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Unread 07-04-2013, 11:59 AM   #46
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A security officer once came up to me when I was at the gas station and started asking whether or not I was old enough to be putting gasoline into the car. He probably thought I was around 13. That was annoying.
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Unread 07-04-2013, 04:00 PM   #47
Yarrrrn Pirate
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On the one hand I have been mistaken for a 18-20 year old at age 27. My husband and I were talking to an older teen we were sharing a table with. When he realized that he was speaking to an older married couple instead of a teenage dating one he freaked out a bit. I feel bad about scaring him like that. He was a nice guy.

On the other I've had an older teen ask me if I was my husband's mother...

I prefer the former thank you.
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Unread 07-04-2013, 05:28 PM   #48
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I've gotten anywhere from 11 to early 20's.
...I'm 14.
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Unread 07-04-2013, 05:59 PM   #49
of Daventry
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I was getting lunch downtown and I guess high school students were everywhere for...some reason. Was waiting in line and a couple girls cut in front of me, I don't take shit from no one so I called them out and they called me "old man", amongst other things.

Was not impressed.

Still, karma is a bitch, and the employe refused to serve them unless I went first.

They were not impressed.
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Unread 07-04-2013, 06:06 PM   #50
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Occasionally someone (usually at my school) asks me how old I am, I say 13, and they reply, "Wow, you're really tall for that age." (I'm 5'8")

I guess to some people I look 15 or something, but when I look in the mirror I don't think so.
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Unread 07-04-2013, 09:36 PM   #51
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You probably won't hate it when your older and you are TRYING to look younger, eh? That's what people always tell me anyway ahha.

A few weeks ago, I went to get my father the Last of Us game for a fathers day present at Gamestop and the guy at the register just looks at me and was like... Are you parents allowing you to get this, do you have permission? And he looks at my dad who came in to pick out a game and I'm all like... Ok, whelp. I'm 21 haha.

I also remember last year when I started a wait staff job at an assistant living home and one of the guys I was serving was like wow, I didn't know they let 12 year olds work here. I was like umm... I'm 19 sir. He was SO shocked, so I knew he wasn't kidding before when he said 12 rofl.

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Unread 07-06-2013, 11:46 PM   #52
I do as I please.
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I'm currently almost 19. When I was 13 one of my mom's friends thought I was 18. I've been about the same height (5'8") since that age, so I guess I can see it.

Last year on my birthday when my dance classmates asked how old I had turned and I said 18 they were baffled because they thought I was at least 21. Color me flattered. I'll be 20 next year and that's a little scary when I think about it.
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Unread 07-07-2013, 12:13 AM   #53
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I'm 19 and I always get pegged for a 15-year-old high schooler. People always ask what grade I'm in, and are always surprised when I say I'm in college lol My icon is a little misleading since I'm wearing a ton of makeup, and I was trying to look serious lol
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Unread 12-13-2013, 01:49 AM   #54
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At work we have college kids who dont believe I have one college degree already, cause they think im 22. Im 27 and about to get number two and three. When women fjbd out im older they seem to stop taking to me and back away... its annoying cause im not lying about my age. Im 27 and working at a theme park.
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Unread 12-13-2013, 02:48 AM   #55
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Originally Posted by Isikaru View Post
When you're much older and look like 20 you'll probably start to appreciate it haha.

But I understand it must be frustrating, since younger people don't really get respect.

This, this so much. I should get back to wearing more makeup.

Everyone here looks so young, cosplaying keeps one young, I suppose.

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Unread 12-13-2013, 07:56 AM   #56
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I'm 19 but have been mistaken for anything up to about 25. We'll see how that pans out when I ditch the facial hair early into next year
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Unread 12-13-2013, 09:34 AM   #57
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I had to go back to my high school to get a few of my transcripts sent out to colleges I'm applying to and the hall monitor lady looks up as I walk around the corner and asks if I have a hall pass. ^^;
I'm 26 and apparently look 17-18-ish.
I find it very flattering actually. As for looking as old as you are, I think dressing appropriately, grooming, and acting your age take that part.
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Unread 12-13-2013, 09:40 AM   #58
Sakura Blizzard
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When I was 12(and because of the way my mom would dress me, yeah that sucked a lot) I was mistaken for a sub at my middle school at least twice. Totally didn't creep me out at all.

Now I'm 20 and people think I'm at least 14-16. Legit, I know I'm 5'3. But yeah...I show you my license and think it's a fake. Haha okay then.

Same with my sis, she's a year younger. 12-16 for her also. No one believes.

I guess it's the Asian youth thing. I ain't even that mad though. It's funny, I like though. Just to see their faces when I say my age and that face.... O.O;
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Unread 12-13-2013, 07:50 PM   #59
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Haha at least you don't have people thinking your licence is fake because they don't think its you in the photo. Twice since I've move out of home have I had this happen, been refused service as well
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Unread 12-13-2013, 09:17 PM   #60
beer + costumes
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I'm 24, people think I'm 16 or 17. I joke with my girlfriend (who's 33) that she's a pedo for being attracted to someone so young looking. Her defense is "UH NO NEVER! I'm just a cougar."
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