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Unread 02-23-2013, 06:43 PM   #31
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Since conventions last for 3 days, or 4 if you count the Thursday we pick up our badges, I totally see it a feisable idea to have a cosplay outfit for each day, or at least the main 3, but I do know folks that cosplay that Thursday as well.

Me personally, I cosplay all three days, one outfit for each. At this past Katsucon, I pushed things a bit seeing as no one recognized my first planned outfit(Ayame Sohma from Fruits Basket). I decided to switch outfits that Friday, effectively making it 4 outfits for the con. It was a fun little twist that while I didn't plan for it to happen, I don't regret it happening.

Would I plan more than 3 for a con? Probably, if I had enough outfits I wanted to wear or photoshoots I wanted to attend in one day.
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I've done upwards of eight costumes in a three day weekend. A little extreme, but even so.

It's not about showcasing a single costume for as long as possible. In fact, that's kind of the last thing I ever want to do. It's a lot more unheard-of for anyone who isn't a beginner to only do a single costume all weekend. For one, a costume can get gross and stinky after a full day let alone two or three. All the febreeze and careful treatment in the hotel room sometimes isn't enough. For another, once you have a closet full of costumes, there's no logic behind limiting yourself to only wearing one or two at a time.

There are a lot more good reasons to change and show off a lot than there are reasons to stick to one or two. Photoshoots, panels, and other events that you want to wear a specific costume for. The Masquerade - if you're entering you probably don't want to wear your costume all day, especially if it takes forever to get into and is too complicated to wear in the halls. Then turn it around and think about all the costumes that are difficult to wear for long periods of time, because of shoes, wig, corset/binder, makeup, or other discomfort problems. And then, on top of all of that, even if there are 4000 people at a convention, chances are most of them have seen it pass them by in the hall more than once by the time half a day is past. As long as you're not hiding in a panel room for hours, of course.

I can't fathom NOT wearing as many costumes as I have the patience for in a weekend. But as I age I'm also getting too tired to wear them for long, so I might be more likely to wear only one or two costumes per day as opposed to three. That's still three or four costumes in a weekend. I get the enjoyment of variety, I get to bring the costumes I want to the events and photoshoots I want, and people get to see me in more than one of my gorgeous creations. I've got over 30, if I limited it to one costume per con then there's some costumes no one would ever see.
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I have never had more than one costume for a con but this is also because I am a beginner. For Metrocon coming up, I will have Vanessa finished to wear on Friday and then Veran will be for Saturday and Sunday. If I had multiple costumes I would do one per day, (unless I was entering in a contest and then I'd have to wear one for two days at least, but that depends on the con.)

But also, some of my costumes (nix that a majority of my costumes) are going to involve body paint. I do not want to have to paint my body and then take it off later so I don't want to do multiple changes in a day. I would rather stay in a costume, especially if it was hard to get into, but I can say I want to change costumes day to day, not wear multiple in the same day, but that's just due to a.) the body paint and b.) the complexity of the ones I am planning. For others, if they don't have as complex of a costume to put on, maybe they want to change during the day, it just depends on if they have the costume to change to. For me starting out, I didn't have many. Now I am going to have two for this con, and I'm going to be working on remaking another one later, so I will finally have a multiple costume closet.

tl;dr, my costumes would require me to at least wear them the whole day, but others may want to change. There's nothing wrong with having multiple, just like there isn't anything wrong with having only one :3
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I usually bring just one costume per day.
Since I can only make 1-MAX 3 new costumes a year due time and money, I usually bring one for each day. But I tend to go in my civil clothes on Friday or sunday sometimes.

I attend usually 3-4 cons a year. So space is often limited in the suitcase (and car..since my roommate and I usually drive with 1-2 more cosplayers in the car and not enough space is left.
I could never change costumes during the day, since all of my costumes require different make-up and every costume takes me at least 30 minutes to an hour or more to change (and do the make-up etc)
And since our hotels usually are a few minutes away from the con (by train) or unreachable (bookfair, 20-30 minutes away by car ) I stick to one costume per day. There's never a too tired/painful to wear my costume (and usually all of my costumes are really comfy, except the shoes) So if I get tired at a con I just take a rest at the meadow/con-area or parkbank.
And if the rare case appears that I don't want to wear a costume anymore I simply go to the hotel and change into my civil clothes and go back.

I also wouldn't want to change one or two times a day, since I like to portray the character for a whole day at least, so the whole sewing/crafting pays off. And usually I'm there with a group, so changing into something completely different wouldn't be fun for me...... to stick with my friends with a total different character/from a different series suddenly.
I have worn costumes more than a day, too. So people who couldn't get the chance to meet me in that costume can get the chance to see it. (I often get asked if I could wear costume x or y to another day, but since I'm usually with a group I don't like to switch plans and jsut wear the costume 2 days instead of 1 sometimes)

It really depends all on my mood and groups I have planned.
This year will be the first con I will wear 3 different costumes to a 3-day con. I usually just cosplay on fr/sat or sat/sun and do one day in civil clothes, or wear a costume twice (fr+sa, and on sunday another one and vice versa)
I'm already worried how I should get 3 costumes in that (huge) suitcase. Since I usually just can get two into it and have to bring my big backpack anyways for con-purpose and to bring my civil clothes (pajama, all the hygenic stuff, camera, food etc) to the hotel.
But I guess that's only a problem for me, since all of those costumes have big props, boots etc. If I had more simple costumes without props they would fit in much easier.

So yeah I have and will stick to 1 costume per day, with the opportunity to go in civil clothes on one day at a 3-day con at least.(This way I'm also able to take photos of other cosplayers, since I have honestly no time to take some when I wear a costume myself.
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I really only get a couple chances to cosplay so I make the most out of said opportunities; for AX I'm probably going to have 5 or 6 costumes so it'll require at least one day with a change...but all of my costumes are pretty easy to get into and out of (default Miku might be tough though, so I plan to devote a whole day to that one)
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My first con, I did one costume for two days and street clothes the third day. I wore it maybe 3/4 of each day, changing out in the evening, so it didn't get noticeably funky. Now, however, I've built up a collection of several and I hate to neglect the costumes I spent so much time on. I usually bring 2-3 for 2-4 days of convention. A couple of times I've changed halfway through the day, but usually I'll stick with one the whole day.
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Unread 02-24-2013, 01:13 AM   #37
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Generally what I do is wear my most comfortable costume on Friday - and my most recognizable one (I have con friends that actually don't recognize me outside of my Liz Thompson costume, so I wear it so they can find me. XD). It's what I meet people in, and what I'm probably going to be wearing on the drive there. My Friday costume at Anime Detour will be Liz Thompson.

Saturday, I will wear my BIGGEST costume - the one I put the most work into, the one I'm the most proud of, and my favourite. However, I will also bring another thing, like a lolita outfit, to wear in case this one gets uncomfortable (although sometimes I may just switch back into the day-one costume). My Saturday costume at Detour will be Princess Merida from Brave, with Panty as an alternate for when that gets uncomfortable. (Seriously, with Merida, it's when, not if. XD)

Sunday, I don't wear a costume, or wear my easiest/least obtrusive costume. Usually, I can't be bothered because by the time we check out on Sunday, I'm dead on my feet. But sometimes, I'm actually kinda energetic and OK, so I wear my moderate-difficulty costume (something that's still a costume but maybe I'm kinda all right with a people not seeing it). Sunday costume will probably be Panty, a lolita outfit, or Kallen.
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Unread 02-24-2013, 01:22 AM   #38
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I tend to wear a lot of cosplays for one convention. But I only have 1 or 2 conventions a year, so its easier for me to get all these cosplays together for one convention because I have 6 months to a year before the next convention I attend. (Last year was special because I got to go to a third con out of state, cost me an arm and a leg though...)

I also like to attend group photoshoot things for series, so I schedule when I'm going to be wearing something accordingly.
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I tend to do a different one per day unless I have a group or something that wants to do it for longer. I'm always sorta confused when I see people that have 2 or 3 cosplays per day though... isn't it tons of hassle to entirely change cosplay during the con?
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Originally Posted by ToroSonyCat View Post
I tend to do a different one per day unless I have a group or something that wants to do it for longer. I'm always sorta confused when I see people that have 2 or 3 cosplays per day though... isn't it tons of hassle to entirely change cosplay during the con?
Since I do the changing thing, I usually do it for comfort, or for photoshoot/thematic purposes.

Ex, on Saturday of Katsucon, I wore my MLP ballgown from around 8 AM until around 9 or 10 PM. After having been in that hoop skirt all day, as well as all night the day before, I thought it'd be nice to switch into my Rose Lalonde PJs.

That also worked out well for me event-wise: the Homestuck fandom hosted an art-based hangout at midnight, and my other friends who cosplayed the Beta Kids were going to be there too, so I hoped we could grab a couple photos.

I know at Otakon, I'll be splitting the days as well, mostly because I'll be seeing a whole bunch of my friends who live in totally different areas. Since we'll all be there at the same time, I'd like to do some stuff with each of them-- ex, cosplaying SAO with Sakura for a photoshoot, cosplaying Derse Dreamers with Ven for another shoot that didn't happen at Katsu, and then a totally new cosplay for a music video with Shoujo and the other guys behind Katsucon's "Smile! The Musical!".

It's also nice to drop stuff at the hotel room after a while. If we visit the dealer's hall or artist's alley and buy something, the time we use to change is also a perfect opportunity to pack that in our luggage so it'll safely make it home!
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Originally Posted by ToroSonyCat View Post
I tend to do a different one per day unless I have a group or something that wants to do it for longer. I'm always sorta confused when I see people that have 2 or 3 cosplays per day though... isn't it tons of hassle to entirely change cosplay during the con?
Sometimes, sometimes not.

I have costumes that take me quite some time to get into and redo my makeup for, but I just make sure that I have an hour or so of free time to do that in. Some costumes take no time at all to get into and/or I can keep my same makeup.

With a hotel room close to the con, it's not bad. I usually put on some music, relax a bit, eat a snack, and change. At a con where I don't have a hotel (am only there for one day or drive down for each day), it's a bit more of a hassle, since I have to make sure that my makeup will double for both costumes or work with only minor touchups, and I have to find an out-of-the-way bathroom somewhere that I can quickly change in.

I think that for last Fanime, I actually planed my costume order partly based on how heavy my makeup needed to be, so I would be changing from fresh-faced Eruca into glamorous and mysterious Lady Blackpearl instead of the other way around (since Blackpearl requires more contouring, heavier eye makeup, pearls glued to my face, etc.).

I don't tend to do groups, so I don't have to worry about coordinating with everyone in my group. Now that I'm doing more groups, it's mostly under the assumption that I have a ton of cosplays to wear and can only do the group for a few hours, because I have the _____ gathering at _:00, or whatever other issue.

I can see it being a bigger hassle if, say, you didn't have a hotel room, or if you had extensive body paint, etc. etc., but for me at least, taking out a little time to relax away from the crowds and get into a new costume isn't a big deal.

One drawback of doing so many costumes in a single con, however, is that if someone misses your costume, they probably won't see it again for a while, and since you aren't wearing each costume for very long (at a con like Fanime, I probably average around 4~5 hours in each costume), there is more chance to be missed. Though, if I only wore 1 costume per day , I could only get in maybe 3 cosplays per larger con and 1 or 2 per smaller con, and that's simply not enough, not with the amount of cosplays that I already have and that I want to make!
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Originally Posted by ToroSonyCat View Post
I tend to do a different one per day unless I have a group or something that wants to do it for longer. I'm always sorta confused when I see people that have 2 or 3 cosplays per day though... isn't it tons of hassle to entirely change cosplay during the con?
Depends if I have overlapping costumes or not. Case in point

Though it is a hassle to carry all that crap with you, which I had to do for last year's Anime North when I switched between cosplays with no overlaps and my hotel was three blocks away.
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Originally Posted by seiryuux View Post
Depends if I have overlapping costumes or not. Case in point

Though it is a hassle to carry all that crap with you, which I had to do for last year's Anime North when I switched between cosplays with no overlaps and my hotel was three blocks away.
Reminds me of being half in an elegant classic lolita dress and half in my JSRF cosplay at the Jpop Summit last year, while walking over to change in/out of outfits. We all decided that JSR lolita needs to be a thing. (Bright blues and teals don't go very well with burgundies and golds, so my coordination could have used some help, haha~)
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