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Arda Cady Wig Problem???

Hey guys, below I have attached some pictures as to the issues i'm experiencing with this wig. It was 50 dollars- around 60 once shipping and tax and everything was applied, so I definitely cannot afford to buy another one for this particular cosplay because of how expensive this one was. So this issue, i'm not sure if others are experiencing the same thing, but it needs to be resolved because it's not pleasant.
I'm having 2 issues with this wig.
Number one; the lace is cutting into my skin. It's sharp and very irritating to the skin on my forehead. I've just been wearing it for a few minutes at a time and when I take it off, my forehead is red and bothered. This is NOT pleasant and very painful. The lace seems to be curling up and cutting my skin instead of laying flat like it's supposed to. I first had the lace cut about an inch away from the hair and was experiencing this problem, so I cut it down shorter. Same thing. Now it's gotten to the point where I can't cut any further or i'll be cutting off the knots of hair.
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The second problem i'm experiencing is around the sideburn/ear area. The lace is loose and revealing of my hairline. Not to mention it just seems like it's there for no reason or purpose. I'm afraid to cut it off because I'm worried the wig will fall apart or it will look funny, but it gets in the way and just sits there. I've tried adhesive; gluing it down to my face with adhesive strips, but it doesn't stick to the lace/won't hold. Spirit gum is a very last resort because it doesn't react well with my skin and is a pain to get out/off.
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And to make matters worse, it slips. Even when it's held down with an adhesive strip like it is now, it just will not take.

So is anyone else experiencing these issues and if so, is there any way to fix it?
Please let me know, Thank you.

This is a very irritating factor of this wig and if others are experiencing it also and there is no way to fix it, I can't say i'll be shopping at Arda anymore.
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I have one of these and my issues with it are the same as yours. I could never get the front of it to stick to my forehead with toupee tape, so effectively had to hide it with a hat (the character wears the hat sometimes, anyway, but if I'd known the hairline wasn't going to work out, I sure wouldn't have bought a lacefront). I still buy arda products but a friend of mine told me that the lace they use on their lacefronts isn't really wig lace and is too stiff for a normal lacefront.

Real lacefront wigs are hella expensive, though, so I guess that's why this is a compromise in price, even though it's more expensive than a normal wig.

There may be "hacks" to fix these things but I never bothered.
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The only thing I can think of you doing is to try cutting back the wig and creating your own front to it. It probably wouldn't be worth your time but it's possible to make a lace front wig.
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Toupee tape don't do much for me so i glue down the edges of the lace too my head with Spirit Gum. Most lace front lace will irateness you skin from rubbing as they are plastic based. You can use latex glue instead (Duo adhesive) as spirit gum I know doesn't work for everyone. I can't use latex around my eye on the other hand so it trial and error finding out which glue works for a person. lol There is also Pros Aide Cream which is one I have not tired out yet for lace but it's the one adhesive I know of that does work for everyone as it's acrylic based.

You also lace front glue you can buy.

And there is a product call scalp protractors that is used for sensitive skin.

However you want to make sure you wig is in place and pinned to your real hair first as the latex can rip if the wig moves to much. I have this problem with ALL wigs so I use these to pin the wig to my hair for the past 5 years.
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Wig Prep

The side pieces you are seeing are the selvage of the lace fabric, you can clip those off so they don't irritate you. I know Arda is working on changing the lace to something more comfortable. Its a hard line between affordable lace and lace that is comfortable.

As far as slippage...You need to prep your hair for the wig. In the theatre we pin curl an actor's hair and then put a wig cap on. From there you can use no-ball hair pins to carefully pin straight through the lace into the front row of pincurls. This is the most effective way to prevent slippage.

For pincurling just curl you hair around your finger and press it flat to your head and then crisscross two bobbypins flat side up to hold the pincurl in place. Make a line across your hairline and throughout your hair to give yourself a nice anchored place to pin into. You can get the no-ball hair pins from Sally's, and I insist you use them because they won't ruin your lace like the regular hair pins will.

Source: 4 years of professional theatre work

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