of tailor or shoe repair person who does this kind of a fix? seems like it would be a relatively common problem
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you might b able to go ask a shoe cobbler local to you.
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It depends on the individual cobbler. I live in a place where everyone owns cowboy boots, so plenty of boot makers will tailor, but it does not come cheap. Most shoe repair places I tried won't touch jobs like that.

I feel ya on the strong calves, and no, no shape wear is going to slim the muscles of your calves. Even really heavy people rarely have flab on their calves (ankles yes, but not calves), those calves are very muscular to hold up the extra weight. I went to a university on a hill. You could tell the freshman because they were the only ones with skinny calves.
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