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Barian Lord
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When we were doing our Inu x Boku SS shoot at Hamilton Gardens we gathered a crowd of people who followed us around also taking photos. It was odd to start off with 3 photographers from the group you were with and end up with 4 complete strangers following you about and getting shots of you.
If I'm grabbing something from a store post/pre con or shoot I always try to explain it politely if asked. I had the manager of the supermarket come up to me when I was buying some food in Ririchiyo, I thought he was going to say something about my outfit being inappropriate but he was cool with it and just wanted to ask some questions and try and figure out why I was dressed in such a way. I was asked when doing my dancer Morgiana photoshoot if we were taking wedding photos which was cute.
Most of the time I just get odd looks from people.
I try not to wear cosplay outside of conventions and photoshoots.
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I used to live a block down from the Hynes Convention Center in Boston and during one of the Anime Boston years I just walked down while dressed as Phoenix Wright. It might have been due to the fact that it was raining out and not too many people were walking around on the streets outside, but I didn't get stared at all... it might have been due to how aside from the color, his costume's only "unusual" trait is his long spiked-back hair.

Any passersby probably thought I was just some kind of yuppie with a terrible hairstyle.
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Jack Sparrow impersonator
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Originally Posted by supergeekgirl View Post
I've had people offer to pay me, particularly for the Ghostbusters appearances. We figure, since these are licensed characters, it's best not to take money though we do sometimes ask for big events that they feed us and give a donation to a child-related charity in our name.

You look pretty well like Jack Sparrow. People love Jack impersonators. There's one locally that DOES get paid, but he's so thoroughly in character that it's amazing.

Our Ghostbusters appearances have run the gamut of everything from having a table at a local toy show every two months to running on stage for burlesque shows to private children's parties. It's fun, and since that's something most people know (unlike the Doctor), we get more requests than we can fill.

Because I had so many people who wanted to extend the RPing with the Doctor into my facebook life, I created a fan page where I post videos and photos in character. People talk to me on there, and I answer in character (unless it's an event inquiry). It's a nice way to separate things without going full-on RP like I'd probably have to do on tumblr.
That's a good point. But that is also why most of the Jack Sparrow impersonators alter the character name a bit or they don't label themselves specifically as a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator.

Thanks! I don't look close enough to Depp though to get hired for events. It's actually incredibly frustrating because I have the act and the voice down pretty well (for being a female, but when I am in character people always confuse me for being a guy). When I am at cons or at events I do stay in character and people always react really well to it. What state are you in? I may know the Jack Sparrow you're talking about lol.

That's a good idea though to make a separate FB fanpage and just respond in character on there. I have a FB fanpage for Jack Sparrow but I generally don't post in character on it since I just don't want to deal with people trying to RP with me in general lol.

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That One Maritimer
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Back when I was in the Homestuck fandom, we had a couple of meetups in my hometown. Once at the mall, and once at a large park. It was a pretty good time and nobody gave us crap for it (although we did get weird stares). We have also gone to the mall in cosplay just for kicks, but only once or twice in the past six years or so that we've cosplayed. Other than that, it's really just when we're walking around the convention centre, getting dinner during the con, etc.
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Hello Goodbye
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After the convention I just went to with some non-cosplaying pals, we decided to take a walk around the city. The con center was hotter than blazes, and we had seen pretty much everything we wanted to see, so we figured we'd take a walk. It was super fun! I got some odd stares, but I encountered some fellow whovians (I was the 11th doctor) and had a nice chat.
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Not sure if you would consider it public because it was at a con, it took place mostly between the two convention center areas which is a nice 15 min walk along a heavy traffic road which leads to getting a nice 30+ odd looks on your way back and forth.

Honestly i would like to cosplay more in public for the reactions i find them very funny and such of course they probably think i am weird but hey i see no reason not to wear what i want too.

( by cosplaying in public i mean more of a simple thing not full out crazy "the rake" cosplay or anything crazy )
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