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Photographer for Dragoncon Aug 30- sept 2

Dragon Con photoshoot schedule.

When sending a request please pm or e-mail at cajaquimages@gmail.com with this information:

1. Name
2. Cosplay name of person and from where and link to the version you will do.
3 Your number this so we can find each other.(you will get mine in return.)
4. Number of people.
5. what type of session you want

Work can be seen here- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cajaq...41359332545108

I will be doing payed and free sessions please take the time to read.
so please pick type of session

Free session-you get 30 min time. Turn around time is 2-3 weeks. 7-10 photos posted.

Paid session A-get 30 min slots if more time needed we can do hour long. Light setup. 1-2 week turn around time. 7-15 photos posted with one print for each person. Max people 2 $25. Each additional person will be $5 extra dollars. Prints will be mailed out 2-3 weeks

Paid session B-get 30 min slots if more time needed we can do hour long. Light setup. 1-2 week turn around time 7-15 photos posted with 2 prints to each person and CD with hi-def files max 2 people $35. Each additional person will be $8 extra dollars. Prints and CD(or drop box) will be mailed out 2-3 weeks

Paid session C- this is for big groups more then 5 people. I see big groups get together from the same anime and do a photo-shoot. The shoot are rushed and there is bunch of people taken photos making the quality go down on the photo. Also you never sure if you will ever find the photos as well. I will be the main photographer linking everyone from the shoot to where the photos will go up. shoots will be 45min-1 hour long. This gives us time to get good quality photos. I will run the event asking people to switch in and out for photos if someone from the group would like to help me in running that event that would also be great. Because everyone has a pose they really want to do i ask we meet 15 min before time to talk about the poses the group wants. 1-2 week turn around time. 30+ photos posted. Light set up as well. $50 no max people.

With this session people can buy prints at $5 dollar a print. 2-3 mailed out.

Extra stuff:
Buying CD with hi-def files-$5-each one or we can do drop-box(this is for you to get hi-end files)
Buying Prints -$8 each one (Prints will printed on professional photo paper.)

Gear i am using:
Nikon D90
lens- micro 18-45mm, 50mm 18-105mm, fish eye.
Light gear up to 4 lights with stand and soft boxes.

How to pay: Thought pay-pal within 2-3 days after setting update.
Canceling: get full refund if cancelled one week before the event after that half refund.(I need enough time to make up the slot so last min canceling hurts me and i won't be able to make up the slot.)
No shows: If anyone does not show up to the time no refund.
Reschedule-I have block times out just incase people need to reschedule the day of but for any reason you can not make only half refund will be given.
Late-no refund will be given and time will be cut. So if you have a 30 min slot and are 10 min later that means we have 20 min to shoot. I must be strict about this because i do have other shoots. Again i have blocked out times just incase so we can reschedule.
Where will we shoot- i will look around the event before hand for places. If you have an idea and where please let me know.
Will i edit the photos- yes i will do basic edits to the photos.

If you have any question please feel free to ask.

Do NOT book with me unless you have your hotel booked and your pass purchased. I will not be booking with those who are not 100% certain they are attending. If you are a group or booking for your group, you must have approved with all group members on a time-slot and the rate. I have no tolerance for people who flake out I need series cosplayers who would like professionalism and I expect the same in return.

Also i own all rights to the photos. Just because i give out hi-def files does not mean i am giving up the rights or you have part of the rights to the photos. Where ever you post your photos i ask you give me credit. Also if you would like the original files to edit more things can be worked out to get files. If you want to sell the photos for prints again things can be worked out. I am easy to work with i just would like credit for my work. Also i am not selling prints to other people. The prints i am selling is for people to buy of them selves from there own shoot.

If you schedule a shoot with me a model release form will need to be signed. This is for both our safety. i have heard to many horror stories as of late of photographers and cosplayer taken advantage of each other. I want everyone to have fun and not worry what i will use the photos for and what you will use the photos. They are basic forms just saying what each of us can do and can not do. I am sorry to have to do this but its a must now because people being stupid out there.

So if you would like to work with me again just look at top of the page pm or send e-mail with the information and lets make some magic happen

Thursday night:
This is my first time going so no day zero shoots. I will be taken the time to look around the area.


1pm-4pm blocked
7:30-10pm blocked

If you would like shoots after 10pm please just ask. If you would like a time during my blocked time please do ask maybe we can work something out. Also remember i do have light gear we can make great photos at night as well.


12-3pm blocked
5:30pm-9pm blocked

If anything after 9pm please let me know. If you would like a time during my block time please do ask maybe we can work something out. Please remember i do have light hear we can make great photos at night as well.

10:00am-10:30am-Taken- 52 super girl
1pm-4pm blocked
7:30-10pm blocked

Just let me know what time. and i will post as taken. sunday is a weird day because its the last day i am open from 10am and on till the con is closed.


sorry no last day shoots.

Looking forward to working with everyone

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Do you have an electronic copy of your model release for people to review? Also, your FaceBook pics look like they are primarily "around the con" shots. Do you have any specific ones the demonstrate what a photo shoot result looks like vs. "Hey can I take your picture"? Finally, as an FYI, for Dragoncon being out in costume after midnight is not unreasonable since you mentioned photos after 10PM are a possibility.
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Some unsolicited advice to a first-time goer:

Don't bite off more than you can chew, especially if this is your first Dragon*Con - I did that last year with an ambitious shoot schedule, even though it was my second time. It took me almost a week to recover. Got some good shots in, though!

Here's a page with lots of potential locations, though accessibility to some of them may be limited. For instance, last year there were security guys on Segways stopping many people from shooting on their grounds (especially big groups); and, Sheraton staff asked us to leave the pool area when we started setting up lights.

Do some scouting in advance with Google Maps. Don't underestimate the size of the con area, and remember that it's hilly and crowded and hot. It takes a lot of time and energy to move from location to location. Don't schedule one shoot at the Sheraton and the next shoot at the Hyatt with only 20 minutes to get there - you will be exhausted and sweaty, especially if you're lugging many pounds of gear and several stands.

Saturday morning is the big parade. Travel and crowds will be even tougher than usual because of this. You might block off that time for simply viewing the parade - or sleeping in.

MetroCon - CONjure - Dragon Con - MegaCon
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