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Unread 06-17-2013, 11:25 PM   #1
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LoL Viktor armor help (1st time cosplay)

Alright so it's two weeks before anime expo and I've run into some trouble. I've been using the same foam most people use with making foam pepakura suits of armor. Most of these suits of armor are made from intricate templates that involve you cutting out stencils and making tons of tiny pieces then glueing them together. Unfortunately ...there is nothing like that for this character. I've basically kind of done everything freehand with a little insight garnered from pepakura tutorials on youtube and the like. My problem though is mainly with the chest piece. I procrastinated alot on it and finally just told myself to start and well its looking kind of bad right now and I'm not sure how to change that. (This may be my first cosplay but i'll be darned if I don't look better then the few viktor cosplays out there, most of which are pretty uhh....not so good ^^'')

Picture time


I am basing my cosplay off the first splash art which is the chinese splash art. The 2nd splash art is the American one which is what is most common however I think however shooting for the chinese one will get me a bit further down the line as far as quality is concerned. The 3d image is the actual ingame model which follows the american version.

Now here is what i have so far for the cosplay (general tips, insight, critique is welcome)

basically its two pieces of foam attached by strips of strap material with bits that fold over the sides and the front has some of the circular detail. In the chinese art theres basically a fullblown carapace that wraps around his torso and I'm wondering if anyone has any idea's on how to do this or if its something better left alone. and if anyone has any advice on how to make this chest piece better in anyways I am all ears.

here's the rest of what i have so far.
(the gloves were initially black but i painted them and I plan on doing a similar paintjob to the vambrace after I get some glue on it so i can primer it.

and a WIP shoulder piece.
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Ashlen Rose
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When you say chest piece are you talking about the part that is covered by part of his shoulder piece that wraps around his chest?

I would continue using what your using for the rest of the body (eva foam) but maybe the thinner forms? They come in all sorts of thickness, so you could use the super thin stuff for the finer flat details. You could also make the chest piece out of one giant piece of foam (you can buy them in rolls at michaels) and then take a ball point pen or an embossing pen and draw out the designs on it. Or do a combination of making the basic chest piece with a bigger piece of foam and then layering the design over it with the then pieces of foam.

Does that make since?
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Thanks for your input ^.^. and No I mean the actual breastplate. Its the biggest change between the two splash arts. and ...oh ..for some reason the picture of what i have so far for the breast plate didnt work. I'll just update now. ( i cant seem to get more then one picture to work at a time :/
here's a picture of the wip chestpiece. I haven't put on the side straps so im holding the side flaps together. My question is, is it decent enough without all the pieces that make the whole breast piece like carapace? I'm not really sure how i would go about doing that since the actual body type of the splash art is kind of heroic and im pretty scrawny. and without making a 40k spacemarine type body piece i'm unsure of how to go about it. I'm definitely planning on adding more detail but I'm just trying to figure out whether or not I should try and go for this extra ribcage like sectioning.

also here's a wip pic of the majority of the stuff i have so far, I have some of the groin plates as well as the knee pads. but those will come later once they're actually attached in a manner that makes pictures easier ^.^;; ( pics kind of blurry and I'll be sure to take more quality pictures later but for now its too late to worry bout that X3)

the top of the chest piece will be mostly covered by the cloak and much of the rest of it will be covered by the large shoulder strap so I'm not overly worried about the detail in the middle.
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