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I never said it isn't that bad or related to my experiences, I also never derailed the thread. You in fact are the one who did, stating I wouldn't understand as i'm not a female which I did respond to.

I said to try and not let it get to you if at all possible and even mentioned that doing so is not easy or even possible. I also talked about wight loss as she has posted in the fitness area of the forum, and she talked about going to the gym and it not working (hence she is presumably trying to loose wight), but not her diet. Hence looking into one's diet is something she should be doing.

Telling or suggesting to people they are overweight that it is not an issue from a health perspective is not good advice. My suggesting of eating healthy food is always good advice, as for bullying it is complicated but the less it hurts you the better of you will usually be. Of course emotions and felling cannot be controlled, but there are things you can do to mitigate it to some extent.

As for dieting in terms of starving yourself, I agree with you completely, that is not a good thing for the body no matter what age you are. But I said that in my first post in this thread. So i'm not sure why your being hostile on this matter?

As for the OP. I hope you come to a solution that you are happy with regarding you weight loss, and I hope people stop bullying you whether you do or do not loose weight.

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Originally Posted by Indefatigable View Post
Some people make a hobby out of criticizing women's bodies, in cosplay and in other forums, as if we're supposed to care whether we fit some random troll's idea of sexy. (As if male geeks go out of their way to look good for us at conventions!) You don't exist to please them and should give them about as much regard as you do to mosquitoes.
That is the best argument I have seen so far xD Saved for the future!

I have to agree with everyone here; don't read the YouTube comments, it's going to get stuck in your head and drag you down. Even if nothing was directly related to me, it still made me feel a LOT better when I finally downloaded an addon for firefox which hid all the comments on youtube for me. And 4chan? Just don't ever, ever, ever go to those forums at all. There's nothing there worth all the negativity that festers there.

Someone else said that they got called too thin, and that, if anything, proves that people are desperate to find something to bash on. We have a society that promotes very slim bodies, and when people actually look like that, they get called names as well. TL;DR: Nothing will ever be good enough for everyone, and if it is, it gets bashed for being too good. So don't try in the first place. Just picture for yourself how YOU want to be, and work towards that
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