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Unread 03-20-2013, 08:24 PM   #1
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Longer, Slimmer face?

I'm a bit on the chubby side, and my family has always had round faces so...I'm kinda like a rounded lego block. xD Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to make my face slimmer and longer. I've tried contouring, but I haven't noticed much of a difference. As for making my face longer, a lot of male characters (Especially from Kuroshitsuji)) have long, slim faces. Since my face is rounded, a can't make my face look that long normally. Is there a way with makeup that I can achieve that?

((Also if you could tell me how to make my eyes lined so the bottom waterline is flat like an anime characters I'd appreciate it //shot ))
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Contouring/highlighting is the only thing, unless you want to get prosthetics involved. I wouldn't worry about it, though.
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Styling your wigs a certain way can create the illusion that you have a longer face. I'm not an expert on hair styling and whatnot, but the longer your side bangs are, the longer your face could look. Short hair personally makes my face look really round and my face is round enough as it is lol. So for crossplay, I usually leave the sides of the wig alone or I cut them until they either pass my jawline or rest on top of it. This also helps cover up the side portions of your face so that from the front view, your face looks slightly longer.

Hope that made a bit of sense lol. Try experimenting ^_^
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I also have a rather chubby face, and recently, I have figured out a way to make it less so. Just keep one thing in mind; I am in no way a professional, so it'd be best to see what others say first before taking my advice.
(This only works with wigs) What I've done a few times is take some tape, place one end on the area near my ear and pull the tape upwards, placing the other end over the wig cap. I don't know if this is safe, but there is another method that seems to be. A few companies sell face lift tape, which some have an elastic band with tape on the two ends. The elastic band can be hidden fairly easy. The only problem that I see with these methods is that the tape needs to be concealed, so fairly long bangs are needed.
I hope that this helps, even if only a little.
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Scrittle is talking about a product used for face lifts. It's usually intend for older people was a sagging brow or drag queen to hive a high brow lift.

It king of neat but it doesn't slime the face really.

I find that wearing long wigs or long side pieces give the illusion of a longer face as well. I also highlight and contouring with matte powders to think out my cheeks and under my chin as well. I contour where the hallows of my check would be (I have a oblong face so my checks are round), the temples, under the chin but not the jaw line and the side of my nose. I don't touch my forehead at the would shorten my face same with contouring the jawline.

For male character I go a touch heavier on the contour to chisel my bone structure out a bit more. You can also do so much within the shade of you face and to get a more masculine look you want to emphasis your own structure rather then worry about that you don't have a long face.

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You won't ever be able to make a round face look 100% realistically long and slim (without some major surgery, that is), but contouring should help with the illusion. If you aren't noticing a difference, your contouring is probably either applied incorrectly or is not dark enough. Likely a combination of both, but I'm leaning more to the side of "not dark enough" here.

Ani_BEE gave some great suggestions on where/how to contour, so I'd follow those. You can also look up some tutorials.

As for how much you should contour/how dark it should be, keep in mind that contouring needs to be heavier than you think, especially when you are taking photos. You can feel like you are wearing a lot of makeup (especially if you aren't used to wearing makeup) and it may not register on camera at all. If you are going for a dramatic look, it will probably look like a scary amount of makeup in person. As long as you are okay with looking a little scary in person, it will look okay on camera. Practice with it before the con, take a photo of yourself or have someone take a photo of you, and see how you like the makeup, if it makes a difference or not. If not, go add more, take another photo, etc., until you are happy with the results. Then remember how much makeup you were wearing (and maybe take some close-ups so you can see the makeup as best as possible, though even at close range the camera still won't register as much makeup as the eye does). Go heavier than you think you should.

Also, if at all possible (say, during an actual photoshoot, but you can use some tricks while just posing in the halls, as well), play with angles and lighting. An obviously directional lighting will play in the natural contours of you face more, and you'll have to play with that with a photographer in order to get something you are satisfied with. Also, practice in the mirror and with your own camera at home with how to hold your face in order to make the shape look different. You might find that holding your face at an angle to the camera shows the roundness of your cheeks more and that facing the camera straight-on helps play up the contouring and the long side bangs on your wigs, but I'd try doing angles first to see what is most flattering. (Remember that your head also can move up and down, and holding it slightly up or slightly down might make a difference!) You'll just have to experiment with what looks best.

Here are some examples. I'm wearing what would look like, in person, a lot of contouring here. It's probably an acceptable level for street wear, though noticeable. However, unless you look closely, you can't really tell. (I think that my black eyeliner and lashes are the most visible against my pale skin and wig, but you can't see much of the contouring itself.) However, it does make a difference, since my face doesn't look totally flat and washed-out. I was going for a fresh-faced look here, since the character has a somewhat round face, large eyes, an innocent look, and doesn't appear to be wearing any cosmetics besides a bit of nude lipgloss. (In this photo, you can see that I'm wearing blush, but that shadow under my cheekbone is actually a shadow, not contour.)
In this photo, same costume, same day, because of the lighting, you can see a little more of my contour. I've made a map of it that you can see here, though it still isn't very noticeable, even though you'd probably find it a bit heavy in person.

This was taken later in the same day. You can also see the effects of lighting and a slightly different angle here, but I'm wearing VERY heavy contour, to the point where it is would not only be quite heavy in person, but it is noticeable beyond simply making my face look less flat in person. (I'm lucky enough to already have defined cheekbones and a good jawline, but in this costume, I wanted to really make my face sharp and angular, pretty much the opposite of the previous costume, so I added a lot of shadow to my nose, the hollows of my cheeks, and my jawline and chin so everything would be much sharper and pointier.) Compare to something like this older photo, before I started doing heavy contouring (back before I realized that I need a lot for it to show up!) and only have blush and a little highlight and shadow on my nose. Notice how much rounder my face looks? The makeup was still probably more than most people would wear in the streets.

err...sorry that all the examples I have are of me and not of someone with a round face, but since I know what I did and how heavy the makeup was, I know how to use it as an example.

tl;dr: Try heavier contouring, and try playing around with angles and lighting, since that can make a HUGE difference in the shape of your face. Contouring should probably always be heavier than you think it needs to be.
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Unread 02-11-2014, 10:35 PM   #7
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don't waste your time in make up because it's gives you a temporarily result. but you can make your face slimmer and thinner permanently then you can try face thin tool it give you a great result according to your requirement. it's not harmful for you and also reasonable compare to makeup.
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