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Concealing your Eyebrows Help

I'm aware there are many topics about eyebrows within the forum, but this page talks about new methods for different colored, thinner eybrows, for each one I have tried never worked.

To get straight to the point, at one point I want to cosplay as Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler and Itachi Uchiha from Naruto within the next year. I'm searching for help earlier within the year due to the fact that I've taken a whole year to attempt changing my eyebrow color and thinning them out. Here are the methods I've used, but so far none of them worked.

1) Glue stick Method: This was the first method I used, where you glue down your eyebrows and put concealer over them. However this method did not work, for even with layers of glue and many attempts. The eyebrows stay down, but the concealer doesn't seem to want to go actually on the brow hairs, they slip through them or it won't show on my dark eyebrows.

2.) Eyelash Glue Method: This is pretty much exactly like the Glue Stick Method, though with eyelash glue since it should hold better. The same exact problem happened.

3) Soap Method: I've seen this off a video on Youtube, you basically get soap, take layers of it off and set them on your eyebrows until covered, and try to avoid any bumps on them. Then you take foundation and cover the soap with it, then when it hardens, you draw your eyebrows over your new skin. Yet when I used this method, the soap quickly got cracked and began peeling off in small chunks.

Is there another way to fix my eyebrows? My eyebrows are a dark brown, and quite thick. I've got comments before, talking about how I should dye my eyebrows, but I just want this for a 2-3 day convention situation, for it would look awkward if I had bleach blonde eyebrows and brown hair.

Thank you!
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If you're trying to hide your eyebrows, eyebrow plastic and a sealer/liquid latex seems like the way to go. When you're finished hiding them, you can then draw them back on in any color/thickness you need. There's better instructions in this thread: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=92293
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It also very much depends on the makeup you're applying after flattening the brows. You want a heavier, theatrical-quality makeup that has a higher amount of pigment. Most drugstore foundations are designed to create a sheer look and will not cover adequately.
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Pros-Aid... video showing how here- the girl has lighter brows, but I use this and I have massive bushy black brows...
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If they're bushy and you want them thinner, you could always go to a salon that specializes in thinning/shaping brows. It's something you can learn to do yourself too, with tweezers.

As for them being dark, if you end up bleaching them, you can always use a dark brow mascara for the next little while to darken them back to your original shade while they grow back in. Yes, it's overcomplicated to the point of absurdity but it would work.
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