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Unread 04-30-2013, 10:07 PM   #1111
That guy
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21 years old, but for all my world experience, I may as well be twelve. I'm a community college graduate and a bagger at a grocery store. Not much about me stands out. I dress like a high school kid who doesn't want to be noticed at the back of the classroom.

I like to think of myself as easygoing and helpful. I get a sick thrill from solving problems. I can be an asshole. A quiet one. My personality is contradictory and I don't think any further explanation is necessary. My talents/traits/hobbies/whatever have been compared to magic cookie bars. Just dump everything into a pan and bake at 350 until the top is crispy.

What else? I have a dog (Jordi, standard poodle, cream, 6 years) and I refuse to pay for a haircut. I have a razor, I can do it myself. Band Aids are ten cents a pop. Even if I cut every finger I'll still be ahead, and it'll look how I want it anyway.

facebook page // nh cosplay events
Next event: Free Comic Book Day

Actively constructing : Cloud, Zexion, Lie Ren
Back burner : Absol gijinka, Soren, Vaati
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prinny dood!
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im a pretty sarcastical logical jokester, probbly top1-5% @ everything i do, i hang out in vent with some bros i met online and real life friends, i prefer to stay indoors and go on comp (who doesnt nowadays) though i do go out every blue moon to hang out, i'm 23, a CS major, will prob grad by 26, though im planning to retire before then

edit: o ya and no pets since no one in our family wants to clean poop, though i'd love a corgi (or an alpaca keke)

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Unread 04-30-2013, 11:29 PM   #1113
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I am a chemist by day! Mainly analytical.. none of that synthetic stuff lol.

Got a Masters in Chemistry, love to play RPG games, I have a cat that's a dog... I crochet geeky shit. and I totally sound like an old 27 yr old woman who totally put 26 at first because I forgot how old I was for a second...

I have a pretty dark sense of humor sometimes though sometimes not on purpose.., but in the end I laugh at everything and am pretty easy going. Love to go out and hang out with friends, but also cherish any time I get to stay inside just watching TV and laying around.
The Little One
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Unread 05-01-2013, 03:24 AM   #1114
Professional Catgirl :)
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I work at an animal rescue center by day, but by night transform into my alter ego of gaming/costuming/artist gal (not necessarily in this order, and sometimes attempting all three at once) geekery

Mid 30s with a degree in Biochemistry and a further degree in Environmental Science and disproving the old adage that you're *either* artistic or scientific. Silly sense of humour which doesn't go at all with my liking of gothic music and fashion.

That's me in a nutshell. Though it would be a pretty big nutshell to fit all the diverse things in. And probably a black nutshell with frilly lace trim
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Unread 05-01-2013, 10:37 AM   #1115
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I'm a 21 year old college student majoring in visual arts and biology. I work as a Mcdonalds manager which allows me to have a wonderfully flexible schedule to fit the needs of college and whatever convention I want to go to.

I frequently get told that I look like I'm 15, people generally don't believe me when I say otherwise.
I'm introverted and prefer to keep a quiet lifestyle. I only have a couple friends plus an amazing boyfriend, however I am starting to branch out my social circle a tiny bit.

If you've never heard of the MBTI theory or the Meyer-Briggs test, then you should look it up because it's pretty much the most accurate personality test out there. It types me as INTJ and I have to agree with just about all of it. Anything anyone would want to know personality wise about me is on there.

As far as hobbies go I like anything artistic. Drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, metal working, cosplay, etc... most of my time is spent devoted towards making new things cosplay related or just for my own enjoyment.
Other things I love doing though are reading, swimming, wake boarding, camping, hanging out with friends, and of course, surfing the internet
Find me at:
Deviant art

Upcoming cosplays:
- Kyoko Sakura - Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Finished!
- Raven - Teen Titans - Finished!
- Dragon Kid - Tiger & Bunny - In progress - to be finished sometime next year
- Crysta - Ferngully - To be decided
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Unread 05-01-2013, 12:53 PM   #1116
Bucky take the wheel
Join Date: Apr 2012
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Zeo is a 19 year old high school graduate who is currently studying French. I'd also love to learn how to speak Russian. I love sports; especially hockey and baseball (go Habs, Leafs and Jays). I love travelling; and wanting to go to Greece someday and visit Italy and France with my sister someday too.
I love reading and listening to music (who doesn't?). If you were to hang to me, i'm a bit shy and quiet at first but if I get to know you better i'll open up and sometimes I get hyper.
I usually get mistaken for a 12 year old since i'm short for my age and I don't really look my age -3-. That's pretty much it, so yeah nothing special.
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Unread 05-01-2013, 01:09 PM   #1117
That one cosplayer
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When I'm not cosplaying I am a 23 year old Quality Assurance tester, trying to work my way up into the game industry. I work at a mobile gaming company called Glu. I have a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts and Animation. I live with other industry professionals at the moment, like a programmer from kixeye and my bf who is a customer support guy for namco.

Other than cosplay my hobbies include collecting both manga and tiny petite figures, also writing. I am not a social butterfly but my friends who are also big title names at animation/game companies usually gather for mexican nights where we bring out our inner mexican. (Those have turned into cosplay working nights at the moment). I'm pretty easy going and a good listener from what I am told. I'm pretty organized and end up helping my friends manage their money (I guess that means I'm trust worthy).

I come from a huge family, I have 6 siblings so I'd say I'm a family woman. I do everything in my power to help out when my family needs me. My family always comes first before any luxuries. Other than that... my moms friends keep asking me if I have finished school. (They always mean High school) I've been told I look 16.
Cosplay plans for 2014/15:
Ruby Alt Outfit..........Progress 100%
Ruby New Years.........Progress 100%
Korra New Blue Outfit..Progress 100%
Secret Cosplay 2........Progress 0%
Korra Green Outfit.......Progress 0%

Conventions for 2015:
NorCal Winter (unofficial), Sac Anime Winter, AOD, Fanime

Contact me: Tumblr, DA, FB Fan Page, Skype: Naiagu

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Unread 05-01-2013, 04:35 PM   #1118
The Master
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Simple I'm a Homo Sapien
Check out my photographs at,
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Unread 05-03-2013, 06:00 PM   #1119
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Posts: 57
I'm a part time Operating Technician at a local CBS news station and a student assistant in a New Media class at a Vocational School. I tend to wear dresses with belts, scarves, leggings, knee high boots and hats, though sometimes I dip into my old skinny jeans, geek shirt, converse and cardigan high school self. I'm all over the place haha! I play Dungeons and Dragons every Friday and I like venturing to comic book stores and buying out the place. During my free time I watch things like Doctor Who or Supernatural, live in tumblr and play numerous video games.
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Unread 05-04-2013, 01:01 AM   #1120
Crossplay is awesome
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Outside of cosplay (or in my case, crossplay) I'm just a 30 year old who works in a warehouse and generally prefers jeans and a tshirt 9 times out of 10. I'm also a big sports fan (Angels, Lakers, Ducks, Broncos) and enjoy going to games when I can. I like to hang out with friends as much as possible, you know nothing special
Twitter: @otakuforlife
Blog: The Casual Otaku

FB: The Casual Otaku

Anime Expo 2016 cosplay plans (subject to change)

Day 0: Casual maid Maki Nishikino (Love Live)
Day 1: Mikuru Asahina/Yuki Nagato(?) (TMoHS - summer uniform)
Day 2: You Watanabe (Love Live Sunshine - school uniform)
Day 3: Ami Mizuno (Sailor Moon - winter uniform)
Day 4: Casual maid cosplay or Yui Hirasawa (K-ON - summer uniform)
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Unread 05-04-2013, 01:34 AM   #1121
Registered User
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Just your average asian school girl about to graduate Most of the time I'm stressing about getting into college(yes college not university I'm not that smart). I talk about cosplay and anime a lot. Big big BIG Canucks fan. I love watching and playing hockey. Let's see I perform in my school's productions and I play the ukulele. Christian and darn proud of it. In my free time I watch/rewatch animes and play/replay video games.
Cons: AE:Akimatsuri(TBA)

Cosplay Page
Cosplays 2014:
Kirito-Gun Gale Online 30%
Akihito(dance version)-KNK 90%
Akihito(school version)-KNK 0%
Veigar-League of Legends 0%
Zabuza-Naruto 0%
Hikaru Hitachiin-OHHC 80%
Haru(Fem version)-Free! 10%
Ping-Mulan 30%
Sandwich-kun-SAO 10%
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Unread 05-04-2013, 10:37 AM   #1122
Red Princess
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I'm a 25-year-old state worker, working for the Department of Corrections. Friends with people who once and a while parties and clubs, who used to be a binge drinker but stopped. I'm a Hmong female who never had a romantic relationship (at least they don't count). I am a person who loves Asian history and their cultures, am fluent (in different ways) of four languages (including English) and proud of my Shaman religion and traditional cultures (even though some of the traditional things can piss me off, I'm still proud of where my history and culture came from). I'm just a girl who loves to play video games, watch anime and read manga, loves photography and nature, go biking, go fishing, go hiking and camping, adores animals, and loves to watch Wu Xia films as much as she can. A sister to four other sisters and four brothers, the rebel of the siblings, the loudest person you'll probably ever hear in a long while --that's me when I'm not cosplaying. : )
Anime Expo 2016 Cosplay Line up:
Hakuouki Shisengumi Genderbend Souji Okita -- Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Lan Fan -- Dynasty Warriors 8 Zhang Chunhua -- Fire Emblem Fates Sakura

Cosplayer and photographer. Follow me at my DA, twitter, or my tumblr!
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Unread 05-04-2013, 11:46 AM   #1123
Registered User
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Hmm, let's see. When not doing cosplay and con stuff, I'm a 27-year-old working for the Canadian government. A Muslim man who's not religious and loves to party with friends.
"Don't be afraid to move forward slowly; only be afraid of standing still."
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Unread 05-04-2013, 11:55 AM   #1124
Make All The Things!
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Posts: 7,160
Let's see, I'm 21 and currently finishing up my junior year of undergrad in psychology. I'm pretty quiet and introverted except with friends when I get more open and loud. I'm pretty sarcastic and I tend to overthink things a lot. I love writing fiction stories, books are amazing and I play a lot of JRPGs. I actually feel like I'm pretty boring outside of cosplay. Lol.
Working on...
Natsume(Tokyo Ravens)|Breathe With You Miku Module(Vocaloid)|Amber(RWBY)

~DA~ ~Facebook~ ~WorldCosplay~~Cospix~ ~ACP~
Originally Posted by .PapercutSenvy.
...You are now dubbed the Persona ninja.

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Unread 05-05-2013, 08:28 AM   #1125
Seeking Misuzu Kamio.
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Posts: 736
A transgender mess.

Personality wise, I am a caring, fun-loving person, who tries to keep people smiling.
Animeboston Congoer.

Cosplay 1: Sailor Venus (Commissioner failed to make 4 month deadline)
Update: August 10th.... still nothing.

Reality: Recycled or no cosplay at all. Got to love commissioning! Thanks everyone!! Serious thanks to Dulcinea, who actually made the deadline for the accessories far in advance and of outstanding quality. Sucks they won't be used.
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