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Unread 04-28-2013, 07:53 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by Monocle_Complex View Post
1: What was your first time cosplaying in public like?
My experience was neither bad, nor was it good. As I more or less expected the general public around me was curious, though they maintained a distance met with a few stares my way. Still, I was nervous. Even though there are tons of sites filled with excellent stories about people sincerely curious about cosplay I was still focusing on the 10% that told tales about awful experiences that they'd had with people.

I was surprised how indifferent people actually were to it.

2: Whats the weirdest experience you've had while cosplaying in public?
I've never actually had an experience that could've been dubbed weird [considering the circumstance that I'm dressed up in cosplay to begin with.] So I will just say one of my most rememberable.

This actually happened a few weeks ago at Anime Detour. Myself, my boyfriend and a friend of mine after some deliberation had decided to convene to the nearby family restaurant for some food when we started getting hungry. I had expected that maybe with the con going on there would have been a consistent flood of cosplayers coming and going that day. But really-- it was just us in there, and everyone that was there had seemed to have been either workers out for lunch or seniors hanging out with friends. Again, there were curious stares, though they had maintained a distance away to more or less gawk at us whiles we ate. Completely understandable, cosplay is meant to be looked at.

It was toward the end of our meal however that an older gentleman had joined us. Grandfather age certainly--- but young in spirit. He took a seat next to us.
"Okay you guys, you've got my interest. I was just wondering why you're in costumes. Is there a party going on somewhere?"

He was genuinely interested by the tone of his voice. We explained that there was a convention across the street going on and that yearly people attend it in costume to roam around the hotel and partake in the activities there. It was only then he laughed and said he dresses in costumes as well. [Dressed up as pirates with his friends as it was, and biked in marathons to do charities for MS.] It was probably one of the most positive reactions I got from cosplaying. And he was very kind and interested in what we were doing. It was a sharing experience for us both. I was sort of sad to see him go. He'd asked if there was any way for him to get tickets so he could go as well but the convention had met it's attendant capacity months prior.

3: What should I expect?
To expect reactions you have to understand the nature of cosplay. We wear costumes for a reason; we wear them so that they can be looked at, admired and sometimes judged by the critical eye. Still, the primary nature for this all stems for an amount of attention that we seek.

Be aware that outside the convention these rules still apply. If you are in costume people will still be looking at your cosplay. Chances are they'll be more surprised than con-goers, because it breaks the repetition of everyday life. You're going to get stared at.

Despite the notion that there are jack-wads around every corner there really aren't. These sort of instances only make up a small percentage of your cosplaying experience. It's very rare that you will end up running into those sort of people. And if you do-- the best thing to do is ignore them. Don't give them what they want and bark back. Not because you're incapable of retaliation, but as a representative of the cosplaying community you're attempting to provoke reactions, not responses.

We already walk a fine line with a lot of people that don't understand cosplay. We should show them that our community is made up of logical, civil people. Not a clan of weebos chomping at the bit that screams and cries anytime our honor is sullied.
Okay. But I'm really just doing this for fun, not to bark at people or provoke reactions. ^^ Thanks for the answer



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Originally Posted by Amanita View Post
I remember what things were like when I joined this forum- there was a rather vocal "Don't cosplay in public" contingent, and some of them could get rather self righteous on the topic. Saying that those of us who cosplayed in public were making cosplayers look stupid, that merely being out in public in a costume was tantamount to "being a pest..wearing a bikini to a children's graduation ceremony..as bad as a group of teenagers taking over the street corner you live on and having an all afternoon dance party".

For what it's worth, I'm glad that the mood seems to be changing.

I guess my first time cosplaying in public was at FalCon in 1997, the first convention I ever went to. Sooner or later I needed food, so I went out in search of it. I got some curious people asking what was up, I just showed them my con badge and explained what was going on.

Weirdest experience?- I cosplayed as a Twi'lek Jedi at our local Buskerfest one year. Somebody came up behind me and petted my Lekku (Head tentacles for the non Star Wars fans) I turned around, and there were two ladies who asked if they could take my picture.

What to expect? You'll definitely get people looking. Sure, some people might say stupid things like "They might be rapists" as in the above example. (I might have said something there- that's an INCREDIBLY offensive thing to say"
But people in general can be surprisingly open minded if given the chance, and you'll get lots of curious types.
Cosplaying in public used to be highly discouraged like that? Dang O_o Lol, but yeah, thanks for the answer!



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Outside of going to places to eat or stores during convention time, I have never cosplayed in public. Although a few of those times eating or going to stores, the places were quite far from where the cons were held XD

I would probably cosplay in public depending on if anyone else was doing it with me, and depends on the cosplay...
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Yeah, there are some cosplays I would avoid doing in public- Anything that looks a lot like military combat gear or law enforcement might be best avoided, likewise huge and bulky cosplays, really revealing things, or outfits with a strong gore or gross-out factor. (Unless it was zombie walk time)
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Full Gloom
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1: What was your first time cosplaying in public like?
It was... met with mixed reaction. I go to an art school so it wasn't very frowned upon, also I wore lolita wear all day before there for a theatre performance so I guess people didn't think it was strange. The most fuss I got was about the wig, some jerk-face asked "Is it your real hair?" and attempted to pull it off multiple times. -__-
2: Whats the weirdest experience you've had while cosplaying in public?
I guess when we went to the park later and a whole bunch of little kids came and kept asking if I was a boy or a girl. Gosh, its like they never saw a girl with short blue hair before. XD
3: What should I expect?
Expect some awkward moments and looks from people, but if you're with a group and you try to have fun it will be fun!
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I've never really cosplayed in public, but I will this summer. I have a photoshoot coming up that's going to be downtown where a lot of people usually are.

Also I really want to go to my University's campus and take pictures because it has some really nice areas. I'll probably get seen by some people I know. XD
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1. My first time cosplaying in public...... Was pretty awesome
I was Yuki Cross with my Zero Kiryu cosplayer and we were out in the snow :3 It was pretty empty out but we got some stares from people in cars, people looked amazed?

2. Weirdest experience? Lets see.. I was Miku Hatsune with two pikachu's and the pikachu's kept getting kids hug them as they were fluffy, I had my uncles dog recognise me and a woman enquire, in a nice way, what we were doing. It was awesome as we never were asked questions before.

3. What to expect...good question, it really depends. Besides the odd stares and some people talking about you,not much? (The people talking is always going to happen but believe me its never always bad, i always hear positivity) You could get people asking questions, I did.
Occasionally you could get the slightest bit of verbal hate (I did from some people who knew me, but a good comeback will always resolve the problem (Remember to be happy, being yourself, never let people change you for who you are ))

Hope that helps people

Remember cosplay should be fun! People can't change you, be what you want to be!
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Rori Z
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Hrm! Well, I enjoy the steam punk fashion, so I wear that in public when I can. However, because I tend to work with either animals, children or messy art supplies, I typically just find myself wearing jeans and a shirt. So, the few times I've worn my outfits out in public have been neat.

The first time was in middle school. This was really the first time I gathered the guts to wear my gear out in public with my friends. I was wearing bits of my oriental steampunk costume casually because why the hell not? Any who, it involved a sixty inch long neon purple wig, a vest, a kimono like shirt, geta sandals, slacks and a bunch of fun gear accessories and I adored it. I think I probably looked really surreal to a lot of people at the mall. I'm from Brownsville, Texas, and we don't exactly have a lot of cosplay action down here, mostly due to the heat. However, I'm lucky to be in such an open minded town. Most people didn't care, and I was hanging with my friends who didn't care either. They were into the visual kei scene, so we just looked like a bunch of weirdos~<3 We got a few people asking to take pictures because of how surreal we looked just hanging out in the mall. A few kids asked to touch our outfits, mostly the spikes on my friend's outfits and the gears on mine.

The weirdest comment?
Well, I have gotten a few of them. I have a fairly flat chest (I lie but I enjoy binding it) and an androgynous face. So, a lot of times, girls would approach me thinking I was some foreign guy and try to flirt with me, usually when I wasn't wearing the freaky wig! Any who, when they realized I was a girl, the reactions were pretty funny.

What you should expect..
Erm, just expect some awkward stares? That's really all you can be sure of. I've had middle schoolers try being cool and attempting to pick fights with me, but I'm pretty good at trolling them... Mostly, as long as some middle schoolers don't decide to try and act cool, you'll be fine. I would certainly not suggest cosplaying in public alone for your first time. Also, it helps if you have someone with you taking pictures. Then people think you're a designer of some sort and it suddenly becomes really cool to them.
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Unread 05-02-2013, 02:30 AM   #24
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My first time cosplaying in public was probably when I left the convention I had been at (my first one ever!) to go grab some food from around the corner. I was a little nervous, but it wasn't too bad. Most of the time, people just stare or ask you why you're dressed up. I've had very few rude comments - most of the ones I have received were along the lines of the ever-original "It's not Halloween." Truthfully, any time I am outside of a convention in cosplay is either to attend, leave, grab food, or something I may need from a nearby store. (And then of course there was the incident where I got a flat tire and got to stand around an auto repair shop for 2 hours dressed as Sakura Haruno, LOL.)

I'll be honest with you - I don't get the draw of cosplaying outside of conventions "just for fun" (aside from doing a photoshoot.) However, if you feel like you just have to do it ...be yourself, do your thing, but be respectful - you ARE dressed strangely and people ARE going to judge you. You'll be making it a lot easier on yourself if you're polite and well-mannered.

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Unread 05-02-2013, 11:24 AM   #25
an actual princess
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I used to cosplay a lot outside of conventions, but for a few years now, I've been just doing it for photoshoots and conventions.

1: What was your first time cosplaying in public like?
Awkward. People stared, took pictures without permission.

2: Whats the weirdest experience you've had while cosplaying in public?
Never had a 'weird' experience before.

3: What should I expect?
Stares. Questions.
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1: What was your first time cosplaying in public like?

First time was this FYE meetup, they seem to stop having these. Really it was uneventful. I did leave FYE and did some other shopping. I got some stares but no one said anything.

2: Whats the weirdest experience you've had while cosplaying in public?

The time this lady came up to us and started talking about Jesus. She was polite about it but it's pretty weird to just come up to strangers and start talking about the "lord and savior."

3: What should I expect?

I say some staring is to be expected. I would recommend tamer cosplays for public. These days I usually wear Tohma to public meetups. I don't have any photos but it's completely made of regular clothes and the wig is a natural color so it doesn't turn as many heads.
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I have cosplayed in public a couple of times. Once it was when my friend and I were heading home from a convention on a Friday. We stopped at a Walmart because I needed to get some stuff to work on my cosplay last minute. When we walked in a woman asked us if we were doing a scavenger hunt xD No one was rude about it..though it helped that it wasn't very busy since it was late at night.

Another time I was by myself. It was Sunday and I was going to Quiktrip to get some breakfast on my way to a convention. I think I may have gotten an odd stare or two, but again, no one made any rude remarks so all was good! My costume wasn't that odd though, so that helped. Pretty much the only weird thing was that I had horns on. I was wearing a wig but to the untrained eye it probably just looked like my real hair since it was a natural color. I also went to an Arbys with a friend one time in costume. It was close to the con, so they'd probably gotten other cosplayers coming in. I've had good luck with cosplaying in public so far (lol I probably just jinxed it by saying that).

You can expect some stares, maybe some talking behind your back (but let's face it, people have been known to do this whether you're in costume or not), and possibly a rude remark or two. I personally haven't had anyone be rude to me while I was cosplaying in public, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. If in the odd case it does happen, just shrug it off and keep doing your thing! Don't let one bad comment ruin your good time Have fun!
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Usually when I cosplay outside a con, it's to get food during the weekend and people in the area are usually pretty cool and like to ask about what's going on. The only time outside a con was when my college roomie and I wore our Code Geass ballgowns to a campus club event. We decided we were seniors and thus had zero cares about what people thought and we'd spent so much time, effort and money on these outfits that we were gonna take any opportunity to wear them. It was a really good night and we got some funny photos

Weirdest experience...nothing major so far. But I do have my dad helping me with my in-progress Cabin Pressure outfit, and he said he'll pay me to wear the finished hat (this is my ref pic: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-gE_a9HXyIm.../s1600/158.jpg) with a lemon attached the next time I go flying with a certain family friend. So...future weird experience?

Expectations: staring mostly. People talking ("people do little else"). Also depends on where you are in public. Restaurants near a con center will be pretty accepting, small-town grocery stores not-so-much.
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For me friend's birthday a few weeks ago, we decided to all dress fancy and go to a restaurant. I thought I'd cosplay the 11th Doctor because why not. I didn't feel weird (since most of the other guys wearing suits, I fit in pretty well) except for the short time that I was wearing the fez. I didn't really get any weird looks or comments, although at the bus stop one of my friends said that a guy had told him that he liked my jacket and "thought I looked like someone from Doctor Who".
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Originally Posted by FluffyCoatIzaya View Post
i cosplayed at my mall before. I had a weird experience once. There was an event at a store so, i was in a group. So, these random people asked us what we were doing. So told them then i hear there mom tell them to stay away from us because we might be rapists. In my head i was like 0-0. I think i was the only one in the group that heard them it was weird.
Heard someone call me that too back during winter... ( While i may have not looked exactly regular at the moment, I was wearing a jacket ( black ), a hat ( black ) and a face mask which was black with a skeleton smile look on it. ), I honestly think it was acceptable considering it was freezing like [Insert witty pun]. When i heard someone say stay away from him he might be a rapist.

I am thinking to myself... There is a specific "look" of a rapist...?
Honestly anyone could be a rapist i doubt anybody specifically looks like one, While they may not look normal i am certain people don't even know what a rapist would look like...
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