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Unread 07-04-2013, 11:49 PM   #1
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Help with model magic?

okay, so im using model magic to make troll horns but since im new to using model magic im completely clueless about everything
so i have a few questions if anyone can answer c:
  • 1. is it possible to sand model magic after its been drying for about a week? (some places say you can, other places say you cant)
  • 2.whats the best paint to use on it? (alot of places say acrylic but it needs to be primed first? btw i do have the right acrylic colours but its from the 2dollar store (artvalli acrylic paint))
  • 3. can PVA+water be a good alternative to put on the model magic before/after i paint to seal/prime the model magic instead of buying modpodge which is super expensive
  • 4. does it break/crumble easily? (my horns have no base btw)
any answers/information would be so greatly appreciated! <3
thank you! ^^
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Unread 07-05-2013, 03:35 AM   #2
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the problem many ppl run into is it crumbles once dry or at lest gets cracks
there are tricks to fix this but in overall cost effectiveness sculpey ultra light is a better choice
as for yellow paint
i really like delta opaque yellow
hope this helps some
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Unread 07-06-2013, 10:06 AM   #3
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1. Not sure. I never bothered (I smoothed things out while shaping and then coated with several layers or primer to cover small pits), but you could try it on a scrap piece. Be sure to wear a dust mask, though.
2. I used acrylics for the pendant and swirly buttons on my Firefox cosplay.
3. Definitely worth trying. I don't know if (long term) the model magic would react with anything in the glue or not. I used gesso because I already had some. Sealing may not be necessary for all paints, but the metallic gold I used turned green on the pieces I didn't seal (something in the model magic was oxidizing the copper flakes in the paint).
4. I haven't had problems, but if the horns are really pointy/delicately branched, it might be an issue. (I haven't deliberately tried to damage them, but since I'm kind of clumsy, they've been thwacked against a variety of hard surfaces, stuffed under heavy things in luggage, stepped on with bare feet, dropped onto hard floors, and sat on... No breaks so far.).
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1. It is possible to sand model magic, but it isn't the friendliest thing to sand. It stays slightly elastic, even when dried, which makes it resist sanding.
2. There is no "best" paint to use for much of anything. However acrylic paint is perfectly appropriate. It is almost always a good idea to apply a primer before painting. It allows the paint to have a stronger grip on the surface. You'll probably be unsurprised that with acrylic paint, you generally get what you pay for.
3. Yes, that's fine. I strongly suspect that is how the stuff was actually invented. However, compared to all sorts of other finishing products, I'd consider Mod Podge to be pretty cheap.
4. It flexes a tiny bit, which allows it to resist breaking. But if you push it past that point, it will crack. If you push it past cracking, it will tear. If you are careful, it can survive a weekend cosplay, but accidents are pretty easy in a con environment. Building the horns around armature (e.g. a piece of coathanger wire twisted into a double helix and bent into a rough shape) will do quite a bit to increase the durability.
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