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I've never had any major issues with con staff and I've been going to Otakon since 2001. I've been to other cons and am constantly amazed at how well Otakon runs -- much more smoothly than many cons a third of its size. I don't even think it's seemed as crowded the past couple of years, thanks to the addition of the Hilton space.

I dunno, I can't imagine myself not going if I can help it, it's by far my favorite con, but if you don't like crowds then a smaller con may be more your cup of tea. I don't think the price is too bad either; hardly any cons are less than $50 any more.
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I can tell you why I go:

I live 10 minutes away.
I've been going to this con since 2000.
Sure, I've had minor issues with staff and other attendees, but then again I've had some amazing experiences with staff and other attendees. It's like that at ANY con though.
It's still a fun con to attend.

Sure it's hot (BALTIMORE IN THE DEAD OF SUMMER, YOU SAY?!) and the Inner Harbor is very crowded (IT'S A TOURIST TRAP, YOU SAY?!) but I love it!
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Unread 02-11-2013, 10:43 AM   #78
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i keep going because i have fun there, life is too short to let negative moments ruin it. even when the had that fire alarm antic and i had to stand outside in the balitmore summer heat i was still not going to stop going to it.
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Unread 02-19-2013, 08:49 AM   #79
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Every Otakon I go to I tend to have a lot of fun at, but the price keeps jumping up and it makes me look towards other cons... (then again I guess Katsu was $70 but overall it is a bit cheaper than Otakon...prettier, nicer weather...) I love Otakon, just hate how crowded it is, but it's a big con...it's expected. I've never had any trouble with any staff (maybe except once when I tried to ride the elevator lol)
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I look at it this way: every convention, no matter what it is, will always have plenty of horror stories. But don't let bad apples judge your perception. I feel you pretty much have to attend the convention to get a good feel of the atmosphere before formulating a proper opinion. I'd say give Otakon a try if you haven't done so already. There are those, like myself, that did have a good time and no negative setbacks whatsoever. This way you can say "hey Otakon's not so bad after all" or "Otakon's reputation really is true--I don't like it one bit" ..just saying.
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Personally, I have never had a problem with Otakon....
the only problems at Otakon i have ever experienced, is when some idiot pulled the fire alarm and all of us got shoved outsiude for osme hours while the problem was delt with. And that was a person, not the staff or anything.

Other then that rare occasion where some idiot tries something, in which they all do somewhere, it happens, nothing is really wrong.

the price of $80 is only if you aren't experienced enough to know to pay way before you go... with the massive amount of people it's always smarter to preregister, you not only get in faster, but you don;t have to pay such a higher price. (Preregistering before a certaint date is always cheaper then waiting till the last minute, which then you have to pay $10 more AND wait outside in the heat in your cosplay)
The first time I went I only payed $60. The price fluxuates with the economy, and thanks to a certain someone's in the governent the economy hasn't been doing well in a while, so Otakon cannot afford to have it any less then they need. Not to mention all of the amazing panels, the guest, bands, the damages that certain cosplayers do to the building because there a bunch of idiots who want to spoil everyone's fun (ex: the fire alarm puller, the person who does somehting so stupid they cause new regulations because of their actions) and so on. It's really fun and completely worth the $60-80.

not to mention all of the rumors you've heard are probebly spred by said idiots who got kicked out because they did something extremely stupid (and usually very on purpose)

(plus not to mention the great oppurtunity to make new, amazing friends)
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Any convention of this size will have problems. Some people unfortunately experience the brunt of the problems and will write about it (rightfully so).

As far as my experience I have never had a bad one. Even when they fire alarm was pulled and I had to go outside I was able to meet some awesome people during that experience.

I honestly don't think the price is that much. It costs a lot of money to be able to rent out an entire convention center plus rooms in a hotel, bring in the guests they do, pay for all the set up stuff, pay staff, pay for damages, etc.
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I have been going since... 2009 I believe, though I was 12 and was looking at every shiny thing that passed by. Though the past two years I've noticed the little things more and more, and will admit as an attendee that there are a few problems. The general layout of the convention center and the traffic control of in-and-out (especially with the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley) are difficult as hell to navigate. Like you go in one door and end up 1000 miles away.

But I've never had a bad experience with staff, never been forced to do backflips for random changes and checks. Despite the insane walking, the con is pretty nice. Bigger cons get nice panels, dealers, artists, movies, voice actors, etc. I always look forward to it, since the con before is Katsucon and let's just not get into my past 2 years of disappointment with that con. And all these horror stories, what about the good ones? With 32k people, I'm feel like the good should far outweigh the bad.
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Really we are still on this thread simple we who choice to go, go for many different reason if you have never been and all you base your decision on is hearsay then I suggest you pony up and go and experience Otakon for yourself.
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