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Originally Posted by Mikonomeian View Post
When cosplaying as a male character..(if you do) do you bind your chest to look the part or don't bind at all? I'm going as a male character but I'm not sure where to get a good chest binder..any suggestions?
I would say it depends on your size, the costume style, and the character look.

I am a 38D, 28waist, 36hips, so kind of "top heavy" and I have never bound. But than again, I tend to crossplay really girly looking kimono wearing dudes (all of them from InuYasha - Naraku, Jukotsu, Miroku, Sesshomaru, etc). When worn historically accurate (including correct under garments - meaning with a juban and no bra - and several kimono one on top of the other) a kimono is a binder in it's own right, thus no binding is required, because just wearing/wrapping/folding a kimono properly does a good job of flattening any curves out and filling in any curves in.

I can't comment on other (non-kimono) costumes though. I suppose there are several that could be quite troublesome. I know if I was going to bind, that I would use those nice soft self sticking leg wrappers made for horses and sold anywhere you buy feed grain and horse supplies. I've used them for bandaging and such and they are wonderful because they don't stick to your skin or your hair, so no pulling. Plus they are washable and reusable and come in dozens of colors so you could match them to your costume so they wouldn't show through the fabric.
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Originally Posted by EelKat View Post
I know if I was going to bind, that I would use those nice soft self sticking leg wrappers made for horses and sold anywhere you buy feed grain and horse supplies.
Heheh, VetWraps. But I suspect you'd have the same problem with those as people have described with ace bandages, where if you use them for binding you can't breathe.
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I've used vetwrap (coplast) before. The problem is they slip very easily - over the day, as they loosen, they get thinner along their axis and therefore have less grip. It ended up slipping under my breasts and accentuating my chest unfortunately. I don't recommend it.

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hmmm have never used chest binders... I am not top heavy and also not pear shaped... anyway... when I got fitter I lost weight and body fats .. and when the body fats go.. so does boob size...it did flatten out a bit... so no... I have never used binders.. I think I can't breathe in them.
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A binder that fits is possible to breathe in, they're made so that that is possible.

There are people who are naturally breast sizes like "28G" and "26H" - so no, it's not always the case that if you are thin that you are going to have small breasts - it's just not true at all ! Not everyone will lose fat in that area when they lose weight and some might lose it in other places first - although, yes, some people do gain and lose weight to easily to and from the breasts.

Picture of a thin woman with large breasts (safe for work, just showing a modest bra and comparison of how the right size makes a difference). 28HH - that means she has a small rib-cage - even if she starved herself she's not going to lose any of that breast tissue without seriously endangering her health because she's already thin !

I'm just posting this so that people who might be struggling this can get a better idea. If you have a large bust diet and exercise might make some difference for you, but it might not make as much as you would like and you should be aware of that - I know that people have done unhealthy things to try to lose breast fat but it just doesn't always work the way you want it to.

And also to promote the idea that large busts are natural, even on smaller women. Girls with large breasts can be harassed and demeaned for something they don't have any control over - and I'm not just talking "cat calls" - but other girls telling them that they're stupid. My mom has a student with a large bust and other girls would say nasty things about her behind her back and were cruel even when she got into a prestigious college, saying "how could that bimbo get in ?" - when her breasts really don't have anything to do with her intelligence and capabilities.

idk, body image n stuff
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