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Unread 06-04-2011, 01:42 AM   #16
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I have three personally, and the best advice I can give is to design them yourself! If you design them yourself they are more likely to mean something to you and, ergo, you'll love it forever. Plus self-design usually takes a long while if you care about your design being permanent so it gives you the necessary time to decide if you love it and what to change. Another fun thing is to draw the design in sharpie or ink so you can wear it for awhile and get a feel of how you like it~ All mine are in places only seen when wearing a bikini, this way I can show them off, but still be professional! So location is key!
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im actually saving up for mine now. my brother is working at a tattoo shop, hes not doing the tattoos yet though so im going to the shop he works at, they have very tight rules on cleanliness and sanitation. I designed my own tattoo, i will be getting it on my fore arm. i know thats a gutsy spot to put it but im a cake decorator and most places dont mind, and if i get the kind of job i want after school i will be wearing a chef coat which will cover it up anyway. as for cosplaying i probably wont be trying real hard to cover it up unless i do a cosplay contest or some kind of photoshoot.
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For me, I CAN'T design it myself.

If I do, I'll invariably realise at some point that I've improved so much that I can now draw so much better and I'll only see all the flaws in it and be annoyed that it's stuck on me.

I think I could do something simple, but nothing too detailed.
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does anyone know anything about specialist inks? i'm looking for tattoos that are invisible except under special conditions (magnetised UV, glow in the dark, invisible inks etc.)
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Originally Posted by chocobo4eva View Post
does anyone know anything about specialist inks? i'm looking for tattoos that are invisible except under special conditions (magnetised UV, glow in the dark, invisible inks etc.)
They exist, UV tattoos or blacklight tattoos, but I do not believe they are FDA approved yet. So at your own risk to put it inside of you~ Most artists do them as accents to normal inked tattoos tho, not as full tattoos.
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Seiten Taisei
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I have two tattoos. One I have that my mother paid for as a gift on my 18th birthday. A butterfly tribal on my lower back. Got a discount on it, cause I knew the nephew of the owner of the place. On my birthday I have Tribal Feneir (the wolf thing on Cloud Strife's shoulder) on my left ankle. Once I have kids, their names will go around it. I refuse to put my husbands name on my body. Cause once you put your husbands/Wife/girlfriend/boyfriends name on your body, something bad happens.

I want to get three more tattoos, I find them highly addicting lol

Originally Posted by Gabbyv23 View Post
I don't have one personally,
but I'm wondering how you manage to cosplay without them showing if you do happen to have one.
For me its very easy. I use normal liquid concealer and powder. Or when I am in my Witch Cosplay, I use concealer, baby powder, non-colored or colored hair spray (it works). Now with normal, a friend of mine use Ben nye(?) tattoo concealer to hide her tattoos.

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Originally Posted by chocobo4eva View Post
does anyone know anything about specialist inks? i'm looking for tattoos that are invisible except under special conditions (magnetised UV, glow in the dark, invisible inks etc.)
UV ink still shows. It's a nasty brown color in regular light. I've only ever seen it used to accent regular inked tattoos, which take your attention away from the gross brown colors :P

I have well over 70 hours of tattoo work on my body, all of which can be easily covered by clothing. I got my first tattoo at 19 and am now looking to get it covered. Don't get me wrong, I thought long and hard about ALL of my tattoos, and this one is actually a memorial for my grandmother. But the fact remains that people change. ESPECIALLY when you're 18/19. You have to not only think about the subject matter but also the design itself. Are you going to like both of those in 5 years? 10 years? 30?
The issue for me is this first tattoo I have is exceedingly simple in design. It's overly simplistic. I've since delved deeply into body art and have seen what a great artist is capable of. Now my poor little hummingbird memorial looks... dinky.. I wish I would have waited and spent more time deciding on specifics so I could have got a truly beautiful piece done.

Also, yea tattoos are hip and popular now. But you will still be judged on it. I live in Southern California, a place you'd think would be tolerant, and just yesterday I was treated poorly simply because I have tattoos.
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I don't know if I would ever get a tattoo, especially with how they fade in time. I do think they are lovely and can look amazing on others. However, it isn't for me. I personally would prefer to get more piercings, (only two sets here D: FOR NOW) than tats due to the fact they can always be erased if necessary without costly spending.
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Once I get accepted to medical school, I want to get a small Caduceus tattoo on my right shoulder blade. After each year of med school, I will add the EKG line (heartbeat line) below the tattoo. At the end of the school years, I want a little scalpel at the base to represent Trauma Surgery.
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I actually went to Tattoo School (yes, there are schools where you can learn this trade).
I have 3 tattoos (for now), none of which are visible in everyday clothing. 1 of those tattoos I did on myself

THINK about your tattoo before you get it.
Design ... if you can't draw have a custom tattoo drawn up (artists are usually happy to do this though it's usually a bit more) or if you know someone who can draw, ask them.

Colors... some colors do not show up on certain skin pigments or will turn a slightly different shade. Also, some people are allergic to some colors (most common is red).

UV tattoos....unless you spend a lot of time under a black-light for some reason I don't recommend this. In normal lighting it will just look blotchy.

Placement...certain parts of the body hurt more then others when being tattooed, do you want to be able to hide it or do you want to always showing, gaining/losing weight will effect the skin and tattoo.

Do you want it to have meaning? or Is it just for shits and giggles?

Cover Ups...tend to be bigger so really think about it.

Laser Removal... I've only heard that it hurts more then getting the ink done (I also don't ever plan to experience it)

Covering up your tattoo... make-up works and so do nude color sleeves

Fading... it happens over time there's no stopping it. Sun damage will accelerate it a bit more (wear sun screen). White usually fades the quickest thus it's usually used to highlight.

Scars... unless it's extremely shallow chances are the patch of skin won't hold the pigment. Don't be discouraged though because you can always create a design that will help camouflage it without actually going over the scar itself.

1st Time getting Tattooed.... bring someone along if you're nervous, ask the person tattooing you to explain the process if it will help, have a stress ball in hand [everyone's pain tolerance is different] (I actually carry one in my kit just in case). Follow the tattoo aftercare instructions.

If you start feeling sick...SAY SO that way the process can be stopped for a bit. I know some people may feel as though they need to man-up and just take the pain but really you'll only be hurting yourself. I've heard many stories of people passing out during/after being tattooed and have nearly been one myself (my teacher thought i was joking when i first said to stop). All you need is a little break and a lollipop/gum/drink/something.

Please, take care of your tattoos.
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Unread 03-27-2013, 08:47 PM   #26
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I don't think tattoo's have as much of an effect as they did back then, but for some people they do. My family hated it when I got my tattoo. It is a large tattoo going from my mid-ribecage to my hip. My mom was totally against it until she saw it and said it suit me. My dad on the other hand refuses to think I have it and when he sees it, he gets very upset. So now on vacation or during the summer I have to wear a t-shirt and full piece bathing suit. I also know some families who don't mind it, since it is more accepting, but it also depends on the person's job. If you are aiming to be a lawyer for example it is very taboo to have a tattoo. (on exposed skin of course)

When getting a tattoo make sure you know you for sure want it there for the rest of your life. Also think about where it is going to be placed and the size and take into consideration the pain factor. Like the guy above says (btw great tips). A story from my own experience. I went into the shop knowing that my tattoo would take about 2 hours and hurt more than I could ever imagine (knowing I have a low pain tolerance). Also look for a good tattoo shop. Do a ton of searches on the internet, ask people. The tattoo shop I went to messed up with the black ink and most of it is grey. It may also do with the fact that I was cringing in pain 50% of the time, but I found out after that some people didn't find the place I went to very reputable. None the less I will be going back for touchups.

On the note of symbolism, as long as it is symbolic to you and you know for absolute sure that in the future you will still look at it and not regret it your good. My tattoo was very looked down because of this, here is what it looks like (even the colour) http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/20...yx-d4rxzdk.png
Another option is try to see if there is a tattoo shop which offers temporary tattoos. I know one of the stores near me has it. Basically it last about a week and it lets you see if you would like something there forever. If this option is not available try just drawing the outline on with liquid eyeliner and wear it for a day. (it sounds very childish but I found it helped me)

Hope this helps.
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I have 5, and I only regret one.

My advice? Think about it for a long time. At least a month. The only tattoo I regret is one I got on a whim. I didn't think about it much at all. It's not awful, especially since its on my spine and I can't see it ^^;
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Tattoos have gotten mainstream in a way, probably because they have become more socially acceptable. I'm newly 18 (legal tattoo age in Australia) and I've only gotten one so far- a Raichu on my foot.
Many of my plans have to do with anime and video games because that's what I grew up on and made me happy. However, all my ideas I have to plan around visibility so I can still get whatever job I want and don't have to spend a fortune to cover it up for cosplay.
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I have a total of four tattoos, one of which is combined to look like one whole tattoo. I am currently 19 and I got my first 2 when I was 18 and my other two when after I turned 19.

I have three on my legs and one on my forearm. I have cat paws with a little W underneath it on one leg and a Hibiscus on the other. Then on my forearm I have a skeleton key with the words Faith, Dream and Believe beneath it.

The only tattoo I regret getting is my Hibiscus. It was on a whim and I think it's beyond ugly. Now that it's hot outside, it's hard to cover it up. I'm ashamed of it so I am getting it fixed or covered up when I get the chance.

I have a summer job that doesn't judge me based on my tattoos but for interviews like at my college, I do cover them up just in case which is hard to do because of my forearm tattoo.

Seriously consider and think about your tattoo before you get it done!

I look at my paws and my skeleton key everyday and I think about the memories that come with it and I remember why I got it, they're happy memories. I look at my flower and I think about how I stupid I was. THINK IT THROUGH!

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I don't have one, but am toying with the idea of getting one that looks like this, this is my favorite version of the genderfluid symbol: http://lgbtqniversity.files.wordpres...ng?w=300&h=230

However, I have no idea where on my body I'd want it, and I'm not even sure if I'll still want it in the future. So I'm going to wait a few years before making any permanent decisions.

I don't think tats should be a problem in the workplace unless it's something extremely offensive like a Charles Manson swastika on your forehead.
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