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Great Fairy Cosplay: simple decisions

Hello! I'm not new to cosplay, but definitely to zelda cosplay and I wanted to do one that I haven't seen people do very often. I want to do a Great Fairy cosplay, but I'm somewhat unsure how to start.

Should I make it from a nude unitard body suit, or a simple leotard and tights? I do want to create the feeling that she's "just" wearing the ivy, and now I think about it, that may be easier with a leotard and tights, as I can just cover up the transitions from suit to skin with the ivy...

Also, what can I do for the ivy? My friend suggested that I just get fake ivy from Hobby Lobby, but I'm afraid that might scratch too much. Should I go the long route and embroider or crochet them on?

Then there's the wig. I can't tell if her ponytails are high or low, which will determine what kind of wig I buy. And the color. I was looking at the wig store on cosplay.com, and I think raspberry red might work, but dark red is also close. What do you think? Is the color more pink or red?

Sorry for the questions, they're mostly about decision making and not too much on the 'how to" aspect.
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I think you could do a nude leotard instead of a full body suit, unless you plan on making the ivy cascade down your legs or something. I would probably get fake ivy and sew it onto the leotard. Or I would get fake leaves and then glue them together and almost drape it over yourself. Or even a combination of both...

The hair I picture is like a deep magenta and I think the ponytails are high. Or you could even drape the side two ponytails over your shoulders so you wouldn't have to worry about gravity-defying hairstyles.
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I second the leotard and pantyhose instead of a full bodysuit. I've always wanted to make a Great Fairy costume, and always figured I'd buy fake ivy, take the leaves off the vines (or most of them) and sew them by hand to the leotard. As for her hair, I believe it's one high ponytail and 2 low ones. It's been awhile since I looked at her though, lol. And since there are different ones, either a magenta or a red would work.
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What I did was get a body suit with bike shorts, so I don't have to worry about shaving my bikini line all the time!
Two pigtails are low, the middle one is near the middle of the head (a bit higher though), the color is fuschia, I would go with raspberry, rose, hot pink, peach red, or cherry pink, I need to get a wig for myself still. Ebay has really good wigs for cheap, the wigs here on the other hand ... are not worth the price.
I sewed on the ivy just in the center of the leaves, I wouldn't do it another way if I were you.
I am constantly updating my GF costume, so I'm still learning myself.
I'd go with fake ivy, maybe some flowers too. Vary on sizes and color of the ivy leaves, it keeps it interesting, you can do some in bunches too! It's all up to interpritation! ^^
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hey hun! i am excited to know there will be another great fairy cosplayer out there. wicked!

for my cosplay, i went ahead and tracked down a nude bodysuit on ebay. it is strapless (until i added transparent bra straps anyway) and has a bikini cut. that does mean i have to make sure my bikini line is waxed before i cosplay, but it doesn't cost me a lot and i like that extra bit of authenticity.

as for the fake ivy, i used two different types. i bought a few packets online (ebay again) for the bodysuit, and two smaller strips from a craft department store for the wig. i'm not at all concerned about ruining the bodysuit nor do i plan on using it for anything else, so i sewed the ivy onto it. because i don't have a mannequin, i had my mother help me sew one packet on (with the vines) to get the placement right. then i added more myself and sewed some of the leaves down to "shape" them. both nude and green thread have been used. i don't much problems with the ivy scratching--just the ivy i wrap around my leg gets a bit scratchy and annoying, but by the time it starts to become really bothersome i am about done cosplaying anyway.

the great fairy's ponytails are fairly high, but they also wave around and float. on my wig, i wear them low. one reason is because, well, i can't make them float. :P and the other reason is because i need to wear my fringe out until i find a way to blend my elf ears into my skin. i am very picky, you see. i bought my wig from a seller called cosplaydna on ebay. it's free postage and handling (woo hoo!) and only cost me just under $30. the color i chose was hot rose pink and the length is 40 inches. i've had some fallout due to the wig tangling in the ivy, but it's not really an issue and it depends on how much ivy you use and how you sew it down.

if you're interested, the elf ears i have are by aradani studios. they are the large manga anime elf ears and you can find them on amazon. because i live in australia, i had to use a mail forwarding service to get them here and it cost me a pretty penny. but they are great and easy to use. all you need is a bit of spirit gum and you're set.

i'm still improving my cosplay but for the most part i am 100% happy with it. it is my pride and joy!
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For the Ivy, the only thing to be really concern about is the wire that rubs inbetween the leg, You should properly sand the wire thats in the main branch. Other then that, a few tacks doesn't do anything to the costume.

If you don't have a mannequin, you have to wear it as a friend sews it on you. Its too hard to sew it on your self. YOu can also make a cheap duck tape mannequin.
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