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Unread 03-24-2013, 12:11 PM   #121
Major Idiot
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I went to the museum with my brother and I spotted a HUGE group of Bleach cosplayers at the park across the street.

Disappointed b/c my brother hates cosplayers, so I couldn't go talk to them.
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Unread 03-25-2013, 12:46 AM   #122
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why hate cosplay? hmm food court for me. I thought there was an anime con, but no they were just chillin and eating burgers.
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Unread 03-25-2013, 05:03 PM   #123
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I still haven't seen cosplayers at random places except during cons. Usually if it's a smaller con though, me and my friends are the random cosplayers that are at places far away from the event XD

This past weekend while going to a free college convention, we went out to eat about 15 minutes out from the con. Although it was sort of chilly outside, we had the windows down and the music up while driving around. We went to Noodles and Company and got some weird looks in there XD One of my friend's friend works at an Ulta store, and I for whatever reason thought it would be fun to stop there even though she's not into cosplay. Also thought my friend's friend hated me although I have only met her like 4 times. The weird looks from people around the store was priceless! Not only that, one of my friends was dressed as Stocking from Panty & Stocking, and my friend's friend helped her do make up with colors that matches her wig ^.^ One of the more unusual places I have cosplayed to recently, lol
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Unread 03-26-2013, 11:22 AM   #124
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I've encountered cosplayers twice in Chinese resturaunts. Also once in a supermarket.
I've also been at cosplay meets randomly in the middle of towns and met other cosplayers from entirely different meets though and that's always sorta weird.
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Unread 03-26-2013, 12:05 PM   #125
Lone Wolf
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Spotted one at a train station in London
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Unread 03-28-2013, 06:10 PM   #126
Sylph of Time
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This is more of an awkward cosplay sighting. I was cosplaying America from Hetalia at Walmart, and when I was in the cosmetics I saw this guy who looked EXACTLY like England. Short messy blond hair, green eyes, old looking vest and shirt, tan slacks, and huge eyebrows. And here I am, a huge fan of USUK, blushing my head of and babbling nonsense as I was shoved against him in the checkout line. >.< I'm not sure if he WAS in cosplay or if he just looked EXACTLY like England but...
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Unread 04-03-2013, 01:36 PM   #127
There are No-Limits
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Yeah, usually me Dx

Im often seen walking around forests, roads and public areas all the time
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Unread 04-03-2013, 01:56 PM   #128
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I've only seen a cosplayer outside of a convention area once..Last year on Halloween, the local radio station throws this huge Halloween party thing at the Civic Center. It's mostly just normal people getting drunk and chilling and rocking out to music, but I decided to go anyway because I had nothing else to do. I dressed as Princess Celestia since it was easy and somewhat recognizable (even if people don't know MLP, I can still say "Oh I'm a winged unicorn" or whatever). While I was there, I saw someone dressed as Taokaka from Blazblue, which was awesome! I hardly ever see cosplays from that game to begin with, and my area simply doesn't have a lot of cosplayers in it. (Small city in a rural area). I complimented her on her cosplay but she seemed like she was enjoying herself with whoever she went with, so I didn't bother her too much. If she is on here though and is reading this...You're awesome!

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Unread 04-03-2013, 02:10 PM   #129
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Originally Posted by Mogami Kyouko View Post

Also, no one recognized me to my understanding, but I've never mentioned this so I need to throw it in. The weirdest place I ever cosplayed was when I took the SAT dressed as Ciel Phantomhive.
Ahaha I did a similar thing! I took my history final in 11th grade dressed as Kikyo from InuYasha, because as soon as I was done, we were all leaving for a convention. My friends were already waiting on me to finish the final so I didn't want to take longer by having to put my costume on later.

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Unread 04-04-2013, 06:42 AM   #130
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For me it was the public pool next to luna park in sydney. I spotted while i was on the top of the ferris wheel so i couldn't see their costumes that clearly
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Unread 04-04-2013, 11:35 PM   #131
kotoumi overlord
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Our school set a time at Lunch to film a Harlem Shake video (I just laughed) and allowed everyone to change into non-uniform clothing for the 10 minutes of filming.

I wasn't actually present at the filming but I did end up giving in and watching the video later and... I saw it. I saw a Lightning cosplay from FF13. Some girl had brought her cosplay to school to do the Harlem Shake in. Amen.

On me doing weird things, me and my friends walked like 10 years (read: like 1 hour) across the city at 11pm on a Friday night to get dinner and then we went and saw a movie. We were all dressed up in cosplay and SO many people gave us weird stares. That's the closest I've ever gotten to something like that though.
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Unread 04-04-2013, 11:47 PM   #132
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Yesterday at school, I saw someone wearing a Naruto jacket and headband XD I don't know if this counts though, my college is full of kids like this.
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Unread 12-10-2013, 04:26 PM   #133
That guy
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Tomorrow I'll be flying dressed as Izaya. I'll be spending four hours in an airport waiting for my connecting flight-- Dressed as Izaya. So if someone has a funny story about Izaya in a North Carolina airport, that's me.

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Unread 06-19-2015, 07:12 AM   #134
Otaku Gunso
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About 5 years ago I spotted a Gilbert cosplayer from pandora hearts in walmart of all places. I remember blogging about her as well (: Man I can't believe it was that long ago xD

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Unread 06-19-2015, 07:31 AM   #135
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Me and my sister took part in a exchange student program, and we went to Germany for a month. We went to a little mall in Leipzig and we saw 3 cosplayers in the cafe area XD There was a Shephiroth and i forget who the rest were (this was 9 years ago lol)

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