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Not so new...but nice to meet everyone!

Hi there!
I've actually been a member for several years now, but I never posted an introduction (nor posted anything much at all lol). Mostly it's because until recently I didn't have my own computer nor did I have internet at my house (I originally joined way back in high school on a library computer...XD) The few times I have visited I mostly just looked around for similar questions I had and saw if anyone answered them and so I never posted myself. >_<

But now I have internet (however crappy lol) and I have become somewhat of a cosplay collector. I can't sew so I've always just bought pre-made costumes or commissioned them but have recently thought about giving sewing a try but I'm such a perfectionist I'm afraid I'd hate anything I make at first, but I still intend to try it when I get some extra money to buy some fabric and such that I don't mind likely ruining! Haha! (Though first I'll have to wrangle with my Mom's cantankerous old sewing machine that I've never used before. lol)

Anyway, since this is an intro post I suppose I should tell you all a little about myself.
I like anime of course and have a great fondness for all types of gothy clothing, be it pure goth, punk goth, goth loli, wa-loli, ouji-style, etc. It's just all so lovely! I am also a complete Halloween fanatic - I love everything about the holiday! The weather, the spookiness, the costumes, the decor, the scares, just...the complete feel of the holiday makes me so happy! I look forward to it throughout most of the year! (And an odd tidbit, there's a good chance I was conceived on or near Halloween...perhaps that's why? XD)

Oh, and currently I am in college for a Graphics Design degree and am already getting homework assignments for the new semester (even though it doesn't even officially start for a few more days! Argh!) I also live in the middle-of-nowhere where there is absolutely nothing to do...except run around my yard in cosplay (okay, I haven't really done that, but I have been highly tempted :P) I also really love paranormal things - crpytids, UFOs, hauntings, etc. I don't wholeheartedly believe in them, but I do find them highly interesting and try to find out everything about them that I can.

As for anime obsessions...I like a whole lot of different anime (I think, at last count, I've watched over 200 series). Some of my fav genres are magical girls, yaoi, and comedy. Right now I'm watching a lot of the new season (things like Blood Lad, Kamisama no Inai Nichioubi, Free, Watamote, Yami Shibai, etc.) I also have two big obsessions - Magi The Labyrinth of Magic and the manga Dragon Knights - those two are my life and have been for a quite a while. lol

Anyway - it's nice to *virtually* meet you all! *bows*
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Nice to meet you too! Isn't it wonderful to have internet? Yes I agree that it's difficult to start making your first project because you have so many doubts and so little knowledge. If you really feel motivated to learn how to sew though there's no time like the present! I myself spent many years wishing I could make costume and it was only until I met other people who cosplayed did I actually get off my behind to start my own projects.

I look forward to seeing your cosplays (bought or commissioned or made yourself)!
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