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Name of Commissioner: Ninbri
Gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/member/280897
Character commissioned and series: Loran Cehack (Turn A Gundam) Wig
Links to pictures:

Timeline:Payment sent Apr 23, 2013, received wig May 6th.

Pros: Everything, really. I'm super grateful I was able to find someone to do a commission for me on such short notice. The wig was perfect as well. I just had to modify the wig a little bit with about 3 snips in the front, but still the wig was perfect.

Cons: None.

Final Grade: A+
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Name of Commissioner: Hellocosplay
Character commissioned and series/video game: White dress and gloves from the music video Egomama by Deco*27.
Hatsune Miku type2021 dress and accessories.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: None since it didn't fit.
Timeline: Started emailing on March 6th. Sent payment on March 15th. Received the product on May 13th.
Describe your Experience:
Communication was great however the actual products were not.

For the white dress: I had spent a couple weeks through email explaining what I did and did not want on the costume. One of the things I had stressed was that I did not want it to be made out of any shiny material. Lo a behold when I received the dress it was covered in some kind of shiny cheap feeling material that wasn't even satin. It was a custom commission so I had given them my exact measurements in centimeters to lessen the chance of the sizing being off. Once again lo and behold the costume is way too big. Detail wise, the dress looks fairly accurate and I am very impressed by how they did the neck ruffle which was probably the most difficult part. However there is no point in it looking nice if I can't even wear it.

For the Hatsune Miku dress: Once again it was way too big. I had sent the same exact measurements as the white dress and they had somehow managed to make it even larger then the other dress. While the white dress fell down and sat low on my hips completely exposing my bust, this dress completely falls off over them. The wrist and neck accessories are also too big even though I had once again given them exact measurement of my wrist and neck circumference. The skirt part of the dress also falls flat even though it's supposed to fluff outwards which they had assured me that they could do. At the very least I wish that they had mentioned that I would need a petticoat or hoop skirt to help support it. The detailing on the dress itself is very pretty and I am very upset that I can't wear it.
Detail wise, both of these dress were very well done other than the white dress being too long. However the fact that both dresses were easily several sizes too large when I had given them exact measurements in centimeters is completely unacceptable. I am currently waiting for their response to my last email and will hopefully get a full refund since there's no point in them remaking the costumes for my con that starts in 2 weeks.
Final Grade:
I give them a D only because the Miku dress looks very nice considering where it came from.
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Name of Commissioner: KaiBu

Website/C.com gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/member/290892

Character commissioned and series/video game : Jake English. His god tier cape. Homestuck

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=xmr4e8&s=6

Timeline: About like a month when she started until she finished.

Pros: She was really responsive. Took my measurements. Asked me questions. And I was really impressed when I got it. I love it. Nothing wrong with anything that she did. Nice person. I recommend her!

Cons: None! 100% Perfect!

Final Grade: A+

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Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!)


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Name of Comissioner/Merchant: Midsummer Knight's Dream/Gryphon Woodbaby Puppets

Website: http://fantasypuppet.com/

Item Comissioned: A moving baby owl shoulder puppet styled after Owloysius, from My Little Pony

Picture of Item: http://www.cosplay.com/photo/3361795/

Timeline: Inquiries about if they could do a custom colouring for about a month, placed the full order in December, received it near the middle of March.

Experience: I saw a booth of their fantasy and real animal puppets (they're furry and cute, sit on your shoulder with a magnetic saddle device that hides under your clothes, and they have a sort of hydraulic wire control that allows their head to move) at a ren fest last summer and HAD to get one. I decided, why not one for my Twilight Sparkle cosplay to make it really unique? I emailed the site owner asking if they could do an owl with a colouration like Owloysius, since their order form wasn't quite as detailed as would have allowed that. It took about a month of communication to figure out what kind of owl to get, the price, payment method (their site order form is evidently down, dunno how long it's been that way...) since I was paying with a credit card instead of paypal, addresses, etc. He responded within a couple of days each time, and was friendly and professional and answered all my little questions. I at last placed my order via email, and then came the wait. They said they could make one up in about six to eight weeks, give or take a week or two since I ordered near the Xmas rush. I didn't hear anything back from them at all after placing my order, and once eight weeks had passed and I hadn't heard anything (and my ideal, but not essential, deadline was the end of February, which was coming up), I was getting worried. I held off on emailing them and having not seen my credit card charged, played it patiently. By the time March rolled around, I thought "Well, maybe it got lost/won't happen." I wasn't too broken up about that possibly being the case, as my Visa card hadn't had any money put on it.

Then I surprisingly receive a "We've finished it, we're charging it to your card tomorrow and it will be shipped out via UPS in a couple of days" email. I was surprised to get it, certainly. But it arrived very quickly, packed VERY securely in its box, and almost exactly what I'd been asking for! (The tail was more of an iridescent black-green, instead of brown. The rest was essentially perfect)

Pros: Very friendly service and willing to do custom colour patterns. FAST shipping and shipped very well secured/padded. They don't do custom body shapes, though, at least not for the website listed prices. The puppet also comes with a lifetime warranty against breaking (excepting the obvious like deliberately breaking it, animal attack, etc.).

Cons: Not so good communication in the construction process. I should have taken more initiative myself to see what was up, but nonetheless, not even getting a "We're now working on your order" email isn't that good. Took a bit longer than their website estimated build time. (I assume? Since they didn't say when they were starting work on it...)

Final grade: A-. The minus only due to the shaky communication/delay upon placing my order.
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There's a vibe here that says "We're in this together!Through thick and thin fabric! Through cold water washes and burning hot irons! Though we might super glue ourselves to our projects, cut holes/gashes/oh-god-mom's-gonna-kill-me into the dining room table, we will stand strong together. Unless there is a 75% off sale at the Fabric store. Then you're on your own. And get the hell out of my way."<3
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Name: Clockwork Firebird, Ephyn.
Website: http://clockworkfirebird.com/
Character commissioned: Fili (Full Costume and Prop)
Series: The Hobbit.
Links to pictures of your commissioned item: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d17ippu3nv6rf25/Yop7kn8tUp
Timeline: Three months-Four Months.

Describe your Experience: Very professional and very organized. This is one of the fastest commissions and one of the most organized commissioners I've ever worked with. She was incredibly quick in her replies (It wouldn't go over two days after I had sent an e-mail and I would already have a reply in my inbox.) and also very precise in the descriptions of how the process was going to be like and what fabrics she recommended. Her knowledge on the matter is astounding and on the craft impressive. Clockwork Firebird gave me a contract once we initially begun the project and she covered everything from the fabrics, to the cost, to the time it would take her to make the costume. She worked hard and continuously on the commission and shipped out right on time. She provided me with a Tracking Number. I received the commission in a secured package and I have to say that it looks AMAZING in person! I love it, the material is beautiful and the quality is impressive! I highly, HIGHLY, recommend her for anyone seeking a professional commissioner.

Pros: Replies quickly, I didn't have to wait more than two days for her to reply.
Has two measuring charts.
Considers your budget.
Has a Dropbox gallery that updates regularly.
Explains in detail what she will do and divides each item with an explanation and name in the pictures.
Explains to you what she will do and how it will be made. (Tells you which fabric she will use and suggests fabrics to you.)
Incredibly Professional. (Provides you with a Contract document and has her own Measurement Chart.)
Has a high knowledge of fabrics, props, materials.

Cons: 0, NONE

Final Grade: A+++++

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Name of Commissioner: BlackMoon Cosplay/ AkaneSaotome
Website/C.com gallery: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackMoonCosplay and http://blackmooncosplay.webs.com/
Character commissioned and series/video game: Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon Wig
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: https://img2.etsystatic.com/010/0/18...us4g4swosc.jpg

Timeline (how long your order took to process): August 1st- first contacted Akane about a wig comission and discussed details.
January 5th- began talking again, more in depth and officially put in my order.
January 7th- began discussing payment plans.
January 26th- sent the payment for the wig.
March 14th- Akane recieved the base wig
March 20th- recieved the first pictures of the wig for approval.
March 30th- recieved 2nd picture for placement approval.
April 3rd- recieved picture of wig drying after having the pigtails straightened with hot water.
April 23rd- recieved picture for final placement approval.
April 25th- recieved a picture of the first almost complete bun.
May 3rd- recieved pictures of the finished wig.
May 4th- wig was shipped.
May 6th- wig was recieved.

Describe your Experience: i was looking for a wig for my manga Princess Serenity cosplay. unfortunately, i was very critical of all the wigs i saw. you know, too yellow, lousy bangs, bad buns, thin pigtails. but when i saw the pictures for Akane's wigs, i loved it! it rubbed me all the right ways.^^ i immediately contacted her, and she was extremely nice and very detailed. she was completely willing to discuss anything and everything i could have thought of.
she did warn me ahead of time that my wig would take a long time to ship, but considering that was the only color we could find that i liked, it was worth the waiting. i did have some problems with a lack of communication, but this was easily fixed after a few frank heart to heart talks. she apologized whenever i would become more aggrivated and actively said something about it. otherwise she was patient, and made sure i was okay with everything and got my approval on everything she did. in the beginning, she even offered me longer pigtails for an extra cost if i desired.

Pros- very detail orientated, kind, patient and hard working. does her best to make sure you're happy with what work she is doing and that you love every aspect. very reasonable price and is willing to work with you or compromise if nothing else.

Cons- tends to lapse in communication and sometimes doesn't do something when she says she will, such as when she says she'll send you a picture. also leaves something to be desired in her update schedule, so you have to constantly keep on her to know what's going on.

Comments- i would go with Akane if i had plenty of time. i'm not sure about if you need something rushed, i wouldn't really risk it. no fault in her skills, just her communication. if she improved on this, i would gladly comission her again as her prices are reasonable and her work beautiful. be careful if you are a very anxious or worrying cosplayer, as the lapses in communication will result in a few panic attacks, which i did get about 2 or 3 times. i am disappointed it took an extra month for her to make the wig, as i would have much prefered to have gotten it sometime in April, instead of May.

Final Grade: B
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
Name of Commissioner: MyKaios/ Fate Cosplay
Website/C.com gallery: https://www.facebook.com/#!/Fate.cosplay
Character commissioned and series/video game: Manga princess Serenity, dress and sleeves
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.n...95092313_n.jpg
Timeline (how long your order took to process): August 4th- sent an email with a description of the dress and measurements and she gave me a quote quickly for the price.
August 5th- we began looking at pictures of other peoples cosplays to get an idea of exactly what i wanted.
November 14th- she had to update the quote price, because now she was learning the full extent of what my dress would require, in fabric and skills and time.
November 16th- sent the first payment installment.
April 5th- sent the final payment installment
April 19th- recieved pictures of the pearls and beads for the bodice, also fabrics for the dress
April 23rd- recieved pictures of fabric for the bow, and trims she had gotten.
May 14th and 15th- recieved pictures of the bead work on the bodice. also recieved full shot of the finished(?) product.
May 20th- discovered the package was on her front porch and had never been picked up. sent 60 dollars more for express shipping
May 22nd- dress finally arrived.

Describe your Experience: I have always wanted to cosplay as Princess Serenity since childhood, and i knew it would be quite an experience. i had posted a thread saying i was looking to comission someone, after my first choice did not respond to my inquiries. She showed me pictures of her previous comissions and it was her Sesshomaru costume that impressed me with the detail and accuracy.
She is extremely nice, and she made this entire experience rather easy if sometimes stressful. she's very patient, detail orientated and honest. she was very quick to respond to any email i sent, and really helped me figure out what i wanted and had no problem explaining things to me. i wasn't the easier cosplayer to deal with and tended to change my mind a lot, or experience a LOT of indecisiveness, but she never skipped a beat! she helped me figure out what would look best for the dress, such as how much fabric would pool on the ground.

Pros- extremely patient, very professional and detail orientated as other reviews have said. also very creative! she's fair in her pricing, and tells it to you straight, breaking up how much money for what, like how much for each fabric and knicknacks, and how much for her time and shipping. she's willing to explain anything you need more detail on. no complaints at all about communication, she is very fast in her responses!

Cons- i guess probably she could use some improvement in time management, and keeping up with updates, and posting pictures. i do wish i had gotten more pictures of her progress.

Comments- i would definitely recommend her for anyone who is a stressful cosplayer or needs a complicated cosplay to be accurate. she is very good at laying your fears to rest! and i was glad at how much she was willing to go into details to get the effects i wanted, like the gold fading to white on the rings lining the top of the bodice. i certainly look forward to comissioning her again in the future, though for a hopefully less expensive costume than this one was! XD

also, i had to knock her down from an A to a B, because she said she would have it shipped to me by the 14th, and ended up having to ship it to my address i'm staying at for the convention, which was extremely disappointing. so she definitely has some time management issues to work out, which she acknowledges at least! also, i was displeased all the layers of the skirt were not the same lenth, though i'm not sure if that's my fault or not.

Final Grade: D

EDIT: i changed her rating from a B to a D because while the dress was gorgeous, it had so many problems! the zipper was a two man job just to get it on, after one day many of the beads in the rings were hanging limply because they had been glued. the corset boning in the dress was extremely painful, and the marks left in my torso after the first day were extremely red! i was a little surprised i was bleeding. not to mention the dress did NOT include the sleeves, which were delivered at the end of the first day of the convention. and the sleeves were an atrocity! i had asked for relatively simple sleeves, and would have been happy with a spiral rose design in the front and back, with elastic to keep it on my arms. i ended up getting TUBES. she also told me she would refund me for the extra i had to pay on shipping, which i never saw a cent of. i also ended up having to stitch every pearl for the rings on the bust with thread myself to prevent them from popping again.

i'm really of the opinion i would much prefer not to deal with this comissioner again because of all the hassle i had with her. which she is wonderful to work with, she needs to get her act together and stop over promising! i'm lucky i got the dress itself before the convention, but i'm really extremely unhappy! if you want to comission her, set a deadline far in advance of when you actually need it!

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Name of Commissioner: Antiquity-Dreams

Website: http://antiquity-dreams.deviantart.com/

Character Commissioned/Series: Tony Stark (USO Uniform Fan-art) http://ambrmerlinus.deviantart.com/a...Boys-272441681

Link to Pictures of Commissioned Item: http://antiquity-dreams.deviantart.c...357695936?hf=1

Timeline: contacted them in early December for the commission and started once I sent the first payment in January. The deadline was March, and only took a few days/week after I just realized I never gave her an exact date in March.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments:
The commissioner was an idol of mine in my beginning years of cosplay so it was amazing to get the chance to get something made by her and she was very willing to do the commission as she loved the idea immediately. I didn't have the money at the time in the card, so I had to wait until early January to get some after having difficulty with a company. (Never try putting your money in a 'MoneyPak' card since they're horrible when dealt with in Paypal!)

With my deadline being March, I patiently wait for my cosplay, and it isn't until the middle of February I realize that I forgot to specify a date. So I have to contact her, and she is fine with it, telling me it's alright and she'll finish it before the main deadline (which was the 15th) and sends me the picture. It's perfect, and even better since it's there earlier than I thought It'd get to me. Even better? It fits, and ACTUALLY got to me compared to another cosplay. I'm waiting just a little longer though til I even try making a review on it though.

Final Grade: A+


Name of Commissioner: Chibi-Chi Suits (Nancy)
Website/C.com gallery: http://rawrsaurus.wix.com/chibi-chi-...!__commissions
Character commissioned and series/video game: Goldie Foxx from Studio Killers (fur-head/tail) https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRq_HutCr1nO8tNX_lQu9IRFe7T2VnJm hWUnrwjEclIixgj1z8v2A
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.n...51776908_n.jpg
Timeline: contacted them I believe in December and it officially ended in late March.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: This is definitely a challenge for me since this was a partial fursuit and I've never worn such a "hot" costume. I still haven't since it'll be for the con next week. But the experience definitely was interesting to say the least as she went ahead and would not stop asking me every detail of what I wanted. We contacted each other via her facebook, and she was amazing as she wouldn't work on anything until she got all the details covered like having me join her in finding the best fur. She also promised me progress shots and she did not disappoint as she'd send me them with every big detail added.

Besides that, there was one problem and that was not being able to finish it on time for the convention. At least not the head. She told me she'd work on it after the con, so I asked her if she could at least do the tail and give me that at the con. The immediate answer was yes, and we met Saturday of the con to get the tail and...GOD that tail was huge. It made me happy she didn't finish it all on time or else I'd have to carry both.

You have no idea how many people asked about that tail. These two guys even walked up to me and asked me where I got the tail from since they're interested in fur-suiting and I pointed them in her direction.

After the convention, I didn't hear from her for a while til she finished the head and sent pictures of it before she finally sent me the package. Now, for the little details of the items...they're extremely soft. So soft, I could imagine people non-stop trying to touch it. On another good note, this is a multi-use head as it can be used for my cosplay, or my own Fursona character.

The only con? It's not exactly what I thought. I thought it'd be a little bit more like the character's head but I shrugged it off after a while and thought it's probably for the best since I could use it for multiple purposes now.

Final Grade: B+
Convention List:
-Metrocon 2016
-AWA 2016
-Holiday Matsuri 2016
Cosplay List:
-Joker (Alice in the Country of Hearts)
-Klaus (Story of Seasons)
-Madoka (Madoka Magica)

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Name of Commissioner: Hugginsseller / Chergnomebyl
Website/C.com gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/member/175867
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) Prop: Mariska’s Sitar from Lollipop Chainsaw
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item
Timeline (how long your order took to process)
Around 8th January until 20th May (Update: Prop received on 7th June)
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.

Things were alright in the beginning I guess, she was nice and perky, answered pretty quickly about quotes and such, and we chatted about other stuff now and then.

She calculated that it would take around 2 weeks, but seeing that there were quite a bit of details to be painted and the fact that she had quite a few rush commissions to work on, it took longer, so I didn’t mind really (Seeing that I gave a pretty far deadline)… and just waited.

I suppose I am just anal with details, so when it wasn’t up to par with what I expected upon receiving the first photo of the finished product (Especially after giving a few more months, the colors, painted shapes, and layout of the details were a tad off to me and could be better), I was pretty sad that she wouldn’t give me a slightly lower price (As in the quote she gave me was $250 and up plus shipping, so I was hoping we could at least just stick to $250 instead of making it higher than it already was) even though I wasn’t all that satisfied with it.

She didn't sound all that happy when I asked to have the painted details redone then (Her responses suddenly became serious once I voiced my dislike, and honestly sounded cold, annoyed and blunt, even when we were trying to work things out.), and despite saying that yeah she could do it after she got all her other commissions done (I don’t think that was really fair, having my prop thrown all the way to the back again instead of being finished up first)… I decided to cancel that request.

I feared that it would probably take too long (Especially since it took nearly four months to have it completed in the beginning), I was really worried it would take half a year to get that done, so I just requested to have it sent over after a few more details were added and the shipping costs were estimated.

Waiting for about a month to receive a shipping quite, the cheapest shipping price apparently around $800. During that short time I tried, I really tried figuring it out if there was some cheaper way to get it shipped over… but no, and adding that to the remainder payment was going to be $1000.

Thinking I could not receive my prop then, I had to let her sell it off (After trying to ask a few more times if there was any other option, it really didn't seem like she was bothering anymore after awhile and wasn't being all that helpful), and I couldn’t get my deposit back either… and so I thought that was the end of that.

Having discussed it with my friend who is an experienced prop commissioner, this was not fair, big props should have been planned in advance for cheaper shipping (Eg, Built in parts that can be shipped off separately), especially when shipping them overseas too, if she constantly states how she wants to use light materials for cheaper shipping, shouldn’t she take this into account too?

EDIT: Minor edits made to previous part of review and additional information added.

It was around the next day or so that I suddenly received an email from her that she had actually found another shipping service that would cost around $300 (Which was definitely a lot fairer), so I went for it and just waited to hear when she had it sent off.

The item arrived on the 7th of June (Which is really fast, a week!), the bad thing was that several of the strings came off, but I think I can easily fix that.

It would be great if she gave some progress shots if she ever takes up commissions for stuff with lots of painted details (Really intricate stuff) in the future.

I became more and more reluctant in contacting her near the end (I had to know though, I had to ask her seeing that she never bothers to send me emails on her own (Except for two instances) about any progress whatsoever, I just really wanted to get it done and over with instead of prolonging it.)…

Overall, things were pretty unpleasant in the middle but things were alright near the end.

I hope she will continue to prosper on her future projects with others though.

Final Grade: B-

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Name of Commissioner: Cowsrcute

Website/C.com gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/member/208228

Character commissioned and series/video game: Yui from Sword Art Online; Dress

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: http://i41.tinypic.com/30azy3c.jpg

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
March 29th - Placed my order
April 2nd - she sent me a picture of the fabric she purchased
May 15th -received my order

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Pros: Communication was very good, she also sent me pictures whenever asked
as well as asked me if there was any changes I wanted from the picture I saw of it before she moved on.
Cons: I had to adjust the sleeves, but that's because I decided I wanted
them to have a looser fit.

Final Grade: A +

Future Cosplays;
Luna(FFXV Kingslaive): 10%
Satsuki(Senketsu Final): 0%
Zelda(White BOTW dress): 80%
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I withdraw my review.

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Name of Commissioner: Destiny's Ending
Gallery/Website: Facebook is the only gallery left, the website, Destiny's Ending.com was taken down
Name of Cosplay: Final Fantasy IV Rosa Farrell complete package (costume, armor, props)
Pictures: I am currently still working to rectify this...mess so no pictures yet. But something similar to THIS is what was requested: http://rosa.valkyrie.nu/media/cosplay/limebarb5.jpg
Timeline: Over a year, with every deadline missed.

Comments: Okay...how to begin. I commissioned Destiny's Ending in February of 2012 to make me a Rosa Farrell costume with all the trimmings, including props. She gave me a price quote, and I agreed to it promising to make payments since I'm on disability. The first thing that happened is that she only ordered the beads for the costume, or so she claimed, after I made the first payment, stating that she could not afford to do more until more payments were made. I had to wait for my husband to get his raise, so I sent her another small payment. She continued to heckle me for more money until I had paid the ENTIRE amount, not half and half, the WHOLE amount.

When she had the whole amount, communication virtually ceased. I had to spam her inbox to get her to respond at all. Finally, about March, she said the whole thing was causing her 'too much stress' and offered a partial refund. I was afraid I could not commission someone else on such short notice, so I hastened to apologize and make things right. Communication barely resumed, and I received no pictures or WIP. Finally a month from my deadline, she said that she would get it done in time for my convention, and promised pictures.

She finally sent me a picture approximately two weeks before my convention, but the date came and went, and there were no costume pieces, no props and no pictures. I did not manage to get a hold of her again until that fall...when finally I began to request a refund. She then sent out a PARTIAL costume, shoddily put together.
1.) The Bodysuit portion - beautifully beaded on one side, not beaded hardly at all on the other, paint stains, threads and snags all over the back. NONE of the beads are Swarovski, which she had TOLD me was what she was buying.
2.) The Cape - not beaded AT ALL when it had been specifically requested. The shoulder pauldrons do NOT fit, and there were also paint stains on the cape.
3.) The boots - instead of making boot covers for boots I bought, paid for, AND sent to her...she decided to PAINT them without even telling me claiming she ran out of money at the last minute.
4.) Props - there were supposed to be a bow, several non-functional and one functional arrow. There were none. Jewelry that was for the headpiece and gloves looks like it was put together by a two-year-old with puff paint and one single HUGE rhinestone.

My family and I had to scramble to fix all the mistakes... and we're still fixing them. When I tried to contact her threatening a poor review and asking for money back for the poor job, I received no reply. I tried to go to her website to leave feedback, and it had been taken down. I paid $1300 for shoddy work and not at all what I asked for. It has cost me close to $400 so far to try and fix her mistakes. DO NOT commission her under any circumstances.

Final Grade:
F. Just F. Do not approach. Do not commission. Do NOT give her your money, you will not get your money's worth, if you get ANYTHING at all.
Real and True Rosa Farrell

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Name of Commissioner: JDscosplay

Website/C.com gallery: http://photobucket.com/jdscosplay

Character commissioned and series/video game: Kid Loki from Journey into Mystery and Young Avengers - headpiece, tunic, gloves and boots

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:


Timeline (how long your order took to process):

My deadline was San Diego Comic Con

Mar 1. I e-mailed Nic asking for a quote.
Mar 2. Nic asked me to clarify which items I needed and my estimated budget. I replied with my estimated budget and that I wanted the tunic, headpiece, gloves and boots.
Mar 3. Nic gave me a price breakdown of all the pieces ($220 for tunic and gloves; $180 for headpiece; $150 for boots - $550 total). I agreed to the price and sent him a 60% deposit upfront. He sends me his measurement sheet once he receives the payment.
Mar 4. I send Nic the measurement sheet.
Mar 17. Nic asks me for my head circumference (the measurement was not listed in the original sheet).
Mar 18. I reply with my head circumference.
Apr 5. Nic sends me a picture of the completed headpiece.
May 3. Nic sends me a picture of the tunic and gloves, and he tells me that the boots will be ready in a week. I requested to have some black dots added to it, and offer to pay extra for the materials and extra labor. He has me clarify what dots I am referring to.
May 4. Nic quotes me to have the dots added to the tunic ($20), and I pay for the dots as well as the second half of the payment.
May 9. Nic lets me know that he added the dots to the tunic.
May 12. I receive a picture of the boots from Nic and I am quoted for shipping. I pay for the shipping the same day.
May 14. According to the USPS website, this is when the day the package was accepted.
May 23. The package arrives, though I technically do not get it until the next day because no one was around to sign for it the first time.


Whenever I e-mailed Nic, I always received a fast response. Usually the same day or the next day.

The cosplay was completed very quickly. I was able to wear it at a different convention so this makes me very happy. ^_^ The gold lining on the tunic is very lovely, and it seems I could wear this on a daily basis if I wanted to. One side of the circular piece is attached with velcro, and you can open this to have access to the zipper. Neat!

Another commissioner had trouble with the gloves fitting her, but the gloves seemed to fit me rather fine. The boots are very durable as well, so you could walk around in these for a very long time if you wanted to.

I had a phone conversation with my mother who told me that maybe I should wear a jacket whenever I'm outside a convention setting so that I wouldn't embarrass her. -_- But she was so excited to take my picture when I actually got it, haha. So, that's something! :-)


The headpiece was beautiful and so solidly constructed, but, unfortunately, it did not fit my head at all. I gave a measurement of 56.5 cm, and I measured the headband of the piece to be approximately 48 cm. If you see the pictures, you could see that it was open in the back, most likely so it could stretch to compensate for a larger head size. However, the material the band was made of was very inflexible so this did not work out.

Even if the headpiece was bigger, it still would probably not fit because the larger issue was its shape: it was completely circular. It seemed to me that the band should have been more of an oval, not a circle (or at least make the band out of something more flexible). I even tried it on a styrofoam head with a slightly smaller head circumference, and the headpiece would not sit on it properly. I ended up having to deconstruct the headpiece to replace the band with something more flexible. The headpiece was $180 by itself, so this was pretty disappointing.

Also, the dots on the gold trim all fell off. :-( Which is a bummer because I paid extra for them.

Despite this, I was overall pleased with how things turned out.


Like some other people have mentioned, he tends not to send progress pictures but only pictures of completed work. Personally, this did not bother me because I feel that commissioners should be given some space to do their work without someone hovering over their shoulder all the time. But others may feel differently on this matter.

He has you pay the Paypal fees (Paypal states that the buyer should not pay the fees). Also, this does not bother me but may be an issue with others.

Also, on the measurement sheet, it does mention to measure with your undergarments. I would say this also includes socks which I did not do. The boots were a tad too snug and this may have been avoided if I measured my feet with my socks on.

Keep in mind that Nic works from China, so, if you live outside of China, your package may have to go a long ways. Fragile things may risk breaking no matter how well it is packed. Part of my headpiece broke in the mail, but he did wrap this piece in a lot of plastic, then wrapped it in the cosplay clothes which was additionally wrapped in bubble wrap. I had such a hard time taking it apart that it made me wonder if the post threw the thing against a brick wall. o_O

Final Grade: B+

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Name of Commissioner: FantasyNinja (Indra)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fanta...11758452173603 ;; http://www.cosplay.com/member/20448
Character commissioned and series: Lisbeth (civilian version) from Sword Art Online, dress and petticoat
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: http://www.cosplay.com/costume/455434/
Timeline (how long your order took to process) : Several months, but I had asked for it that far in advance. I got it in time and that's what's important to me.

Describe your Experience: Great commissioner. I love Indra's work and when she posted she was willing to take on commissions, I hopped on board. She's pretty quick to respond - usually within 48 hrs on Cosplay.com and less than 24 hrs through Facebook (which is more regularly updated, including with progress photos). She is very enthusiastic and takes a lot of pride in her work, and it shows - for example, the progress shot of of my cosplay showed the fabric photographed too pink, so she dyed it all so it would photograph closer to the red of the character's dress. Just know that she doesn't often post progress photos throughout the whole process - just once or twice - although, I didn't ask and I only know by following her Facebook page.

Also note that she had me pay the entire cost up front, to avoid having an unfinished or unclaimed cosplay if a person doesn't end up paying the remainder of the cost, and I assume she does this for everyone. It's not necessarily a bad thing and she's an honest person but just know that you will have to save up your money ahead of time rather than paying little by little.

Anyway, when I got my cosplay in the mail, I tried it on and it fit very well and was super comfortable. The fabrics used are quite soft, including the petticoatThe sleeves are perhaps a tiny bit too poofy for me, but otherwise, I love it and had a lot of fun running around in it for a couple of days. Overall, a great experience. If she's willing to in the future, I'll be commissioning her again!

Final Grade: A

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Name of Commissioner: Mykaios

Website/C.com gallery: http://fatecosplay.storenvy.com/

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Zombie Ryuma Wig from One Piece

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.n...94637418_n.jpg

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Dec 27, 2013-May 7, 2013

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
Pro: Wig is style to profession. Email communication was prompt and respectable.
Con: The only minor one would be no constant updates on the wig unless you request them via email. So it kinda got me worry on rather or not I would receive my wig, but in the end everything went into place.

Final Grade: A
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Name of Commissioner:
Website/C.com gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game:
Panty & Stocking Angel Form - Outfits, gloves, hair bow and stockings (Stocking), collars. [Reference]
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Haven't taken any decent ones of my own yet, but [HERE] is one that she supplied me with.
January 2013 - May 2013 (Deadline was not until late July)
Describe your Experience

Costumes are beautifully made. Everything has been lined and seams are finished professionally.
Communication was excellent. I was informed of all fabric choices and she let me know in advance when she would not have time to work on the outfits (such as around Easter)
Payment scheme was very reasonable. My friend and I payed half up front, and half when the costumes had arrived and we were completely satisfied. She also included with the costumes a note on how to clean the costumes, and advice on if we felt the need to adjust pieces ourselves.
Absolutely nothing I can think of ^-^
Lovely to work with, very professional quality, and supplied plenty of updates and photos during the process. I would highly recommend her.

Final Grade: A+
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