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To order or not to order...

So I've been kicking around the idea of ordering contacts from pinkyparadise.com. There's some lenses that I've been considering getting for a costume and I was wondering about the legality of ordering from there. I get the feeling that several people on here order from there since the name comes up commonly when other folks ask about what lenses to get for one cosplay or another. The thing that's got me worried is some recent talk about circle lenses not being legal in the U.S. or some such. I guess the biggest thing that's weighing on my mind about the whole thing is will I get in trouble for ordering circle lenses from pinkyparadise? May be I'm just over thinking it.
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You certainly won' get in trouble; circle lenses, ifirc, aren't FDA approved in the USA, so can't be sold WITHIN the USA. BUT, they're perfectly legal in numerous other countries (Korea, CHina, Japan, etc.) and are approved by each country's equivalent of the FDA. Part of that is that all contact lenses in the USA have to be ordered with a prescription online, a lot of Asian countries allow them to be sold cosmetically without. I'm not sure how legal it makes them to be shipped overseas, but a lot of places stick a label for something else to fool customs. Regardless, they do all make their way over to the USA fine. Long as you follow proper care and have had your eyes properly fitted for contacts, the risk of injury to your eye is low. And there's basically a 1 in 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000 chance that someone will go "Oh hey, she bought circle lenses for personal use from an overseas site and they're not FDA approved here! Let's arrest them!" ...yah. Long as they're not made of heroin I don't think you have a problem there. (Also, pinkyparadise DOES require you to give a prescription when ordering, even for plano.)
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I've worn contacts for years and between the ones that I have now and the ones I used to wear I can get a pretty good idea what I need to order. Sizing is usually on the box or the foil seal of the lens pack itself. You say that pinky requires a script when ordering? So do they actually contact your optometrist or what.
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I discussed the laws in the Contact Lens FAQ but it basically breaks down to:
- It is illegal for US sellers to sell circle lenses/non-USFDA approved lenses in this country.
- Nothing is said about it being illegal to buy them.
- Possible cons: You have no legal ground to stand upon if you have a problem with the lenses.
- I have not heard of a single case where buyers were punished, even the idiots who wind up in the news with damaged eyes because they shoved contacts in and did not know if they fit or how to handle and care for them.
- Sellers however can get shut down etc. This has happened to a number of places e.g. TokioShine (based in California) and MyCandyEyes (based in Florida), and there are more.

Anyway, the legal wording is that foreign companies are supposed to require you to send them a copy of your prescription and verify it, just like they do in this country with our companies. However, it is up to the selling entity to do or not do this. Most places do not "verify". You just choose the lenses you want, in the power you want, and they process and ship your order. PinkyParadise functions this way. Many of us have shopped with them and had no trouble whatsoever. I have had sellers declare that the parcel contained "contacts", "eye accessories", and "makeup" before so sometimes the sellers are creative. Even the packages that do say "contacts", the customs agents really do not have time to pick through individual parcels and determine whether said company went and formally verified your script with your eye doctor so, not much risk there. There are much "hotter" items they look for.
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Okay. I was just a little confused on the whole thing. Honestly, I have never ordered contacts online before and I wanted to go into it prepared. It's still entirely up in the air if I do but I want to be as prepared as possible just in case.
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