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Manic Mazoku
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Give props, shout out to your roomies, compliment that crazy dancer you saw who know you were from an obscure series...just share the love!

I'd personally love to give a few. First of all, to my roomies Garen, MikuKenetc...Jason...Justin. Thanks for making my con great. the right or wrong roommates can ruin any con. Secondly, to my bff and the other half of most of my cosplays this con. Sorry I was snippy for a good part of the weekend, and thanks for putting up with me!

To the various people who recognized me as Molly/Osaka Naru and Trowa Barton . I'm glad I brought back a bit of your Sailor Moon and GW childhood!

To the various artists in AA especially the girl with all the oldschool pins, and the one with the Hunter X Hunter keychains...you made my day. I also adored Senshistocks booth and of course Bee-chaaan!

I love everyone who participated in the dating games...both sets and I'd like to give some e-hugs to the awesome Doctor and Sora who I ended up with as Molly in the All-Ages dating game...and the Leon(I believe) who I didn't pick...much love to the Big Macintosh who's Bachelor (Quatre) I stole at the end of the 18+ as Trowa...she's blind without her glasses so I needed to get them to her.

Also a big hug and squeeze to the awesome dating game staff who made it happen!(and of course the rest of the overworked and underappreciated Anext staff)

Last but certainly not least I'd like to shout out to everyone who participated in the Pokemon VS Digimon soccer match. Thank you for keeping this awesome event alive and giving your all on the field. <333 This is for Pokemon and Digimon both.Firewolf...you and your friends soccer cosplays were epic! Tai, Ken and Kari, way to score them goals! Of course it'd be the soccer goggle head, his little sister and the genius soccer player right XD way to play Chikorita too holycrap you looked like you were dancing on the field half the time. James...you were a beast at goal and so was Patamon, masaru you were awesome too, don't worry about the goals! Everyone else was awesome too!

and of course Hina for running the event wonderfully every year!
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Kaze Saffire
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All the Misas I ran into while I was cosplaying Light/L
All the people who came to my panel
All the Yu Yu Hakusho cosplayers I ran into
My chicken tender luncheon buddies
Anybody who was dancing on the floor at the Doubletree bar at night


One guy who came up to me and knew who I was without me being with anybody else from Magi
All the Morgianas who were happy to see me as Masrur outside the shoot
The one Alibaba ( Garen if I'm not mistaken ) and Judal ( Electro - Rabu ? ) who were excited to see a fellow Magi cosplayer outside/before the shoot
Fem Sinbad!


The one person who got who I was trying to be because of my digivice ( which I took pride in making ) although he totally put me on noob status by telling me I was posing wrong >_>
Everyone who showed up to the soccer game, both new and old people ( I thought my troubles were gone with a missing Brock, but then a wild Chikorita and Elekid appeared. NOT cool <_< ) Despite losing the crowd/players, we played with the same amount of intensity/sportsmanship all the way through. And as always, I can't wait until next year.

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Nico Nico nii~
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I'd like to thank all my friends that I saw and hung out with during AnimeNEXT, including Crono (Zubban), my Air Gear group/friends (Kiro, KillerWhaleCake, and several others), North Jersey Anime and Manga meetup group, and several others (Ben R.). It's always great hanging out with you guys, especially during conventions. I always remember the times several years back when I went alone to cons and wasn't able to interact with anyone. I'm glad to know that I don't have to go alone to these conventions.

I'd also like to thank those that recognized who I was cosplaying, especially when I was cosplaying as Genis Sage. To tell you the truth, I was actually a bit surprised. I've probably cosplayed him several times before, but I think many more people knew who I was during AnimeNEXT than in those other cons.

And finally, I'd like to thank everyone that went to the Vocaloid and Sword Art Online gatherings on Saturday. This was only my second and third time hosting a gathering. Even during gatherings, I have a tough time interacting with people because of my timidness. Really, the only time I could interact is if other people approach me. This is why I've decided to host as many gatherings as I can during cons. I'm glad things went well during those gatherings. Sure, there were some times where I lost control, but things did end up fine at the end. This gives me some confidence for the next gatherings I have to host: Vocaloid and SAO gatherings in Anime Expo!
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My roomies of course!! John, Tine, Clare, Tsukasa, Eddie, and Roma You were all so awesome! Love our wildly inappropriate conversations.

Fairy Tail Saturday shoot You were all amazing, thank you for listening to me as I directed the shoot Also for being so nice!

The Unquiet Dead Rose Tyler who spoke to my group for awhile. You were super sweet, anyone who judges you isn't worth your time.

Everyone who showed up for the very small Bleach photoshoot, thank you, I host this shoot every year and I was kinda worried with the forums being so dead (and me being a little late).

Everyone who recognized my Rose Tyler cosplay <3 <3 <3

The Empty Child that I saw walking around on Friday, thank you for scaring the shit out of me :P

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