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Advice for a first timer? :D

Hey all, browsed the thread for a few weeks/months now, interesting to see how polite everyone seems to be.

Ive been going to a number of Cons in the UK for the past 4/5 years.
I know a lot of mates that have gone before in cosplay and ive always admired the look of some of the costumes, the last 3 months my mate has been making a Lilith costume which looks amazing.

Another of my good mates is travelling for the october leg of MCM London and has been talking to me about deciding who to go as, namely Kerrigan/Harley Quinn and ive been talking to her about it all etc.

After 5 years of going with friends (Most of the times as a photographer) ive decided that i want to give it a go.

There are a few barriers im coming across though and i would like some advice/a bit of help from some of you lovely people.

The first, huge, main problem is such.
I have really bad Social Phobia. Most of the time i stay indoors, well away from people i dont know. Even walking through the street makes me worry sometimes. I do manage to go places now and again, Cons/Pub quizzes etc, which has made me slightly better.
One of the major aspects of my Social Phobia though is that i have a very big worry that people are "Looking at me" and "Judging me". Im also 6'9 so i stick out a hell of a lot.

Has anyone ever had these sorts of problems? How did you get over them if so?

Secondly, as i said before, i am 6'9.
Ive found it difficult to think (And my mate also) of something to even do.
The ones ive come up with, which are highly common, are ones i think would be good, Vader/Chewbacca, Sephiroth, Stormtroopers etc.

Can anyone think of others that may have slipped my mind?
My main interests are Star Wars/Doctor Who/Lord of the rings/Dragonball. Ive never been a massive die hard fan of most animes unfortunately.

I think my biggest idea so far is maybe Darth Bane from the early Star Wars period. I am more than willing to hear of any other ideas people may have.

My 3rd and final worry, which could be another big one.
My mate, as i said, has spent the last 3 months making a costume, my other one, also, made her costume.

I am unfortunately very very bad at making anything, i was never very good at arts and crafts.
Can anyone suggest, any kind of videos that maybe tutorialise how people make common costumes and features?

Im also, not disinclined to buy parts/all of my costume from online stores if need be, i dont know if that will diminish the look of my costume but for me, i dont believe it will.
If anyone can suggest any websites/stores they know of, that ship to the UK i would be most thankful.

Im sure you get a ton of these threads starting up and if it rails on people, i do apologise.
I hope some of you can help and im looking forward to hearing some of your ideas

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About the social phobia- Counseling might help with that, it's worth a shot if it helps make things easier for you, when it comes to everyday life.

As for crafting, you can google tutorials for whichever type of costuming or prop building you want to attempt. Sewing, making armor out of various materials, etc. Allow yourself plenty of time for practice- your first attempts might look pretty sucky, but practice and taking your time tends to help. I can attest to this- my first sewing projects were horrid, whether by hand or machine. Seriously, I was suck-out-loud awful at it. Now look what I can do:

The important thing was motivation and practice- I wanted to get better, I could look at the pieces I did and see where I might do better next time. Eventually with practice things got better, I got better at controlling my sewing machine, and my work got neater.

As for buying your costume, a lot of cosplayers commission things- either specific parts that they couldn't make themselves, or the whole thing. And that's okay. Sure, some elitist jerks might look down on it, but who cares what a snob thinks? Aside from that, the only real consternation concerning bought pieces arises when entering masquerades. Some people try to cheat by claiming they made things that they didn't. As long as you don't do that, you're all good.
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