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Unread 04-08-2013, 05:32 PM   #31
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I'm a 29-year-old female, 125 lbs, 5'7". I started doing bodyweight exercises (pushups, pullups, bodyweight squats, situps) in mid-December, and my arms and shoulders looked noticeably stronger by February. By now (April) some of my blouses don't fit over my biceps, and my longsleeve dress shirts pull across the shoulders.
I'm making my workouts more difficult over time because I keep adding superheroes to my cosplay list.
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Pinkkiller It all depdends on how much you are lifting, how often, diet and several other factors. For someone who is just starting out lifting you can work all the muscle groups all at once since your muscles will recover faster, you just want about 24 hours of rest in between weight lifting days.

I have personally seen results and noticeable muscle gain in two months. Though I don't have Korra arms either but I am very well on my way. I have always been able to see my biceps when I flex on the inside of my arms but in two months I am able to see definition on the outside of my arms. I'm also a little sad I don't have a very good reference picture of before but I do have a great picture recently that show quite a bit of muscle tone in my legs and butt (I am the one on the left with purple tights). I have one picture at home that I was using for weight loss progress that I can post to show the difference. Basically I used to have little to no butt and my legs had quite a bit of cellulite in them and now they don't.

TL;DR you can see results in as little as two months. Best way to see them is to take a pictures every month.
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Thanks! I have four months, so hopes are high I'll be able to achieve something then!
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With four months you should easily be able to see results. Just make sure you stick to your workout and diet.
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Just wanted to add my say to this. I am someone who went from 115lbs to 150 in 8 months from working out (yes I am a male, and worked out hard 5 days a week for 8 months, but this was also on a horrible diet due to residence life). I have dealt with many injuries as well and just wanted to warn everyone not to do lifts on your own. Have a trainer show you how to do the lifts properly and make sure your form is IMPECCABLE. Deadlifts were the hardest for me to get the form perfect for.

Let me make this very very clear. As a woman, you will not get big and bulky from lifting heavy weights. Body builders train for YEARS to get a body like that, they dedicate their whole life to it. They eat healthy, take the proper supplements and so on to get there. On top of that, as a woman you donít even produce enough testosterone to get that big. So lifting heavy weights will not make you big at all. It will, however, give you a body like this http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:A...aBVjWVxNLfeOZG

Bicep curls - These are just useless imo.

When you are just starting out it is alright to combine all the muscle groups like that. Your body will recover quickly. However, after a few months you will want to split your exercises up to have a chest and back day, legs and back day, and arms and shoulders day. This is my preference but you donít have to do it that way. As you progress though your body will need more of a rest between workouts.

You generally don't want to have a workout for your whole body in a day. Focus on a single section (Chest/arms, Core, Legs, Endurance) per workout. Do 4-5 exercises per section per workout, and make sure you have A GOOD WARMUP

When you lift weights your muscles tear. This is a good thing and you shouldnít feel any pain WHEN lifting. Now the first few times the day after lifting you may be sore and that is alright. If the soreness doesnít go away after a day or two you will want to give your body a longer break. If you are still hurting go see a doctor. Back to these tears, they are little and a good thing. You are burning calories when lifting and in order to repair the tears your body needs to burn more calories. It can take 24 or more hours to repair these tears, meaning that your body will be burning calories that whole time. The heavier weights you lift the more tears you get. The larger muscle groups you work the more tears you get. This is where it can get a little weird, working your leg muscle and back can help you burn fat off your stomach.

Let me put it this way, say you do 10 crunches and you maybe get 10 tears on your abs and burn around 20 calories repairing them (not real numbers just making a point) but you do 10 squats and get 100 tears and your body burns 200 calories repairing them. See how you will burn more fat when working heavier muscle groups?

Now to explain more on the abs stuff, doing a bunch of crunches will not give you a six pack. Most of the time it just builds muscle UNDER the fat and actually can make you look bigger than you are. The best way to get a six pack is to lift like I have explained AND to focus on your diet. Diet is just as important on getting the toned look if not more than lifting itself.

Main thing that builds up a six-pack is losing body fat. Everyone naturally has one, and it's just hidden away under your belly fat.

Diet is pretty simple, if it comes in a box, you probably shouldnít eat it. When in the grocery store stick to the outside of the store, you will typically find the milk, eggs, fresh meat, fruit, and veggies. Avoid processed foods, and added sugar. The sugar in fruit is fine. Eat at least 1200 calories a day, it donít really matter how often you eat. Some studies show three meals a day is best where others show the 5-6 is best. Do what works for you.

As stated in previous posts, THIS IS WAY TOO LOW. Eating more = more gains, more gains = better figure.

Thatís about all I have. If you are just starting out I would suggest starting out with very light weights and working your way up from there. One thing I really want to stress is to look up proper form for lifts like squats and bench press. Lift lighter weights to get the form down then more on to heavier ones. If you do not lift properly you can hurt yourself.

Originally Posted by Arbite View Post
The odds of injuring yourself on dead's is pretty slim unless your acting like an idiot. Takes about 10 minutes to learn the proper form.
You can watch a video and learn form in 10 minutes, not to actually be able to apply and do it correctly. This is how you get injured.

Originally Posted by pinkkiller View Post
I know it's probably an impossible question, but do you have any estimate on how long it could take to build up muscle in a way that's noticeable (I don't think I'd achieve arms like Korra, but that's the direction) for a thin person?
Like emm_gee I'm not looking to lose weight, but I want that "toned" look because I'm going to cosplay a soldier type character and I want to get rid of my noodly arms (the noodly part, not the arm part) :/
How to get muscle - Work hard, don't stop. You won't notice muscle gains for a long time, you just need to keep at it, and in about a year there will be a difference.

Sorry if I sound harsh, but I've seen my whole rowing team get injured, and I really would not like that to happen to anyone else. This is just my say, and previous experience. You workouts should SUCK and force you to go beyond what you thought possible.
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so it's been about 5 weeks since i started lifting weights and i'm seeing a noticeable difference
i ended up going to a physiotherapist who recomended squatting with an exercise ball between the small of my back and a wall. i can get way lower without feeling like i'm destroying my knees.
i cut a whole lot of excess carbs out of my diet too, on top of working out 3 times a week, walking to work and 40 minute walks with my puppy, plus squeezing in whatever dance sessions i can, it's doing wonders.
i'm no longer a string bean and actually am starting to like my body haha
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Ekimik I appreciate the input. The main thing I was trying to get at was the way to a toned body was not cardio but lifting. I would love to hear more. I mean you learn something new every day.
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I really need to start clean eating, and doing weights again. I'm a healthy weight, I just have a lot of belly fat due to my insulin injections there. Hopefully a bit of clean eating will help again.

Whoever said bicep curls are a waste of time - I love them and found they toned my arms better than anything else I did.

Great post though OP
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ekimik I like a lot of your input man but I have to disagree with some of it.

Routine is secondary to nutrition, for beginners its perfectly alright to work your entire body three days a week, although imo I would split up nikkiolie's routine in half and do the other half your next workout session. And keep the bicep curls please, its idiotic to completely ignore a part of your body when it comes to bodybuilding.

Let me offer this piece of advice, split routines should be done after strength routines. Beginners should be lifting light, and eventually very heavy with low rep range in order to build the necessary strength they will need for a split. I doubt anyone here wants to go down that road, but if you want to get serious that's just my advice =]

so... yeah, imo nikkiolie's routine is perfectly fine, but I would advise to change it up every now and then. Introduce new routines / exercises to shock your body.

eh this next part is kind of a ramble so feel free to not read it fuck i wanted to keep this short but just gotta say this man :3

in a perfect world, to achieve model-like aesthetics and functional strength lets just assume you're pretty skinny and haven't lifted a day in your life. and if you aren't skinny then cardio + eat on deficit until you are. for your starting routine you can use something like nikkiolie's routine HOWEVER to build muscle efficiently you should NOT be eating on deficit, you should be eating on a small surplus of calories so that you muscles can grow. This applies to both men and women and no it won't make you lelfuckingarnoldhuge-mode. Okay so you've done a strength routine for about 3 - 6 months and you want aesthetic definition now. Now you can move onto a split routine, 4 - 6 days a week (im using 6 day split right now, hitting every bodypart twice a week). this routine is focused on muscle hypetrophy and mass, so you'll start seeing the most definition here. after a while of bulking you've gained muscle but you've also gained some unsightly fat (unavoidable if you are going to gain). but now the process is simple! eat on deficit now, add more cardio and continue your split and you've achieved jessica-nigri-mode ! yay !

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
or you could just cosplay and not give a shit because aesthetics are overrated :3
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Unread 05-01-2013, 03:14 AM   #40
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Originally Posted by ekimik View Post
You generally don't want to have a workout for your whole body in a day. Focus on a single section (Chest/arms, Core, Legs, Endurance) per workout. Do 4-5 exercises per section per workout, and make sure you have A GOOD WARMUP[/b]
Unless youre an elite bodybuilder, most people still see better results from whole body workouts with a rest day in between. The only real reason to go on a split is a) youre juicing b) you enjoy going to the gym more than 3-4 times a week and need to split things up.
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Unread 05-01-2013, 11:04 AM   #41
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Now that I am at a computer I can respond a little better. As for the calorie deficit I was more of stating please for the love of god get at least 1200 calories. I see so many people post that they are eating under 1000 and their body can't work with that. Also most men can't deal with 1200 calories but some women can. I am currently trying to get my body fat down a little before I really start bulking my muscle because I don't need to look bigger than I really am by having the muscle build UNDER the fat.

As for full body routines everything that I have read says that if you are starting out then you can do full body workouts ie, back, legs, chest, and so on all in one day because for someone just starting out their body recovers faster. Though as I stated and a few others have, after a while you will want to split it up to do a chest and arms, legs and back, chest and back, whatever suits you.

Regarding the bicep curls that's just a person preference of mine. I know I can work them while doing compound workouts too but this is just a nice little way of getting in a little bit more since I want my arms to get bigger. Since I have posted this I have moved to a split rotine I do weights 3 times a week still and I alternate between legs and back, and chest, arms and shoulders. My new rotien is pretty much:
Legs and back:
Pull ups
Back extensions
leg press
single leg press or lunges
Lat pull down
wall sits
and hip adductions (just to help a little with the inside of my thighs)

Chest, arms and shoulders:
Bench Press
Bicep Curls
Body weight Dips
triceps dips
lateral raise
vertical raise
shoulder press
push ups

Either one usually last about 30-45 minutes after a 15 minute jog.

@Emm_gee I'm very happy you are seeing results!
@Hera I am the same way when it comes to food. I really need to eat healthy and once I get done cutting I will eventually start more a bulking stage but first I need to cut properly x.x I just love milk shakes and burgers and fries too much.
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Unread 05-02-2013, 11:08 AM   #42
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Also, if you have injuries of any kind (knee, back) you should probably stop if you feel any kind of real pain. There's a difference between "workout pain" and "Oh God my spine is going to crack in two." If you're feeling spine cracking pain...you need to stop. Before you really hurt yourself.

I'm actually a personal trainer at a gym. I LOOOOVE my job. And this thread is pretty right on!
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I've been doing a good deal of lifting and I've definitely noticed a difference

It's great for getting into shape. My problem is also dieting. I like muffins too much.
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