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Post-Cosplay Recovery

I myself haven't had to deal with something as extreme as this, mostly just sore feet or blisters. But I'm trying to help out a friend so here goes:

My friend Kim and I both attended NYCC 2013 on Fri, me as Mikasa from Attack on Titan and she as Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. Her costume was pretty big and very heavy. I kept asking if she'd be okay walking around in her costume for 8+ hours and she kept affirming she would be.

Well, it's now Sunday and I think she is regretting wearing such a heavy costume. She's got cuts and bruises all over her arms and legs and back. Her shoulders have these big red marks where the backpack she was wearing was. And she says she feels like she 'got in a fight with a sledgehammer.' She says it's mostly her upper body feeling very sore from carrying all the weight of the costume (her shoulders, lower back, arms, wrists). She also says she hasn't gotten much sleep since Friday night because its too painful to sleep on her side and she's not used to sleeping on her back.

She's looked on a few websites with me on how to help heal sore muscles and most just say drink lots of water, do a bit of light walking/jogging, rest, and take some Ibuprofen.

So how long do extremely sore muscles tend to take as far as recovery goes? Anything she can do to help them along or is it best just to rest and let them heal?
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Depending on severity, it could take anywhere from two days to a week for sore muscles to recover. The best thing to do is eat well, stay well hydrated, and get as much sleep as possible. Stretch a bit, but don't overdo it. The important thing is to let your body rest and recover, and give it everything it needs to fix itself up. You know that phrase, 'walk it off'? That's pretty much the only thing you can do.

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When I overdo it in strength training, every movement makes me just want to beg for mercy. The next day, I want to curl in a corner and whimper. The third day is pretty miserable. The fourth feels really sore. By the fifth, I feel like I could work those muscles again without doing damage. By the sixth, it's a mild ache.

I also like to soak in a hot bath when I'm sore, but I second the Ibuprofen. It takes the edge off and lets me get back to my errands. For those first four days, if I can avoid using those muscles for anything, I do.

Since she's having trouble sleeping, I recommend the Ibuprofen right before bed, maybe mixed with some chamomile tea or other soporific and maybe some melatonin (which is supposed to be a natural chemical we find in food that makes us sleepy). My DH also uses Zzquil successfully, but it doesn't seem to work well on me. The sleep is REALLY crucial for recovering as fast as possible.
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