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Toric AND Normal Circle Lense help needed

Hello all!

Before I can ask my question, I have to do a little bit of explaining. Hopefully you all can help me!

I am wanting to buy a pair of circle lenses for cosplay.

After visiting my optometrist yesterday, I was informed that my right eye contant needs to be a toric lense, while my left is a regular.
My astigmatisim in my left eye is just enough to cancel out my far-sightedness (go figure); so I wear a normal lense in that eye.

I have a couple of questions for you all reguarding this:

1) Does anyone know of a reputable brand that specalizes in toric lenses? I have heard Geo specifically makes some along with MI. I would also like to find a brand that has color selections outside of only browns, gray, or an off-white due to my extremely dark eyes naturally.
KFDA approved would be appreciated!!
2) Going back to the brand, how will I match my toric colored lense with my regular colored lense?
3) I have never ever purchased or worn circle lenses before. Do you all know of reputable websites to purchase circle lenses? I have heard Pinky Paradise is an extremely reliable website. My vision is important to me and I'd rather not screw around with it.
4) Finally, and slightly off topic, do you know of any characters besides Yuna Braska that have two different eye colors? That might actually almost work out better if push comes to shove. I am not afraid to rock a character with heterochromia.

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Well, as you mentioned, PinkyParadise is very reliable, has fast shipping,, and they do sell toric lenses now, albeit a limited selection. They come in pairs though, so you'll have an extra lense for both, though that's probably not really a problem. :P Color matching may also be a little tricky, but unless they're drastically different shades, the difference while you're wearing them won't be too noticeable, probably.
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You'd best ask the optometrist for a professional opinion, BUT if it's not severe astigmatism you might be okay with a regular lens. You can compensate a bit, power-wise, by raising the near or farsightedness (the actual formula I don't recall, sorry), but that's only really doable for lower powers. I have nearsightedness in both eyes but a bit of astigmatism in my right; my contact prescription raises the power another -.25 to compensate for it and ho hum, everything's great. Likewise, if you were wearing a contact daily in that eye they'd insist on toric for long-term eye health, but for occasional wear like in cosplay a regular lens MIGHT be fine. Again, ask your eye doctor. Also, if you're looking for "natural" eye colours, you might be able to get toric colour lenses through them.
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I don't want to tell you it's definitely okay, because yeah, asking your eye doctor might be the best thing to do. But I just wore regular circle lenses for the first time this past weekend, probably for about 6 hours, and I have astigmatism. Mine's fairly mild, and I can see well enough without contacts or glasses - things are just a tad bit out of focus, and sometimes it gives me headaches. So I just got plano (no scrip) lenses from Pinky Paradise, and for the most part they were fine. They slid around in my eyes a bit (I'm assuming because of the astigmatism), so my vision got blurry sometimes, but it was tolerable. I was thrilled that I could wear them, and I've already ordered another pair. I'd love to get actual toric lenses, but they are pricier, and the colors aren't very exciting exciting. I needed bright green ones for my latest costume, and couldn't find any good toric lenses - so I said to hell with it and got some regular ones.
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