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Unread 03-08-2013, 03:53 PM   #16
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Accuracy is great, and it's important to a costume, but I think creativity is also very important. Changing/adding small details can make your costume unique and more interesting than it would have been otherwise. While I don't think one should completely abandon accuracy, adding your own personal touch to something should be on your mind as well.
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Unread 03-08-2013, 04:04 PM   #17
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Unread 03-08-2013, 04:16 PM   #18
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It's a balancing act...

Fabric is one of theses things that can be creative with... Like I picked suede for my obi, while I'm pretty sure that Japanese obi's are made of some silk woven blend? I liked suede batter and it drape just like the reference pictures. But then, it's not like the creators say what something is made of unless it plot related, so you can get away with variations.

Aren't ere a bunch of different colored link's anyway though?
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Unread 03-08-2013, 08:02 PM   #19
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I say as long as you're not doing something like wearing an ice cream cone on your head as your hat you're good.

Seriously though, a red tunic for Link is fine. He has a ton of color variations.

Generally I say go for accuracy first, BUT keep in mind it's good to make your costume unique. You don't need to sacrifice accuracy for making it unique, as that might hurt you more than help, but that's your own choice. I like adding different, discreet accessories to my own costumes or having some optional things the character doesn't particularly NEED, but can have.
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Unread 03-08-2013, 08:39 PM   #20
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"Creativity" is in the eye of the beholder. Equally as much as "accuracy."

Some people prefer accuracy. Some people don't. Most people can lie anywhere on the spectrum between "it must look as if I stepped off the screen" and "lol idk as long as people get the general idea." I tend to be more on the "stepped off the screen" side but that doesn't mean I hold anyone else to my personal preference.

But then, creativity. What a generic word. There's a lot of ways to define it. Creative could mean "adding embellishments that weren't there and wouldn't be." Creative could mean "interpreting the design based on historical and character personality to use this particular fabric." Creative could mean "screw the design I'mma do what I want." Creativity can be used as an excuse not to even try to be accurate. But there are a lot of other ways to be creative AND be accurate at the same time.

Deciding to do a red tunic because there's a set of magic armor in the game called "red tunic" is...you know, whatever. It's a spin. Whatever you want. You don't have to justify it to me or anyone else unless you're taking it into competition - and then, you just have to explain your thought processes and the judges will understand.

Personally, I think I'm very creative even while staying faithfully accurate. My creativity is in my fabric choices, my materials, and my methods. I'm still creating. I'm not popping a pre-made costume seed in a microwave and out comes a full-made costume that I didn't have any input into. It's still creation. Creativity is not always automatically defined as "doing something completely different from what the design suggests," anymore than accuracy is being anal and pedantic.
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Unread 03-28-2013, 02:02 PM   #21
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I really like both type of cosplays! It’s nice to see cosplays of characters that are super accurate and it is just as nice to see cosplays of characters that are creatively done (it makes them unique). Both need skill. It takes a lot to take something that exists and make an exact replica and it takes a lot to imagine something and make that come together.

Recently I cosplayed as Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.
It’s a lovely show, but the outfits don’t have much detail. I love “poof” and lace and so it was incorporated into the design (just enough). Some people at the con couldn’t recognise (example: “Is that supposed to be Princess Bubblegum?”) but others could tell.

Overall with cosplay, as long as your having fun ^_^
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Unread 03-28-2013, 02:29 PM   #22
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Yeah, I can attest to the fact that creativity is NOT a "Just do whatever and be lazy" proposition. In some cases, getting creative can require picking up whole other skillsets, and a ton of hard work. Yes, I have seen some hot messes in my time, attributed to "creativity". A former friend of mine was notorious for this. A typical daily outfit (Not cosplay) of hers consisted of one of those little Japanese Hapi coats with the embroidered dragon, a fuzzy bathrobe belt as an obi, a spiked collar, leather wristbands, and sometimes a cheap purple "halloween" cape. She justified the whole mismatched mess by saying "I'm being creative!" Likewise, when she decided to take up painting gaming miniatures like I did, she pretty much ignored every bit of advice I gave her, on grounds that she was "Being creative". Even if the end result looked like she had just thrown gobs of paint at it.

Now, in more skilled hands, an Asian jacket, collar, and wristbands could be combined with some other bits to produce a lovely Goth or Cyberpunk outfit. And if you wanna see creativity in miniature painting, just pick up an issue of White Dwarf magazine. There's some mind blowing stuff there.

So dismissing creativity as pure laziness is just seriously misguided. It all comes down to the skill of the individual.
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Unread 03-28-2013, 02:30 PM   #23
ryuujin no miko
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For the costume part usually I go with accuracy first and foremost.

But with stuff that I'm making by hand, I tend to embellish or try and think of more creative ways to execute the character design with choice of fabric etc. Like instead of painting a design on, I might embroider it or do beadwork. Or instead of using a generic fabric, something more textured and fashionable (if the article of clothing and budget allows for it). I'm doing this with my very-unfinished Madoka Kaname cosplay... I bought a super-generic one, and I sewed sequins and beads over the little patterns on the edge of her dress etc. And I'm in the process of sewing clear beads in spots to give it a subtle sparkle effect. I want to replace the ribbon fabric too. Technically it's "less accurate", but it's kinda fun to play around with it; I would not have the courage to do this with an expensive bought costume or even something I totally made from scratch.

At the moment I'm in a situation where I'm gonna have to get creative with my Catherine makeup. I love the lip and cheek color I've got for it, but have not had luck finding the right way to apply her blue eyeshadow... it seems to either make me look washed out or it clashes with the lip/cheek and blue contact lenses. I keep gravitating toward pink and nude shades. Hmm. Maybe I'm simply not used to wearing blue since I almost never ever ever wear blue eyeshadow. :/
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Unread 03-28-2013, 02:35 PM   #24
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In the cosplay hobby, unless you're going to be judged, I'd say just do what you want!

Some 'creative' choices are certainly better than others, though. Working in some extra details, like using varying textures or adding appropriate jewelry, can add a little extra pop to a cosplay that works well. Throwing together a mismash of patterns and items without thinking it through, though, isn't usually the 'good' kind of creative.
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Unread 03-28-2013, 02:53 PM   #25
probably a frackpants
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This is a false dilemma: you don't have to choose between accuracy and creativity. Even a thread-perfect replica of somebody else's work will have numberless creative decisions in it about hidden structure, details of construction, obtaining materials, etc.

I'm guessing that a lot of people will see "Accuracy vs Creativity" and jump straight to "I'M MY OWN PERSON, CREATIVITY ALL THE WAY" because there's so much cultural reinforcement for the positivity of proudly doing your own thing. That's a shame, since it makes accuracy out to be the bad one, some sort of oppressive force that keeps people from having fun. Accuracy is nothing more than getting the end results you planned for. Accuracy and creativity co-exist and complement each other all the time.
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Unread 03-28-2013, 03:22 PM   #26
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Personally since my costume-making skills are not great yet, I tend to do fairly simple cosplays and thus try to be accurate. But if I cosplayed something actually complex I'm not sure what I'd do. I'd probably LIKE to do an accurate one, but if it's out of my league then I'd be fine doing something a bit more practical and add that creative touch. Though one day I hope to do an accurate complex cosplay. Maybe as my last cosplay ever or something XD

For my simple cosplays I put creativity into some sort of optional props to add that extra flair.

And that's pretty much my view on other cosplayers too. If your cosplay is simple (ie. a Digimon character), you might as well do it accurate and then add extra creative stuff if only because accuracy isn't too hard to come by with these. If you're cosplaying something less simple than go for more creativity.

Honestly though even a simple outfit done creatively can be fun. My only problem with "creative simple cosplay" is when it's an excuse to not put in much effort. I mean, if someone of my skill level can put in the effort then I think most people can.

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Unread 03-28-2013, 04:03 PM   #27
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I agree that I would try to be as accurate as possible, but creativity is great! I know I'm about to take some artistic license with Veran, as I personally thought her hip and corset armor looked a bit plain, so I'm going to be adding designs to them. But that is the point of cosplay, we try to be as accurate as possible-but! You have to remember, these are NON EXISTANT characters! As long as you are embellishing the details and not just throwing something together that 'resembles' the outfit, I'm sure no one will mind a red link. Besides, as many have already pointed out, there are red tunics out there! No one will be upset it's going to be red, instead they will be focusing on all the other intricate details on your costume!
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Unread 03-28-2013, 04:11 PM   #28
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I personally prefer accuracy over creativity ... and it's actually a pet peeve of mine when someone puts 'too much' creativity into a cosplay. To me, the whole point of cosplaying is to make a costume that looks like your favorite characters, if you get too creative with it, and it's not accurate, then why not just make your own character to cosplay?

Don't get me wrong, SOME creativity is ok. For example (something I'm familiar with so I can make a good example XD), if you're cosplaying Sailor Moon, and her skirt is very obviously pleated, but you think that a circle/gathered skirt would look better, and do it that way instead, no big deal ... but if you're cosplaying Neo Queen Serenity from the manga, and she has all of these little designs all over her top, very specific and detailed, and they're suppose to be white, but you find this really pretty, thick, gold trim you like (that has no detailing just sparkles a lot) and decide to use that instead, that's when I have a problem, you're sacrificing all this detail and accuracy (especially for that costume cuz that's where ALL the detail is) either so it's 'prettier' or so you don't have to do as much work, either way, I think it's taking it too far. I mean, I understand wanting to make your costume look super pretty and all, but if the costume your making isn't suppose to be over the top, then don't go out of your way to MAKE it over the top ... does that make sense?
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Unread 03-28-2013, 07:10 PM   #29
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mangochutney, have my babies. Seriously.

saying what I meant in far fewer words since forever.
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Unread 03-28-2013, 08:08 PM   #30
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Honestly you need both but I tend to lean more toward creativity.
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