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Unread 06-26-2013, 08:14 PM   #1
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A few things (ravens, cage skirts and magic dragon tooth swords)

My sister and I have a small pile of fire emblem things to tackle and some of them I'm just not even sure of, so I may as well start from the top.

The falchion conundrum. My sister is cosplaying Marth. Using his DLC awakening design (we're aware she'll be mistaken for Lucina all day) the problem is that we don't know what design for falchion to use. Should we use the awakening one, or the classic one?
and, if it should be the awakening design, what the heck do you make it out of because I don't see that hole doing much for stability.

then there's the cage skirt. As I want to do Lissa. However I a only sort of sure of how to tackle her cage skirt. I was thinking of using steel boning like used for corsets for the hoops and then either more boning or silver toned ribbon depending on flexibility. But I'm not positive that corset boning is a sturdy enough material having never handled/used it before. What would you recommend I use?

and lastly, Naesala. Naesala is my definite favorite character and I'd love to cosplay him, the problem? I am a very effeminate looking girl and even though hes a magic bird man with long fabulous hair, I'm not a dude. So my question is, would gender bending him be silly? He's not exactly recognizable. So as a chick hes even less recognizable. And I get the feeling only HARD CORE LIVE AND BREATHE AND DIE fire emblem fans would recognize him- and that's when he's a dude. xD

So yup, help. Please. XD
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Well, being a fairly inexperienced cosplayer, I can only offer my opinion on your design questions. I would go with the original falchion. Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, that's what DLC Marth had in Awakening, and it would definitely cut down on the Lucina/Marth confusion.

As for Naesala, I think that a woman could cosplay him rather well. I've always imagined him to have that sinister flair that comes across somewhat effeminate, and his features are somewhat effeminate as well. Regardless, if you want to cosplay him, just do it!
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I'm not too sure I can be of much help on the first two questions, but as mcorcoran said, Naesala has some feminine features, and his outift isn't particularly masculine, so I'm sure you could pull off cosplaying. However, if you really wanted to gender bend him, go for it! Sure, you won't be recognized by a lot of people (very few Fire Emblem characters are), but I'm sure it'll be about the same either way. Also, his wings are pretty spectacular, so I'm sure if you cosplay him people will ask for pictures just because they like your costume, regardless if they know who you are.
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Unread 07-12-2013, 08:20 AM   #4
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Thanks for the help both of you! Took me ages to get back to this >.<

We are probably going to go with the old school falchion design as a not-Lucina defense xD

as for Naesala, he is safely on my maybe list :3
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