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Unread 05-02-2013, 01:18 PM   #1
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Magical Girl Madoka HELP!?

Alrighty guys .
I am doing the impossible; I am going to try and throw together a FULL Magical Girl Madoka cosplay in the next 23 days.
I need as much help as I can get!

So I picked out my fabric today (which was a really cute peach pink) but I want to try and lighten it a tiny bit does anyone have any advice on that? its cotton by the way~

Also for the white gradient effect for the bottom of the petals on the skirt~ anyone have any ideas how I can achieve that?

The shoes and wig! Where can I buy those where they will arrive before the 23rd of May to Canada?

For the petti how should I go about achieving that poofyness that it is? I have a general idea on how I am going to make the petti.

Also does anyone know a pattern I could use for the bodice of the outfit?

Any and all advice welcome ! =D

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Is it 100% cotton ?

I wouldn't try to lighten the whole thing, you would need to bleach and bleach can turn everything splotchy. You MIGHT be able to bleach the petal bottoms, but it might ruin it (bleach weakens the fibres and may turn out un-even anyway). Ideally you would have wanted to start with a white fabric and dye it pink - dye the top and then gradient dye the petals. BUT this will not have a chance to work at all if it's not 100% cotton.

If I got the fabric at Jo Ann's I would probably take advantage of their incredibly kind return policy and get white instead to save the hassle and possible destruction of the fabric.

You could also try to paint the gradient - using perhaps acrylic mixed with fabric medium. But this also may or may not work perfectly and even with the addition of fabric medium it might crack or do something else weird - and it's hard to paint white over colour.

I am not Canadian, so I'm unsure what shopping you'd have available for your time frame. I'd probably go on eBay and see what the expected shipping dates are.

For the petticoat, well, it's a whole bunch of layers. You could use something like costume tulle to fluff it out between layers. The shape is really controlled so you'd have to be careful - adding the extra material only where you need it to attain the shape.

As for the bodice, there are some "bustier" patterns that are like that. I made a pattern like that for a friend's costume - it is really easy if you want to try to make it yourself. It's basically just a fitted top with princess seams - but you can make the princess seams by taking out darts over and under the bust and smoothing the shape out - then, ta-da, you have princess seams ! You could include some light boning as well to help it retain the shape and not wrinkle.
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for wigs i believe u could get arda there in time. tho i would just buy one at the con..... less shipping costs to make sure it gets in on time......
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For the wig you could try the thefivewitts they might be able to get it to you in time. I'm not entirely to sure how shipping from the us to cananda would work out though. As for the shoes you could modify some red heels that's what I did when I did magical girl madoka.
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