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Originally Posted by Ends Beginning View Post
Oh ConnectiCon 2011 I was in partial Rayquaza we were outside claiming our spot for the fireworks and I had to use the little dragon's room. So I went back inside and used the rotating door much to my soon to be despair. I got in the door and just as the door reaches the spot where I am enclosed in a wedge of glass my tail gets jammed up and the door stops moving and I am trapped. The security guard on the other side was cracking up, but much to my relief a small child comes running to the door from behind and yells "Don't worry Rayquaza I'll save you!" and proceeds to stuff my tail through the crack eventually freeing me. I of course gave this epic little kid a big hug and finally made it to the bathroom.
Aww that's such a cute story!
And fireworks? Since when are there fireworks at ConectiCon?

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Aw, all these moments sound so awesome!

I'm so jealous you got to meet James Marsters, StarkRed. He's the only, well one of the only, reasons I kept watching Buffy. My fav episode was, forgive me but I forgot the title, everyone was all sad and miserable (cheating, getting impaled on pipes, relationships going sour) and I was all depressed cuz I thought the episode was just gonna end that way. And then lo and behold Spike comes on all of a sudden, smoking and drinking while driving his car and singing at the top of his lungs to 'I did it MYYYYYYYY WAAAAAAAYYYY!" XD I giggled for weeks after that episode lol

I only have one epic, well, slightly epic moment at least for me. When I was changing into my costume in the convention bathroom and I was using the ladies room before I got all locked and tied and corsetted into costume and I look down and see this hand with a golden wonder woman bracelet on it reach under the stall wall and ask if I had any toilet paper. ^0^ Times are hard when even superheroes can't afford toilet paper, eh?
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Funny enough I got a few epic moments from when I was on set. I know it's not exactly a cosplay but it was my own costume. So one time I got casted as an extra with my own costume for a Halloween episode for Hawaii Five-0. My costume is a steampunk time traveler. I feel a bit out of place because I don't think I look too good. I'm over weight, just meh looking so as more and more people keep coming I keep thinking yeah wow I really don't fit in. Then they tell us get your full costumes on so they can take some shots before we head up to the actual site where they film. So I have gas mask and goggles thing. When I put it on out of no where I hear this guy yell "Whoa that is awesome!" Next thing I know everyone turned to me and I'm just kinda laughing. I tell him thanks and he's still going on about it. So funny after that through out the rest of the night people keep saying "Wow cool costume man." and other stuff like that. Even one of the set guys took me on the side and asked to get my picture. I was like oh snap awesome!

Oh but the best moment on set was when we were all just standing around outside the house we were filming in this time. So then this really nice looking girl walks up to me and points to my gauntlet I have and asks "Excuse me is that a vortex manipulator?" I gasped and was excited because that was exactly what it was supposed to be for my character. Next thing I know we're talking about Dr. Who and the current season. It was such an awesome moment meeting another Dr. Who fan on set. I couldn't believe it absolutely did not see that coming.
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Everyone's epic moments are awesome! Especially the one with little kids.

One of the epic moments I had was Animenext 2012 during the Persona shoot. The shoot was a blast and a bunch of us ended up hanging out afterwards and it was awesome. We ended up having another meetup this year and it was great to see them all again. We even have a facebook group so we can all keep into contact and have meetups even outside of cons and such.

Another epic moment happened during AnimeNorth this year. It was Sunday and my friend and I were walking around when I spotted a girl cosplaying Rei from Vividred. I asked her for a picture and after I got it and she left, my friend noticed that she had left a bag behind with a Madoka comic in it. We spent the next hour or so looking for her and it was getting close to the time that we had to leave to go back to America, so we ended up giving the bag to some of the con staff. Well, right when her parents pull up to take us home, I spot the Rei cosplayer and I run over to her and asked her if she was the one that left the Madoka comic and she got really excited and hugged me, saying "thank you." I told her which staff table we had left it at and she went there to get it. Since we weren't sure if she had gotten it or not, my friend and I returned to the table to check and sure enough, she had gotten her comic back. It was the perfect way to end the con. ^_^
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Originally Posted by .PapercutSenvy.
...You are now dubbed the Persona ninja.

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I have so many more, and since I have time I might as well list more ^.^

I went to a first time con in December called Anime Apocalypse and while practicing "Gangnam Style" for the masquerade, my friends and I became REALLY popular throughout the con. Enough that we're in about 95% of the videos that have to do with the con on youtube XD The dance wasn't even for a masquerade skit, and was just for fun while they judged. It even continued on to the next con, where people asked if we were going to do it again. We had fans ^.^ Put a youtube playlist together for fun, lol http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...eature=mh_lolz

At this year's Acen I had some pretty awesome and hilarious moments just going along the rave line Friday and Saturday high fiving people and screaming "YES!". Acen's rave lines are LONG! Friday while leaving I was just going along high fiving people when I hear someone scream my name and just pull me towards them. Turns out it was a friend that I somehow hadn't seen the whole day, and she somehow spotted me even though it was dark outside. Then about a minute later while continuing to go to where my car was parked, I thought I felt someone tugging at me. Once again I hear my name and it turns out it was my other friend (who is the sister of the first friend XD). Lol, hadn't run into them all day and in the span of 5 minutes I ran into both who weren't together XD

Then Saturday for the rave line for whatever random reason, my friend and I decided to just go along the WHOLE rave line just high fiving people. At one point I was in a full blown run high fiving people and I hear someone scream "hey, you were at Anime Apocalypse". I have no idea who screamed it though as I was running and I was way too far to try and figure out who screamed it XD The rave line at Acen is just hilariously epic!

I also met Avril Lavgine in cosplay, but that meeting was just sort of underwhelming. Although she didn't really react, she's a One Piece fan and I was cosplayed as Luffy.

Maybe when I get bored I'll post more.
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