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ColossalCon Formal ball question!

Forgive me, but I wasn't sure where else I could post this and hope this is the right area.

Anyway, I'm going to ColossalCon this year(not my first con, but first time going to this one) and my friend and I plan to go to the formal ball. Now I was going over the rules and they look pretty strict, which I like because my last ball at Ohayocon was disappointing considering half the people their weren't in formal attire(didn't even try).

Now my friend is planning to go to the ball dressed in a Discord(MLP: FiM) fursuit. Now we are planning to give Discord a formal look, but I was wondering if fursuits are even allowed in the ball. The rules don't say that they aren't but they don't say they are either.

Does anyone here know/have past experience or should we just go ahead and email the con staff?


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The best advice I can give when you have specific questions about a convention and their rules is to ask the staff yourself.
Anything you get here will be non-definite and maybe more of a guess than anything.. If you ask them directly, you'll get a concrete answer and a staff member to back you up if they do indeed say yes.
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Once you get your answer, keep in mind that formal balls at cons can get to rather high temperatures (maybe not as high as the more club-like dances, but still pretty high, especially depending on how many people they pack into a room), so if your friend is allowed to go in a fursuit, be sure to keep your friend's physical comfort in mind as much as possible, and take heat into consideration. (I don't overheat easily, but I've gotten a bit overheated at Fanime's formal ball before, wearing a cotton halter-style lolita dress, which isn't a particularly warm item of clothing, especially compared to a fursuit! One year when the room was fairly small and packed with dancers, I had friends who had to leave because of the heat....hopefully ColossalCon doesn't have an undersized room, but it is something to keep in mind)

Once you get your answer from con staff (who, as AshofRebirth said, are going to be the only people who would know and be able to give a concrete answer), and if your friend is allowed to wear the fursuit, maybe come up with a back-up outfit, just in case the heat is too much.
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