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Cosplaying in a New Country!

Hello everyone! I am new here and I need help preparing myself OTL I'm a cosplayer from Indonesia, currently living in the Philippines but in about 7 days I will move to Canada. I have NO idea what to expect, especially about the cosplay community there, cons, how to get costumes, wigs, lenses, all of that. Q A Q

Let me start by telling you how I cosplay here in the Philippines. It's really easy here, there's a group on Facebook that most cosplayers are in, where they sell their secondhand stuff, and there are also online shops that advertise what they sell so getting everything is not only easy, it's relatively cheap.

My most expensive costume is Shin from AMNESIA. This is me in the costume if you're curious XDDD
(Reference picture: http://www.zerochan.net/615590)
This costume cost me roughly 5,000 pesos, about 115 US Dollars. That's everything included, shirt, pants, jacket, gloves, wig, lenses, boots, etc etc. so I was pretty much basking in resources XDD (P.S. I did not make the costume, I had a tailor make it for me. They did everything except wig, gloves and lenses and the only thing I had to do was buy gloves, paint the shirt and buy the wig and lenses. TT A TT)

Cons in the Philippines are relatively small compared to US ones, depending on the organizers and venue of course. But the routine is either you come in full costume, or you go there with your costume in your bag, change in the bathroom, do your make-up there and done. Go around the con, then before you go change back if you have to commute but I had a car and driver so I went home in costume. There's even a venue that's just 10 minutes away from my house! I'm so lucky I think I'll die being away from it all so I'm trying to adjust as early as possible.. OTL

Sorry for the long post omg ;; A ;; Anyone who can enlighten me in the western ways? //slapped XDD I need all the help I can get.. OTL
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We don't really have any rules about coming or going in costume. You generally don't have to change into normal clothing if you're going outside of the con area or when going into restaurants (of course we still don't walk into 5-star restaurants in cosplay), but things like the hotel restaurants or mid-grade casual restaurants are generally fine with people being in costume if a convention is near by. I don't think cons in the US are any different from the ones near you, but then again I wouldn't know since I have never been able to attend a con outside of the US. I think you'll find that there isn't much of an adjustment that you'll have to get used to once you start going to cons over here.

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You should have good luck with finding a cosplay convention as well as connections in Canada. Here's the forum to the major cosplay conventions in Canada: http://www.cosplay.com/forumdisplay.php?f=97
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Canadian here. Canadian cons are almost identical to US ones, as well as the cosplay culture (just taking into account that because there's a far smaller population, there's only a few BIG conventions of 15000+ here). Cosplay doesn't have any "no arriving in costume" rules, so you're free to show up in it or change, but few cons have designated change rooms and bathroom lines get long. Unless, of course, you're staying in a hotel for the con. I suggest looking up the websites for ones you're interested in; they have good explanations for first-timers on what to expect.

As for obtaining supplies; the emphasis is USUALLY, but not always, on making things yourself, so the market for bought items is almost exclusively through online shops like Fanplusfriend, cosplayhouae, etc. Check out the Commissioner and merchant review threads; there's extensive lists of premade sites to buy from, and commissioners who make custom costumes (a lot more expensive, but they look much nicer). The marketplace here also is an good place to buy, sell and trade used displays, wigs, shoes and props. You'll generally garner more admiration for making stuff yourself (but no, people who don't aren't typically treated badly or rudely) and it works out to be less expensive than commissioning and usually better-grade than mass-produced bought costumes, so I suggest giving it a shot.

If you're buying contacts in the US and Canada, you need to have a valid prescription gotten by being fitted and examined for them by an optician. It's a health and safety reason more than anything. Wigs are easily bought online; eBay, taobao sites, Arda, epiccosplay, the wig shop on this site, and many, many others exist that are made for or ship to the North American market.
Hope that helped; where in Canada are you moving to? If you're moving to the Toronto area or Eastern Ontario I can give some more region-specific advice.
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