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Originally Posted by Talossa View Post
Are you in university, or do you live near a fairly large university or one with a textile program? They might have some of those in their libraries. Even if you're not a student, sometimes members of the public can get cards/use the materials.
unfortunatly i dont live close t any universitys.. and ive turned the internet upside down. I know that one of Janet Arnold's books covers 15th century - 1940's so it will obviously have some stuff on the 20s. i plan on geting it, but i would like a mor 20's specific book.

thanks anyways!
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Originally Posted by tardismuch View Post
i have some really great historical fashion books:
-the tudor tailor
-authentic victorian dressmaking techniques
-authentic victorian sewing paterns

they are all really great books, and a few others i want are some by Janet Arnold and Frances Grimble.

the only time period i seem to have trouble finding in sewing and pattern books is the 1920s. it donsnt make sense to me, because that is one of the biggest eras in fashion, and there was a bit of a sewing-pattern boom. Why are there no sewing and patern books for the 20s????

actually, it you know of one can you let me know?
I feel the same way about the 1860's.
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I never realised how many awesome books there were out there. I wish I had discovered them years ago, haha. We were cleaning out my garage a few months back and uncovered the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, which I quickly stole, haha.

Some really handy pattern making books are: metric pattern cutting for women's wear by Winifred Alderich, it covers pretty much everything, it's pretty awesome. She also does a menswear one and a children's wear one.
Another one is Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph Armstrong, this book is amazing and the most detailed thing I've ever seen.
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I use my mom's Simplicity's Simply the Best Sewing Book from 1984. It shows almost every technique I can think of (including installing shoulder pads! lol) as well as the overlock alternative to some of the techniques. The projects inside are also very simple and useful.

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Originally Posted by Lachwen View Post
The Costume Technician's Handbook by Rosemary Ingham is INVALUABLE! It has very practical advice, and has sections on pattern altering, draping, and drafting, fitting, dying, prop making, millinery, wigs, accessories, sewing terms and techniques and so much more. I have learning a LOT from this book, and can't imagine any costumer/cosplayer's library without it!
Wow, posted in 2007...Ha, yeah I was wondering if original poster, or anyone else had more information on this. I'm still new to cosplaying, and finally found resolve to start sewing my costumes.

I usually choose characters that wear clothes not too far away from daily fashion. Some examples can be Izaya Orihara (Durarara!), Yu Narukami (Persona 4), Pronto (Final Fantasy 15).

I was wondering if anyone has this book and can tell me if it has some tips/guides on making things like trench coats, gloves, trousers and how to put designs (embroidery?) on fabric.

While making this post I also want to generally ask for suggestions regarding the above references of good books for starting some of these projects.

I'm currently considering doing an Adam cosplay (RWBY) and am deeply inspired by his clothes. Thank you for reading and suggestions!


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How to cosplay. I found so many cosplay books at my library. I was hogging them all. *_*

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Originally Posted by greydragon View Post
I've had the "Complete Guide to Sewing" (by Reader's Digest) for several years, and it's helped me out of a few binds.

But what I'm really excited about is "Make Your Own Japanese Clothes" by John Marshall, which I just received today!!! I can't wait to start!
Originally Posted by shinitama View Post
I use that one a lot too! Kimono are so much easier to make now.
Originally Posted by Eleryth View Post
I must also give a thumbs up for the Vogue Sewing book. Bought it used for $14, and it's got great information in it. Read it front to back, and even brought it in to work for a girl having fitting issues (I work at a fabric store).

For Japanese clothing, I have:
John Marshall's Make your own Japanese Clothes, which is probably one of the better ones out there so far
Jenni Dobson's Making Kimono & Japanese Clothes, and although it's got information, it's aimed more at the quilter (her target audience, since she is a quilter)
Yamanaka Norio's The Book of Kimono. It's very informative, but all the pictures of how-tos are drawn, and not photos. But great info about obi and accessories and other things. I think it's a translation of his Sodo Textbooks, which have similar line drawings.

I've also got "Isshou Jidai no Nuikata", which has Heian-era garment patterns, and the Kyoto Costume Museum for historical reference images.
Does the "Make Your Own Japanese Clothes" by John Marshall have information on making a miko uniform (hakui and hakama) and also information about nubakama or sashinuki?

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Hi Everyone!
I love the Dressmaker's Technique Bible! It has almost everything I need and some easy to follow illustrations. I also own Teach yourself visually: Fashion Sewing. It's okay, not exactly what I was expecting when i bought it, but eh it was $4.
I also own Claire B. Shaeffer's Couture Sewing Techniques book. It has a lot of helpful information for gowns and such. From what I have gathered it is one of the best couture sewing books around.
I recently bought the Singer Series Sewing Bridal and Formalwear. I am excited to see what techniques they cover. I believe the book is from 1995.
Lastly, I do own the The Costume Technicians Handbook. I love this book! It is great for hats, shoes, really anything! I recommend it greatly!

I have been going back and forth between RD Sewing and Vogue Sewing. I am not sure if I should buy one of them as well, to go with the Dressmaker's Technique Bible. Any thoughts???

Thank you!
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Sewing Book Recommendations

I have found that no one book covers everything in adequate detail. However, if you are serious about your sewing and costume creation, I recommend two books by Connie Amaden-Crawford:
(1) A Guide to Fashion Sewing, 5th edition and (2) Pattern Making Made Easy, 3rd Edition. These books are not cheap; they are widely used in fashion design and sewing classes at the college level. I have both the Vogue Sewing Book and the Readers Digest sewing book; Connie's books are far, far superior.

Anything by Claire Schaefer is a big bonus. She is very knowledgeable about couture design and sewing. I love her books. But, they cannot take the place of an all-around comprehensive text on sewing and designing techniques.

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Going to mention that book by Sally DiMarco Draping Basics is wonderful and comes highly recommended from costume design teachers at my campus
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If you're doing anything with armor, I suggest Kamui's book like she's got great patterning, paintin and shaping tutorials
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