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Talking Original Charecter help

I'm going to Anime Expo and I was wondering if you can do an orignal charecter (Roy mustang's daughter) who is a rocker style with out people thinking you are just dressed in normal clothes. I am getting a wig but what else is there? I'm new to cosplay. Also I was wondering if there was anything I could do to make it noticable that I'm dressed as his daughter? Other than making or purchasing the state alchemist uniform. (I was going to wear the gloves since I already have them.) Thanks!

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Try making it more extravagant. Since your character is a rocker, maybe do mismatched tights (one fishnet, one striped), go for a crazy skirt combo (try a petticoat too!), and do some makeup stuff as well to help match.

Oh and what color is your wig? The more outrageous the less people are going to think you're just in your street clothes.

Good luck!
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Talking Again OC AX 2013

So since I had fun making my costume for last year, I decieded to do another OC but this time her name is Hana Beifong and yes she's Lin's daughter and Tenzin her father. Hana is an earth and air bender, I know what you're thinking how in the world is she both. Well me and some friends are currently writing a comic -which we are keeping to ourselvs. we don't want to be sued or anything.- and Hana is there daughter and was raised by Katara. Korra and her are best friends.
Here's the Bio on Hana:
Name: Hana Beifong

Age: 16

Hair: Black (from mother's side)

Hair style/cut: Style: Wavy, down or up in a high pony tail Cut: Middle of her shoulder blade

Eye color: Blue Grey (from father side)

Hieght: 5' 3"

Body type: Hourglass, petiete

Element: Air bending and Earth bending

Father: Tenzin (unkown to him)

Mother: Lin Beifong (knows but chooses to ignore that fact)

Step-Mother: Pema

Half sister's: Ikki and Jinora

Half brother's: Meelo and

Grandmother (father side): Katara

Grandfather (father side): Aang

Grandmother (mother side): Toph
Past: Lived with Katara her whole life, learned Earth and Air bending at the same place as Korra (only not in Republic City), Korra is her best friend. No one except for Hana and Katara knows that Hana is both an Earth and Air Bender. Tenzin doesn't know Hana is his daughter and neither does Pema. It was for Hana's best interest to be with Katara that's why Lin gave Hana to Katara.
Love interest: Bolin

So if anyone knows what clothes she should wear let me know. One I know would be watertribe clothes but what else? Please help thanks!

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you could mix and match elements from each nations fashion, then colour scheme it for your/character preferance

wich could be accurate to psychological aspects of being mix raced
or multi-nationed (not by blood, but by cultrual absorption, or family environment),
depending of your characters personality and family/politics

personally as a fan of avatar, i see no reason why a person couldnt learn more than one element even in "canon"

they just wouldnt/shouldnt meet all or more than one of these (no "god moding" as they say)
1 know all elements
2 have mastery other than on primary
3 or have full controll of all thier powers
as these are meant to be traits only of the avatar

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